Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 7

Hello guys this is me jenny with the 7th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan….guys thank u sooo much for ur support…..and comment
Ajay tells yuvi that suhani likes him and he will prove it but the plan flops and she wont turn when 3 times palat was told…tanu gives rishi a winners dhaga and tells him that she wants him to always win..
Suhani asks rishi wether he bought gulab jamun he tells no .suhani thinks then who must have bought this….

Suhani becomes so happy and jumps seeing kala jamun
Suhani:wow kala jamun..but who bought this….papa no papa didn’t go out today he was busy with raj chacha,ma no she was busy in the kitchen so she did not go out ..hmmm I know it is rishi
One person was observing was yuvi .yuvi was smiling seeing suhani happy and she started eating
Yuvi(whispering):rishi nahi yuvi….(smiles)
Yuvi sees rishi coming to suhanis room so he slowly moves away so that rishi wont see him…
Rishi sees suhani eating
Rishi: abe bhukkad u bought kala jamun and u r eating without sharing very bad
Suhani:abe chup kar u itself bought and u r acting hmmm
Rishi:me suhani I did not bring ok….and today I didn’t even go out

Suhani:wht?????? u didn’t bring this…then who bought this???
Rishi:mere khayal se no one went out today ..
Suhani:then who must have bought
Rishi :haan yuvi went out may be he bought
Suhani:yuvi never
Outside yuvi is standing and hearing their convo
Yuvi(whispers):abe ghadhe if she know that I bought her this omg
Rishi:suhani u stop thinking and eat this
Suhani:ok tu ja I will come now
Yuvi sees rishi coming out and hides and then goes to his own room
Suhani goes to kitchen……
Suhani:mama did any one go out today????
Lata:hmmm haan yuvi he went to buy something in 5mins and he also came back…why suhani
Suhani:anyone else went out???
Suhani:ok ma

Suhani goes to her room
Suhani(to her self):mathlab yuvi ne mereliye kala jamun lekar aayi…I have to ask him
Suhani leaves from her room
Yuvi in his room
Yuvi:now suhani will come and ask me wether I bought kala jamun wht will I tell her why I bought kala jamun oh my god I don’t have an answer wht did I do
Yuvi turns and sees suhani standing outside his room…he gets stunned seeing her he get completely nervous
Suhani: kya wht r u talking to urself
Yuvi: haan nahi matlab kuch nahi
Suhani:yuvi u went out today
Yuvi:haan so so so wht
Suhani:u bought kala jamun???
Yuvi:hmmm haan nahi haan to
Suhani:maybe u forgot it in my room.but sorry I ate it I will buy and give u
She was about to leave
Yuvi:I bought it for u
Suhani stops

Suhani:for me..why???u never bought things for me now why??
Yuvi:suhani u lose so u were depressed and ur face already looks like a chudale and depression u will look more stupid and I cant tolerate the face that’s wht I bought so that u will be happy and will look gud vaise bhi one person have told me that a person looks good when he or she is happy
Suhani:that was my lines
Yuvi:I know that’s wht I said know
Suhani:how dare u call me a chudale… I am leaving u for the mistake u did but don’t tease me again or else I will break ur head
Suhani:but u called me chudale right u will marry a chudale this my curse
Suhani runs saying this words..yuvi smiles hearing this
Yuvi:I wish that the curse u put on me would come true and I would get a chudale like u …

In the evening
Tanshi and yuvani was sitting on the verandah
Rishi:today was a very good day had lot of fun by playing cricket
Yuvi:rishi u r really happy even if u lost……wow very good
Rishi:who ever win or loose but we all played well and r happy
Tanu:haan yaar it was very nice…tomorrow again we have to go to school….
Yuvi:tanu u r right I wish we would go somewhere that we don’t need to attend the school..and our teachers bhashan
Everyone laughs
Suhani(thinking):even though yuvi and tanu are our enemies but they r our cousins too and it is true that for me life is not possible without these 3…episode freezes

Principal announces in the assembly that their will be an art festival and each one have to participate either in group or single item……yuvani and tanshi thinks…

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  1. Very good! I like this ff very much..

    1. Thank u neethu

  2. Wow jenny i loved ur ff jenny its awsome..

    1. Thank u….shanaya

  3. Wow jenny it is awsome… request pls make it more lengthy….

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  4. Wow jenny it is really nice and ur ff is my favourite as well as the best ff

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  5. Jenny ur ff is d best…….and i love ur ff

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  6. Ur ff is the best luv it

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  7. Superb…I love it so much!! Nice way of showing the cute fights and friends between them!! Yes please make it a little lengthy??

    1. Thank u sana ya i will surely make it more lengthy

  8. Again just wow jenny..nd i hv rqst plss bring a leap in nxt part of 5-6 that we can see their romantic scenes..

    1. yes gunj i will surely do it

  9. Wow jenny its supper nice ff dear

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  10. Add more yuvani and tanshi scenes…and i luv ur ff

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  11. It is really nice…i luv ur ff

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  12. It was nice and jenny you are a very good writter

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  13. Jenny It’s awesome yaar…. my usual request (pls do a lengthy one).

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  14. Excellent …??

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  15. Fabulous ff next episode fast plz

    1. thank u komal…..yes i will upload soon

  16. When you will publish the next episode.

    1. I already published it will be coming by soon

  17. thum tho ekta se bhi. acha. writer ho.agar ye sach mein serial hota tho sabse zyaa kush mein hogi.

    1. Thank u sooooooooooo much ci i am really happy by seeing ur comment everytime and keep commenting like this as this always gives me a lot of happiness

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