Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 6


Hello guys this is me jenny with the 6th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan ..guys thankyou soo much for ur support…and keep commenting……..

Cricket match…….between tanshi yuvani……
Suhani pushes yuvi when yuvi taunts suhani…yuvi smiles seeing suhani angry …ajay comes to yuvi and smiles…
Yuvi: ajay actually I wish that the game would have been a tigh…
Ajay:but really wanted to win risht??
Yuvi:haan I wanted to win but for d first time I am not feeling like that ..
Ajay:bhai this is called as love…..just look at her
Yuvi looks at suhani who was talking to rishi
Yuvi:abe saale chup kar there is nothing like that
Ajay:why don’t u understand she likes u
Yuvi:ajay we are just in sixth standard not I 10th or 12th that we r talking like that…vaise bhi she s my enemy
Ajay:yuvi hatred turns out into ove as u have seen in SRKs films
Yuvi:abe SRK ki chamche chupp kar
Ajay :u don’t trust me right look suhani s going she will look at u when I count 123 as palat palat palat
Yuvi:ye ddlj ke scene hein
Ajay:job hi hain just watch it
Ajay :palat
Yuvi observes suhani doesn’t look back
Suhani doesn’t look back
Suhani doesn’t look back…yuvi actually gets a bit sad but doesn’t show it
Yuvi:wht happened did she look back no so shut up and come..i know that she hates me the way I hate her….so shut up and come
Ajay: fine
Ajay and yuvi leave

Rishi is sitting desperately as he lose..tanu comes near him
Tanu: wht happened rishi why r u sad
Rishi:because l lose
Tanu:rishi do u know one thing I won but I am not feeling happy…I don’t know why
Rishi:chal jutti u r very happy I know that ,u don’t have to act
Tanu:I am telling d truth rishi pakka wala promise
Rishi:socho agar mujhe itna bura feel kar rahahe to suhani ko feel horahoga
Tannu: u always think about her not about ur self
Rishi: because she s my best friend
Tannu: wht ever you take this
Rishi:wht is this
Tannu: this is a wnners kind of dhaga ..if u tie this u will always win
Rishi:but why r u giving me this
Tannu: because I want u to win against everything
Rishi:thank u
Rishi tries to tie it but he couldn’t tannu tke the dhaga from him and ties him
Rano calls everyone for having breakfast
Tannu:rishi come we can have breakfast
Rishi:tannu u go I will come
Tannu leaves rishi looks at the dhaga and tanu and he smiles

Everyone r around the table to have food…suhani is really upset…
Yuvi:oh I forgot one thing
Pratima:wht happened beta
Yuvi:10mins no 5mins ma
Yuvi runs outside
Everyone waited for him ..but suhani was in her own world not even knowing that yuvi went out
Yuvi came in 5 mins there was a packet in his hand …he went to the kitchen and kept it.yuvi comes to sit rishi was also about to sit near suhani yuvi ran and sat there…everyone got stunned…seeing this as this was the first time yuvi was sitting with suhani…because they always were tom and jerry…
Everyone had their lunch ..suhani goes to her room depressed…………….suhani sees some packet kept on her table she opens it and see kala jamun …she jumps seeing this …kala jamun is her fav sweet
Suhani:kala jamun I luv it(thinking) but who must have boughtthis papa and ma didn’t go out rishi???chance is there
One person outside suhani observes her and then smiles…

Suhani asks rishi wether he bought gulab jamun he tells no suhani thinks then who must have bought this….

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Sooo nyc ff luv it

    1. Thank u nithu

    1. Thank u rani

  2. Wow jenny it was superb…..i loved it

    1. Thank u ankitha

  3. Wow superb superb superb…..jenny

    1. Thank u sumatra

  4. Is the person observing suhani is yuvi….anyways awsome jenny i loved it

    1. Thank u mekha

  5. Wow superb …i luv ur ff jenny make it more lengthy luvd it

    1. Thank u mia

  6. Soooper jenny luv it

    1. Thank u shana

  7. Wow super…luved it

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  8. Jenny It’s too beautiful & too interesting but too short yaar….

    1. Sashi I will try to make it more lengthy and thank u

  9. I love it jenny I’m actually a silent reader by today I wanna tell u that u are an amazing writer but u should’ve made suhani turn around it would’ve been nice but u should’ve made it like an angry look type but yuvraj should’ve thought that she did that because she likes him but I love how yuvi got her kala jamun

    1. Thank u soo much sana for ur comment….and suhani does not have any feelings for u at present …that is why I wrote like this…this story is gonna have lot of scenes

  10. Mere hisab se to ye kafi bara tha but or bara ki hum bole ki aree katam hi nahi ho raha he and its fantastic

    1. Thank u komal u don’t know how much happiness ur comment has given me thank u sooooo much

  11. You r really a gud writer

  12. Its really superb

  13. Please update the next episode

    1. ya i will update soon

  14. thank u devu soooooooo much

  15. I am sorry . I am late but it was amazing

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