Pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 42


Hi guys this s me jenny with the 42nd episode of pki guys pls pls pls comment guys its for u i am writing so atleast i need ur support if u feel my ff boring then i will stop writing it because i expect a lot from u guys … guys pls comment
In the house
Tanu was sitting on the stairs crying rishi sees her and worries…
Rishi: wht happened tanu why r u crying??
Tanu hugs rishis hand…
Tanu: rishi I am missing di so much …..
Rishi: for this silly reason u r crying .. Tanu even I miss her but I’m not crying.. kyunki I know she have weren’t with the person whom she loves the most don’t worry about her…
Tanu: rishi why always girls leave their own house after marriage and go to sasural?? Boys can’t do that??
Rishi smiles..
Rishi: no no boys prefer to become ghar jamai ….
Tanu: boys are selfish….
Rishi: not all boys….
Rishi shows an innocent face… Tanu….smiles…..
Tanu: so if I get married I also have leave my house and go??
Rishi: u don’t needed to leave ur house cause ur going to get masteries in ur own house itself…
Tanu feels shy and hugs him…rishi also hugs her back..
Suhani was sitting in her room and thinking wht happened to yuvi …suddenly she sees him going she stops him
Suh:yuvi why arent u talking to me??
Yuvi:is it necessary to talk to u always…
Suh:but yuv….
Before she could complete he left….
He goes to his room frustrated and he was about throw one of his shirt he stops and sees the shirt…
Yuv:this was the same shirt which u wore last night suhani…..
He remembers about the incidents…

Yuvani fall into the bath tub filled with rose flower and water…..yuvi and suhani were so close suhani wasnt ready to leave yuvi….yuvi gets up in the tub but suhani pulls him and again he falls on the tub..they have an intense eyelock….yuvani comes into senses yuvi pulls suhani oit of the tub….they come out but suhani wasnt ready to come out of the bathroom
Suh:yuvi mujhe baaridh mein beeghana hein …(i want to get drenched in rain)
Yuv:are u mad baarish now inside d room …u r gone crazy….
Suh:i will create baarish…
She opens d shower and starts dancing yuvi looks at her and smiles dil ye mera mujhe har pal ye poochtha hoon aa hain ye asar jo tera song plays…suhani was about to fall yuvi hold her by her waist they have an eyelock….yuvi left his hand but suhani was holding on to his shoulders….
Yuvi:suhani leave …
She gets angry and leaves …..suddenly
Suhani removes her shirt …she was Wearing a sleeveless shirt …her waist was actually visible in that when it became wet…
Yuvi:suhani i am standing infront of u and u r removing ur dress….
Suhani smiles and was about to remove her shirt …yuvi stops her….
Yuvi:suhani no ….
Suhani :ok
Again she starts jumping she slips and yuvi holds her suhani moves towards him and kisses his lips…..they had an intense lip lock they could feel eachothers breadth both of them couldnt stop kissing each other suddenly yuvi moves back and picks her up lays her on the bed…and was about to go suhani pulls to the bed on her she kisses his cheeks forehead and his arms and was again going to kiis him on his lips he moves back…
Yuvi:suhani pls stay on ur limits
Yuvi:u r drunk sleep fast….

He goes and sits on the sofa…sfter some time
Yuvi:wht happened…?
Suhani:i sm feeling so cold ….
Yuvi gives his shirt and turns she removes her shirt snd puts his ….
Suhani:ty and tell me one story…
Yuvi:story i dont any so sleep…
Suhani:if u tell story only i will sleep
Yuv gets irritated and sits on the bed and tell her story in between that he falls asleep with her…
Flashback ends…

Yuvi cries seeing his shirt…suhani comes…
Without turning he wipes his tears…
Suhani:yuvi i want to know why r u angry with me yuvi wht have i done…
Yuv:suhani u must know wht u have done..
Suhani:till today morning everything was good suddenly wht happened…
Yuvi:do u hate me suhani…
Suh gets stunned with that question
Suh:yuvi how did this question come now??
Yuvi:i want to know
Suh:no i dont…
Yuvi:if u want to tell something tell me not make anyone else tell me….
Suhani gets confused and stunned….
Episode freezes

Suhani slaps…….

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  1. komal sontani

    We are not bore but if u update so late then what can we do always i have open previous episode to see the precap bcozzz itsss tooo lsteee plz plz plz update regularly

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u komal

  2. jennyv thum kitni bhi late update karo.I will follow u.u r excellent.Hamesha thum kaise twist lathe hi patha hi na chalthi.suhani yuvraj ko dlap karthe hai.kyu?

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u ci…..

    2. Jenny_moon

      Thank u ci….

  3. Nithu


    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u nithu

  4. jenny it was very nice.ur just amazing.please please update daily.i am eagerly waiting for ur next update.

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u radha

  5. First of all I m really really very sorry bachu for nt commenting on ur last update, actually there was net problem so comment was nt posted & then I couldn’t comment…. Really very sorry bachu… Last episode was really good…. & coming to today’s episode it was jst awesome, nice twists…. Lovely dear…
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    God bless you…
    Take care….
    Always b happy & keep smiling …
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe…
    Achieve all the success in life….
    Love you my bachu…

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u soo much chechi

  6. Awesome bt update regularly

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      Thank u anu…

  7. Very nice dear.. Loved yuvani scenes.. They were Gr8.. Wonderful episode..

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u farhat

  8. Very nice dear.. Loved yuvani scenes.. They were Gr8.. Wonderful you dear..

  9. Super super super

    1. Jenny_moon

      TAnk u pavi

  10. Aqsxxh

    Missed ur FF Jenny! I love love love it! Yuvani moment was amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep rocking x

  11. Its awsome …..

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u kavya

  12. Finally Jenny u updated!!! I was so eager!! I am sorry for not commenting before for a few episodes. I got busy in wedding preps. I loved it. Superb. Superb. Superb. I’m glad yuvi is showing attitude to suhani. She needs to tell yuvi first that she loves him not yuvi. Becahra yuvi also has to go after suhani. Thank u so much Jenny for keeping my idea in ur mind!!:)) update next part soon please:))

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u sana dr

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