Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 9 (maha episode)


Hello guys this s me jenny with the 9th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi yuvani)…guys this episode will be a bit longer as u expect daily from me….if u want u can also call this episode as maha episode…guys pls all silent readers as well as commenters have to comment for my this maha episode I want to know wether I am a gud writer today so guys pls support me….pls pls pls do comment…for this episode as this is a request……and thanks for ur support…
Yuvi makes suhani get low marks by not telling her and rishi about the test suhani becomes so sad when yuvi makes fun of her in house as well as school..
Suhanis revenge and big fight amid yuvani

Suhani: rishi I won’t leave yuvi for wht he did
Rishi: chod na suhani he is mad
Suhani: rishi do u know which is yuvis most favorite thing in the world….?
Rishi: tannu
Suhani: shut bewakoof tannu is his best friend uski pasand nahi
Rishi: then wht
Suhani: do u remember dadi gave me and yuvi a locket with chain written as Y and S?
Rishi: haan vo??
Suhani: haan vo use vo locket bohoth pasand hai he will die for that….
Rishi: wht r u going to do with that suhani??
Suhani: I will get it from him then I will do a karnama with it…when he knows about the condition of the locket he will cry
Rishi: matlab??
Suhani: u wait and watch
Rishi: don’t do this suhani he will kill u….
Suhani: chup.. first we have to take the locket from his drawer
Rish: wht will we do for that yuvi will never allow us to enter in his room
Suhani: I know for that I have a plan
Rishi: wht
Suhani tells something in rishis ears….
Rishi: suhani why
Suhani: chup come with me
Suhani and rish goes near yuvis room
Suhani: ready rishi
Suhani goes to yuvis room inside
Yuvi: wht r u doing here????
Suhani: I lose today yuvi infront of u
Yuvi(happy):good so u lose and I won ms chaypatti
Suhani: whtever u call me but friends??
Yuvi: hmmm ok…but u will do all my work done
Suhani: ok
Suhani kisses yuvi in his cheecks
Suhani: thank u for being my friend
Yuvi: wht work will I give u hmmmm
Suhani: I will clean ur room done??
Yuvi: ok good
Suhani: but u have to go out and stand surprise ur room will be clean within half an hour..
Yuvi gets a bit surprised but then thinks that suhani became good…
Outside the room rishi was waiting..he sees yuvi coming out and moves …yuvi goes out..tanu notices wht rishi was doing ..rishi sees tannu and gets stunned
Tanu: wht r u doing here????
Rishi: I was looking for u come with me
Tanu: wht rishi
Rishi takes her to his room
Tanu: abe gadhe wht r u doing why did u take me to ur room
Rishi: I just want to tell u something suhani na haar maan gayi
Tanu: wht??
Rishi: haan yaar suhani want to be friends with u and yuvi
Tanu: wht???aaaaaaa
Rishi: slowly she asked me to tell u she told that she will tell to yuvi
Rishi thinks
FB scene shows suhani telling her plan to rishi
Suhani: rishi I will tell yuvi that I want to be his friend…yuvi will make me friend as well as make me do work I will tell I will clean his room and he will surely allow I will also ask him to go out to give him surprise…at that time I will search the full room and I will take the locket and go…one thing u have to do keep tanu away from yuvis room
Rishi: ok but will the plan work????
Suhani: yep for sure but u keep tanu away if she knows about our plan then it will become flop as she will go and tell yuvi…are u ok with the plan??
Rishi: ok
FB scene ends

Tanu: rishi rishi kahan kho chukka ho??
In yuvis room suhani finds the locket which was kept under yuvis bed….
Suhani goes out of yuvis room he sees rishi talking to tanu she signs him to come
Rishi: tanu I will come now have to buy chocolates to give to everyone to share this happy news..
Tanu: ok
Rishi and suhani goes out
Tanu feels awkward
Tanu: how can this happen??tom and jerry friends wow
Rishi and suhani reach one river which was not so away from their hose
Suhani throws the locket on the river……
Rishi: now god only knows wht will happen
Suhani: yes god knows wht will happen today
They reach back home……….
Yuvi was looking for the locket
Yuvi: tannu did u see my locket????
Tanu: no
Suhani: yuvi ur looking for ur locket ????chochocho
Yuvi: suhani so u took my locket
Suhani: I took as well as I threw ur locket……today u made me cry and this is my revenge
Yuvi: suhani I wont leave u
Yuvi hold onto suhanis neck they go near pool(which was inside their house their hose is indeed very big)
Yuvi pushes suhani not knowing that she will fall into the poll
Suhani falls into the pool she didn’t know swimming she was drowning rishi jumps into the pool and saves suhani
Suhani becomes conscious
Suhani: yuvi u wanted to kill me
Yuvi: no it was a mistake
Every family members come there…

Yuvi: suhani wht did u do it was my fav locket which chotte dadi gave me u threw it
Suhani: it is my dadi not urs
Lata: suhani(shout)
Suhani: aaj koi nahi ayega maa in between us
Suhani: u always made me cry today u taunted me infront of everyone…u always teased as black chaypatti and bhukhad infront of everyone I know that I don’t know to dance u always taunt me on this……..u want to show everyone that I am a looser ..(crying)
Rishi: stop it suhani
Yuvi: bolne do usse .i always taunt you because u r a useless neither for ur family u have done anything neither for ur friends ……u r a useless suhani a useless u don’t deserve anything else other than taunts tum isike layak ho….tum kaala ho and u will always remain black
Tanu: stop this yuvi pls both don’t make a drama here…
Yuvi: u always support her not today she even does not have the okath to stand in front of us
Suhani: kiski okath nahi he this is my house not ur house…u r living in my fathes money..
Yuvi: my dad gave ur father money to do business its our money…vaise bhi how will u understand this everyone tell that suhani is great…loves everyone equally….but that’s a lie from childhood u hated me and u always supported rishi…became his best friend not mine…..always taunted tanu and hurted her….wht more …u did everything to hurt us u tried to snatch everything from us….
Suhani: u called me kaala ladki that’s true I am black outside my seerath ur mind is black u r the most selfish person I have ever seen u asked me right why I made rishi my best friend because he is not like u he will always support and protect me..not like u he does not find methods to hurt like u do…
Yuvi: he will protect u jo insan khud darke maare maake palu mein chiptha hein he is not a man…ek darpokke a transgender

Suhani goes to yuvi and slaps him hard on his face…every family member gets shocked
Suhani:how dare u speak about rish like this u r a transgental who even does not know how to behave with a girl….and never speak to me about him like that standing in my house…….u called me a useless girl kaali bhukad bhathsurat ……….i will prove u yuvraj birla that I am not a badhsoorat girl the countdown starts here 30th November I will prove it to u 10yrs after 10yrs when u enter this house…I will prove u that I will be the best girl sirf iss galli ke ladke nahi iss pure sheher ke ladke meri peeche bagheghi at that time u see… now get out from my house this is my and rishis house just my and his….and not urs take ur friend tanu who is selfish like u.
Yuvi turns and wipe his tears…
Yuvi: papa I want to go from here door door where she is not there. chacha pls we will go as this is not our house anymore tanu get ready to leave……
Rajesh:haan beta I will book the tickets yuvi holds tannus hands and leave to his room tanu looks at rishi and tears fall from her eyes…the episode freezes……
Yuvi and tanu and their parents leave suhanis house suhani runs to the terrace to see yuvi for one last time rishi is standing down seeing the car leave tanu opens the window and looks at rishi tears fall from her eyes

Credit to: Jenny

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