Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 4


Hello guys this me jenny with the 4th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan….guys thank u soo much for ur support …ur support through ur comments give me the strength to write even if I am not a good writer….

Principal asks yuvani to call their parents ..their parents come.tanshi peep into princis room.princi sees this
Yuvani and tanshi are watching cricket match suhani tells dhoni is the best player yuvi tells virat is the best player..again they start fighting
Tanshi comes inside princis room yuvani are shocked
Princi:wht were u two doing outside ..peeking inside my room??
Rish:mam we were playing hide and seek
Princi:oh really in hide and seek one hide and other find 2 of u r hiding for me to find u ..tell me the truth..why were u hiding to hear my conversation??
Tanu:mam he is mad we came here to save our friends
Princi:oh really do u really think I am a hinter or I have a gun that I will shoot ur friends or eat them …for this u will be punished both of u ..

Yuvani in chorus:no mam .
Yuvi:wht did they do .they just came to see wheather there are not punished..mam whtever u tell as punishment me and suhani will do
Suhani:yes mam leave them it wasn’t their mistake..pls mam
Princi:u two were blaming them just now and taking their blame on u now wht ever I m not going to give anyone punishment…suhani u become because yuvraj hurted rishi right??
Princi:yuvraj u hurted rishi cause suhani hurted tannu right?
Princi:so today onwards both of you yuvraj and suhani wont hurt rishi and tanu .understand
Yuvi:ok mam I wont hurt rishi
Suhani:I wont hurt tanu
Princi:good now problems are solved ..shake ur hands both of u
Yuvi and suhani smiles outside and is very angry inside .they hesitantly shake hands
Princi:now u 4 can go to ur classes first period is over
Yuvi rish tanu and suhani in chorus:ok mam
They leave

Pankaj :so mam we can leave now right.and thank u mam for not giving them we being parents cant see our children hurt.
Princi: I didn’t give them punishment because of their love towards their I can see how much suhani likes rishi and yuvraj likes tanu as best friends..u don’t have to be scared once when yuvraj and suhani gain maturity they will also become friends..
The parents leave hearing the advice of princi
In rishi and suhanis class
Rishi: for the first time I saw u shaking hands with yuvi ..ab se no more problem I am happy
Suhani:shut up rishi who told that I became friend with that yuvi .i wont leave him u wait and watch wht will happen
Rish: suhani sunn na no need of problems pls
Suhani leaves

In yuvis class
Yuvi:I wont leave that chudale..
Tanu:which chudale
Yuvi:abe vo suhani
Tanu:u r going to create more problem??no yuvi no pls
Yuvi:u wait and watch
Tanu: yuvi
Yuvi leaves from his class
Tanu and rishi are thinking:now wht will happen

Outside the class rooms yuvi and suhani are standing .both yuvani and tanshi have a common friend that is ajay..ajay is now a supporting character..ajay is not in yuvanis class ..ajay comes near yuvi
Ajay: hello bro
Ajay: wht happened
ajay:thinking about suhani?
Ajay:i think suhani loves u
Ajay:am a joking.but I really think..that something is there between u both
Yuvi:shut up I hate that chudale
Ajay:yaar hatred turns out into love
Yuvi:pls leave me ..pls pls pagal kainka
Yuvi leaves from there
Ajay:I know that u wont believe but it is the truth
Ajay smiles…
After school yuvani and tanshi reach home .that day 11:30 pm was the cricket 20 20 match between india and pak

Its almost 11:15
Rishi is sleeping.suhani pours a bucket of water on rishi
Rishi:aaa suhani wht is this I want to sleep u idiot
Suhani:abe khothde it is indo-pak cricket 20 20 and u don’t want to see it
Rishi:sorry sorry I forgot come come
Yuvani and tanshi sit to watch cricket(guys actually cricket is the only common thing yuvani and tanshi like
It is the final over and virat and doni r the runners 10 more runs are required virat takes 5 runs and dhoni takes 5 runs and finally india won..the 20 20 asian this happiness yuvani and tanshi hugged each other in a group hug without knowing..
Suhani:wow dhoni sir u r great
Yuvi:suhani everyone knows that virat is better than dhoni
Suhani: shut up dhoni is better .
Yuvi : I said u na virat is better
Suhani: no dhoni
They start fighting tanu and rishi gets stunned seeing them fighting again the screen freezes

Cricket match between suhani rishi against yuvi tanu

Guys pls continue supporting me through ur comments..

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Nice episode!! You are doing an amazing job Jenny!

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  6. It is nice..intresting as well as funny

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  7. Your ff is superb jenny

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  11. Jenny pls End the childhood track bcoz it is quite boring?????????

    1. childhood track will end is in the childhood they fall into the unrealised love…so it is a bit important to show it and thank u for ur comment

  12. wow jenny it is really nice and i dont think that their childhood is boring but indeed it is really nice

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