Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 3


Hello guys this is me jenny with the third episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan ..guys I am really happy with ur comments pls do continue commenting and supporting me ……I really think that I m not boring u..again thank u soooo much for commenting
Yuvani fight…due to tannu and rishi
Principal tells both suhani and yuvraj to call their parents then only they will be allowed to sit in the class .hearing this suhani and yuvi looks at each other and tanu and rishi getting tensed…

Yuvani and tanshi saw principal. yuvani stops fighting seeing princi
Princi:wht reckless behavior is this .tum log call ur parents I want to meet them then only u will enter the class…do u understand
Tanshi and yuvani gets stunned and scared they look at each other’s faces with terror
Rishi: but mam wht did we do????
Princi: rishi and tannu go to ur classes
tannu: but mam they??
Princi: u will go or should I make u call ur parents also
Tannu and rishi leaves from there being very sad
Yuvi and suhani call their respective parents …their parents come to the school to meet their principal
In principal’s office
Princi: so u are here mr and mrs Rajesh birla (yuvis parents) and mr and mrs pankaj shrivastav(suhanis parents).nice to meet u.
Parents: good morning mam.ab kya kiya he hamari bachone????
Princi: wht they did u have to ask wht they didn’t do.actually I wanted to ask u a question ..i have heard that u r from a same family is it right????
Pankaj:haan actually me and rishis mother are siblings and we are rajesh and sharadas(tanus mom) cousins…
Rajesh:when me and sister was small our parents died so our chotti ma that is pankajs mother who is my mothers sister looked after us….so pankaj and rano are my cousins even though they are my cousins they are like my siblings
Princi:I am sorry for wht happened but I cant believe this u r living as siblings in a same house but here these two yuvraj and suhani are like gundays ….always fighting..this is not the d first time many times I have seen this
Yuvi and suhani look at each other angrily
In rishis class
Rishi(to himself):wht must be happening over there that princi must be squeezing suhani….and here this teacher is squeezing me
Teacher:get up rishi
Rishi gets stunned and gets up
rishi(thinking):ab ye mujhe kya karega
teacher:rishi wht r u talking to ur self aren’t u listening??
Rishi:yes mam I was listening
Teacher :then tell me wht is non-cooperation movement??
Rishi: non-cooperation movement. Mam it was a movement in cooperation against water???
Teacher:wht an answer ..get out of the class rishi .
Teacher:get out
Rishi goes out of the class
In tannus class
Tannu(thinking): wht must be happening to yuvi.that idiotic suhani will put full blame on him
Teacher :students I will ask u questions today.wht is closure property????anyone can answer my question
Tannu unknowingly stands up
Teacher:good tannu good answer my question wht is closure property
Tannu gets stunned
Tannu :mam I want to go to the bathroom
Every students stats laughing
Techer :go
Tannu goes out tannu and rishi see each other
Tannu :rishi wht r u doing here???
Rishi:u r copying my question wht r u doing here?oh I think so teacher made u out of the class
Tannu:shut up..i amreally scared for yuvi wht must be happening there
Rishi:I am also scared I have an idea come with me
Rishi holds tannus hand
Tannu;wht rishi
They go near princis room they look through the window
Princi:answer my question yuvraj and suhani why did u fight today
Suhani:yuvi pushed rish and he started crying
Yuvi:I pushed rishi yesterday you teased tannu
Princi:so tannu and rishi r the reasons
Outside d room
Tannu:why r they blaming us idiots
In the room.princi notices tanshi
Princi:tanu and rishi stop hiding and come inside
Yuvani:tanu rishi
Tannu and rishi comes inside the episode freezes on yuvanis shocked faces
Yuvani and tanshi are watching cricket math suhani tells dhoni is the best player yuvi tells virat is the best player..again they start fighting

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. hey this is fourth epi rgt then why u r writing it as 3rd epi………anyways story was superb dear..

  2. Actually it is 3rd episode

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    1. Thank u gunj i will upload it fast as well as lengthy

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  7. i have one doubt yuvani tho silblings heina.yuvi ke papa and pankaj are silblings.then yuvani has bro-sis relation am i right.

  8. Yuvani are 2nd cousins they r not even cousins so they not siblings but rishiand suhani as well as tannu and yuvi r siblings

  9. next part soon pls……

    1. Yes i will upload it quickly

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