Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 5


Hello guys this is me jenny with the 5th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan..guys I am really sorry if iam boring you with my ff …as I have told before I am not a good writer so I don’t know what is the story which u guys may like but I will surely try to be more better u have to pls do comment so that it gives me the strength to write….
Yuvani fight over who is the better player dhoni or virat
Cricket match between suhani rishi against yuvi tanu
Tanshi becomes stunned seeing yuvani fighting
Tanu:abe stop it yuvi suhani

Yuvi:tanu chup she always tells against wht I like not this time ……virat is better than any dhoni
Suhani:abe khothe wht do u think about ur self wht do u know about cricket …dhoni is d captain….not virat
Yuvi:that is the only problem in indin cricket team..
Tanu:stop it guys stop…suhani leve it everyone likes virat more that s d reason yuvi told like this
Rish:wht do u mean by dat tannu dhoni itself is best
Tannu:stop it rishi virat is best
Rishi:no dhoni is best
Now rishi and tannu started fighting yuvani looks on…
Suhani:rishi stop fighting enough
Rish:no I wont leave herr
Yuvi:stop it guys ..ok fine tomorrow match dhoni vs virat that is suhani rishi vs yuvi

They all leave to sleep
Next day morning
Bell rings
Rano opens d door…and it is ajay standing outside
Ajay:hello aunty ji..yesturday night itself yuvi called me and told me to come I came
Rano looks at the clock and its just 7 o clock
Rano:sit beta I will call yuvi
Ajay:no aunty I will go to his room
Ajay goes to yuvis room
Ajay:yuvi yuvi
Yuvi gets up stunned from his deep sleep
Yuvi:ajay tum
Ajay:haan yaar u it self told me to come early so I came…I am sorry I am a bit late
Yuvi:abe pagal early means by 11 or 10:30 u came at 7
Ajay:tere liye 11 ya 10:30 early hai
Yuvi:whtever u came right.ajay today there will be a cricket match between me tanu and that 2 monkeys

Ajay:u have bought 2 monkeys why didn’t u tell me…by d way how will monkeys play cricket??
Yuvi:tuna ek number ki gadhe ho.i was talking about suhani and rishi
Yuvi:and u will be the coch who will look after the game fine?
Ajay:ok…but I don’t know the rules to play cricket when only 2 members r there
Yuvi:I will tell how the game will be …but before that I have to call the those three..u come with me
Yuvi and ajay goes to suhanis rishis and tannus room and calls them
Suhani:abe gadhe why did u call me so early
Yuvi:u may have forget the deal and match not me
Rishi:oh I forgot about it
Yuvi:only 2 members are there in one team 5 overs. in my team I will bat first.and in ur team
Yuvi:ok.if one gets out then ur chance is over..and ur out.and one more thing when risi and suhan are batting I will be the wicket keeper and tanu bowler..and tannu will also do a role as fielder.and when I and tanu is batting..suhani u can decide
Suhani:I will be the wicket keeper and rishi bowling and fielding fine rishi??
Yuvi:so game will start in half an hour
Suhani:wht u don’t want to eat anything??
Yuvi:suhani u always eat so now don’t eat…

Everyone leave to get ready
Aftersome time yuvi tanu suhani and rishi come for playing ajay is also ready
Yuvi and tanu win the toss they opt to bowl first.suhani and rishi r ready to bat ..tanu bowls suhanis 1st bll is a jhadka that is sixer suhani and rish are very happy ..they completes 10 in one over in next over they score four more ..this is the first ball of 3rd over suhani bats a sixer but it becomes a flop…tannu catches it suhani is out..
Yuvi and tannu are happy
Yuvi bats first a six in the first over six in the second and in the 3rd over tanu bats in the first ball of the 3rd over it is a four yuvi and tanu win……
Yuvi:yeh yeh
Suhani and rishi gets depressed
Yuvi:I knew that we will win suhani u lose…hahaha..virat is d best
Suhani pushes yuvi and goes ..ajay comes there looking at yuvi the screen freezes…..

Does suhani have hatred towards yuvi or is it love…….

Guys this not only a Precap but also a question towards u …pls do comment

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Very nice ff loved it to the heights

    1. Thank u soo much nithu

  2. I wish it was more lengthy…story itni interesting or funny hoti h ki kab khtm ho jati h pta hi nhi chalta..plss post regularly nd more was fantastic..i hv a yuvani nd tansi are in 6 class?

    1. Thank u gunj

  3. It was really nice

    1. Thank u kiara

  4. It is really nice

    1. Thank u ankitha

  5. It was awsome

    1. thank u

  6. It was very funny I loved it! But I have a small doubt that 1 over has six balls but u made it to be five balls in 5 overs..I’m a bit confused over that Jenny..

    1. neethu i know that 1 over has 6 balls but by mistakenly it came to be 5 balls ..sorry and thank u

  7. U r a superb writer Jenny…. but too short.

    1. thank u sashi thank u sooo much …i promise u guys that i will update a longer one…..

  8. i was really nice and funny tooo…i luv ur ff i am waiting for next episode….actually i cant wait next episode fast

    1. thank u disha

  9. Its fantastic . I love it so nice.

    1. thank u soo much akshitha….for ur comment

  10. She is hating yuvi but after 2 -3 days it will change in love

    1. Ya u r right and not after 2 to 3 days afer some years…and also thank u for answering d question

  11. It was awesome Jenny..I loved it

    1. thank u sumatra

  12. I like your fanfiction. It was so nice and funny

    1. thank u sooooooo much rani

  13. ye yuvani ki asali kahani se zyada acha telling u that u r agood writer.

    1. Thank u ci

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