pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 17


Hello guys this s me jenny with the 17th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan…(tanshi yuvani ishveer)….
Guys thank u soooo much for ur support and comments keep commenting guys…..luv u all………

In Mumbai
Suhani and rishi are sitting in the plane…knowing the arrival of yuvi and tanu…..both suhani and rishi has different feelings..rishi is really happy …but suhani is really tensed and sad……
Rishi:suhani I will come now
Rishi goes to the toilet……rishi starts to practice..wht and how he will talk to tannu when he sees her
Rishi:rishi beta chall we have to practice…ok
Hi I am rishi(attitude) no hmm hi i am rishi(smiling) no I am looking like chipku…ok hi I am rishi (attitude+happiness)..ok good
Rishi comes out of the bathroom suhani was standing there
Suhani:why did u take this much time rishi???
Rishi:voh bathroom flush wasn’t working…
Suhani:ok come now…
Within an hour they reach the airport…
Rishi:we will get our bags and leave quickly for home…….
Suhani:tumhe bohot jaldi hena… go
Rishi:why wasting time….its almost 3:30 roka is at 5 right…so we have to go there get ready…..time is less
Suhani:u r running to attend d roka or see someone…
Rishi:to attend roka come na suhani..
Suhani and rishi take a cab

In house …people are decorating house…..
Tanu dressed up in lehenga…blue and grey ….she was awesome..
Ishani:wow u r looking nice…
Tanu was looking at the entrance as if she was waiting for someone
Tanu:thank u di
Ishani:tanu r u waiting for someone…??
Tanu:(gets stunned)no di…I was looking at the decorations
Ishani:ohh I thought u were waiting for suhani and rishi..
Tanu:no di…..but when will they come???
Ishani:they called and said they reached Allahabad they were in d airport.. will reach now…
Ishani:(confused)why r u my roka is going to happen and I am not tensed…then why r u??
Tanu:nothing di….
Tanu leaves from there …she goes to yuvis room…yuvi was sitting there with his guitar….
Tanu:yuvi u didn’t get ready…
Yuvi:roka is at 5 its just 3:45..i will get ready at..4
Tanu:ok wear shervani ok
Tanu leaves..
Yuvi:here I am really getting tensed and u r talking about shervani….
Tannu is standing near the entrance itself she was going on looking on the entry..there outside rishi and suhani reach…..the cab stops..both rishi and suhani gets down of the cab…both suhanis and rishis hearts are beating soo fast…inside the house lata calls tanu……for some help…unwantedly she went upstairs..when rishi and suhani was about to enter…suhani gets a call…
Suhani:hello..suhani goes to a side
Suhani:rishi the call is for u tera battery dead he na ajay called in this phone..attend it….he was calling in ur phone….for a long time

He takes the call..and goes to a side outside the house…one child comes towards suhani it was ginni
ginni:didi aunty told u got first in badminton..congrats didi
Suhani:thank u ginni….
Ginni:didi there is a small puppy over there In the garden…it is just 2 or 3 days yesterday I saw it…its very cute didi
Suhani:wow…show me I want to see
Suhani and ginni leaves to see the puppy…yuvi comes out of d house……as he was completely tensed ….
Yuvi:its almost 4..still they didn’t come…..i have to keep my mind cool…..let me go to d garden…
He leaves to go to d garden..
Rishi comes after having d call he doesn’t see suhani over there
Rishi:maybe she must have went in…..
Rishi goes inside the hose….tanu was lost in her own world…rishi comes in ishaani runs and come and unexpectedly hugs rishi.
Ishani:rishi….i missed u soo much…..
Rishi:me too di..and wow di u r getting married…I am really happy……
Ishani feels shy..
Ishani:haan vaise where is suhani?
Rishi:suhani??? I thought she came inside ..maybe she will be standing out……I will just go and bring her
Ishani:rishi she is not a child she will come now itself…itni din ke baad aya hein vo so maybe she is explorig the garden..
Rishi:di 1st thing she is not a child 2nd thing it is just been 2 days….that we have went from here…
Ishani:fine I am not there to debate with u vaise a person was waiting for u…

Ishani:tanu…this much time she was going on looking at the if she was waiting for…..
Rishi:oh bubu..but where is she??
Ishani:ab she will run and come
Ishani clears her throat..
Ishani:rishi aagaya(screaming)
Tanu hears this and she runs through the stairs while she was running her eyes were full of tears ..she comes to ishani..ishani ws standing in front of rishi tanu was trying to see rishi but ishani didn’t allow her to see him so easily….
Ishani:so tanu this is rishi…
Ishani slowly moves
Outside the house……
Suhani:ginni where is d puppy??
Ginni:dekho didi..there…
Suhani takes the puppy and pats the puppy..the puppy was very small and cute
Suhani:wow ginni ye baby kitna cute hein na
Ginni:didi ye baby nahi hein it is a puppy
Suhani:I know now u go and get a small basket
Suhani:to keep this puppy we cant keep this puppy out it is very stop asking questions and get me a basket…
Ginni:ok didi
Suhani was standing there she was holding the puppy in her hand….yuvi comes to the garden without seeing suhani was about to rain…drops of rainwater was falling she covers herself and puppy with her shawl..ginni comes there with a basket….
Ginni:didi basket

Suhani:haan ginni
She keeps d puppy in the basket….
Suhani:ginni take this basket and go inside it will rain now ok
Ginni:di u r not coming?
Suhani:I will come I just want to see the rain..tu jaa
Ginni:teek hain
Ginni leaves..and it starts to rain..yuvi runs to the godown and stand …suhani starts jumping in rain….with happiness.yuvi sees a girl jumping in rain he reminces his childhood how suhani loved to jump in the rain…yuvi doesn’t see her face he goes near her..
Inside the house
Ishani moves tanu sees rishi.rishi gets mersmerised seeing her beauty..tanu was in tears there was a smile in between her tears ..
Outside the house
Yuvi goes near suhani without knowing that she was suhani…yuvi touches her shoulder..suhani feels awkward as if she know this touch she turns..yuvi looks at her…
The episode freezes on their faces…

Ishanis roka ranveer vaghelas entry …

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Superb episode Jenny! You are AMAZING! I can’t wait for next episode.. Update soon!

    1. Thank u sooooooooo much reena…..

  2. Wow! Your ff is amazing, really, the way they meet is awsome, it’s really well done. Usally i don’t read ff but don’t know why, one day i just clicked on one of your ff episode and i totally liked it, i searched for the first one and i red every episode, and every day i’m looking forward to read the new episode
    Really, you have perfectly mixed every ingredient, friendship, love, fun, suspence
    I’m looking forward to know what had really happened between yuvani
    You made me a fan of your ff!
    We are the one who should thank you for your amazing story, keep on Jenny!

    1. Thank u soooooo much joy……u have given me a lot of happiness from ur comment…keep commenting…

  3. Its awsm….. I jus… Wait for ua ff evry day jenny

    1. Thank u sooooo much nithu sis…..

  4. Wow wow wow..u cnt believe jenny…but i hv also thought this type of meetng of yuvani..i mean a meeting in garden +rain..and i cnt believe u hv written same…i m so so so happy..plss jenny upload nxt part ASAP…

    1. Thank u soooo much gunj….i want to read my viewers mind and then make the story d same way….

  5. it was good jenny.plz upgdate next.

    1. Thank u soooo much ci..yep i will update early…

  6. wow jenny its awsm .you r really a good writer.the episode was jst perfect.l can’t wait for the next..update soon.

    1. Thank u sooooo much lachu…..

  7. Wow it’s awesome Jenny plz update next part soon:)

    1. Thank u bahashta…….thank u soooo much…

  8. OMG Jenny…… U stole my heart………. God!!!! I am mad since i read your ff…. I was smiling throughout while reading yuvani meeting……. Cant wait to know wats happening tmrw…. U R THE BEST….. UR FF IS ALSO THE BEST…. ?

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  9. wow Jenny . Waiting for the next episode.

    1. Thank u ruby…ya i will update it soon….

  10. As usual I hv no patience…. Beautifully written yaar….

    1. Thank u sashi dr…

  11. It was awesome. And finally meat

    1. Thank u akshitha dr….yep now lot of thrilling things will happen…

  12. Great ff!

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  13. Wooooowwwwwwwwwww dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As we expected their meeting was great. I love ur ff very very much yrr. & I hope & guess that I got a sweet & great friend with a lovely sister in ur form… 🙂

    1. Thank u sooo…much dr…not expect…u r like my sissy….infact whoever luv me and trust me like my sibling itself thanku once again…..

      1. Actually I must thank you for ur such kindness. Bdw I jst completed my graduation. May I know wat u do?

      2. Paru sis i am now in 11th std…….

      3. Oh nice. So I got a Very sweet little sissy. Love you my dear. & all the best for ur future.

      4. Yep paru sis..or paru chechi…and thank u ……

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    1. Thank u sooooo much sis……..luv u tooooo

  15. Wow Jenny u r tooooooooo good ……
    waiting for your next episode

    1. Thank u sooooo much shruti…

    1. Well why don’t u write an ff nithu sis…??

      1. Me….. U no… Im nt a grt writrr lyk u n… To say… I dnt hqve any idea yo write…. Chelli… Chelli.. Means small dis.. In Telugu

      2. Dats nt dis its sis…

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