Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 15


Hello guys this s me jenny with the 15th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan..guys I know that u r really waiting for for yuvani and tanshi meeting this will soon happen..just wait and watch…guys thank u sooo much for commenting and keep commenting…..
Some masti between suhani and rishi….
Yuvi and tanu reach india..suhanis badminton match….

Rajesh:fine beta I have booked the tickets…the flight is within an hour……..get ready
Yuvi:fine papa
Before going rajesh hugs yuvi one more time..yuvi becomes happy…rajesh leaves….yuvi finshed packing he sees the picture of suhanis childhood photo in his purse and smile…..
Tanu:ready yuvi?
Yuvi hides the purse
Yuvi and tanu gets there bags ..gets blessing from there parents..they enter the car ..before entering the car yuvi just looks at his house then gets in his car….after some time they reach airport..

At Mumbai
Suhani and rishi is sitting near the beach……
Rishi:after tomorrows competition tomorrow evening itself we will leave
Suhani:haan place will be there in the luggage right??
Suhani:to keep my trophy
Rishi:first u win…then we will see
Suhani:suhani shrivastav doesn’t loose infront of anyone..hmm
Rishi:u r boasting agar tum kal ki competition me jeeth gayi(if u win tomorrows competition) I will salute u…..
Suhani:be ready to do that.rishi:lets see…..
Rishi:suhani its going to be dark we will go to the hotel……

Next day morning
Suhani gets ready for badminton match …..she is wearing a white sports t shirt and white sports shorts and white band in head and hand she have tied her hair as a single pony tail….
Rishi gets out of the bathroom after getting ready…..
Rishi:looking like a sports women…
Suhani goes to him and hug him…..rishi hugs her back…
Rishi:all the best gulabo….
Suhani:thank u so much rish….
Rishi:ab challo….we will be late…….
Rishis phone rings..rishi takes the call and puts on the speaker….
Rishi:hello chacha
Suhani:hello papa…
Pankaj:hello bachon…suhani today is ur competition right all d best….
Suhani:haan papa thank u soo much we r just goin to go…
Pankaj:everyone have wished u all the best…yuvi and tanu also
Suhani becomes a bit sad..
Rishi:acha chacha how is everyone????
Pankaj:everyone is going good I called u to tell that come fast ishani is becoming so angry..and yuvi and tanu will reach here by 11
Suhani and rishi in chorus:wht ??
Rishi:tanu and yuvi???
Pankaj:haan its ishanis marriage so they will surely come right…
Suhani becomes so angry as well as sad..
Rishi sees her angry before she could tell something .rishi took the phone and switched the speaker off

Rishi:chacha Iam keeping the phone we r late..
Pankaj:fine beta
Pakaj keeps the phone
Suhani sits on the bed with anger…
Rishi:chod na suhani it is already late
Rishi takes suhani and they go to the sports hall..
In india…allahabad…..
Tanu and yuvi takes a cab…and they reach kalhaar house…uvi goes on looking the background of the big house he reminces all there good and bad moments…how yuvani and tanshi used to play in that ground…
In Mumbai
Suhani and rishi reach the ground …the game is almost to start..the opponent comes to meet suhani..
Sneha:hi I am sneha…I am from here and ur name is suhani right from Allahabad…all d best to loose
Suhani was completely lost about yuvis arrival…
Rishi:thank u sneha…now u can leave
Sneha leaves in anger….
Rishi:abe suhani where r u lost????

Rishi understands wht she was disturbed on…the match begins..suhani was not at all focused she was going on loosing the score was sneha 35 and suhani 15…rishi takes suhani asde she was almost about to was half time…
Rishi:wht happened to u ammu u r stressed for wht reason because yuvi is coming??
Suhani:I don’t know…rishi wht is happening to me…I cant focus at all
Rishi:suhani look at me just remember ur good times the time ……u spend with me yuvi and tanu or else just think u r playing against yuvi…u once wished to defeat him..right….chal defeat karde usse…(just defeat)
Suhani wipes off her tears..sneha comes
Sneha:hmm I am feeling sorry for u looser..i knew Allahabad girls are just behengis…
Suhani:behengi hoga tere maa(behengi is ur mother)…lets see gadhe who will win u just wait and watch…sneha leaves in anger
The game begins…suhani reminces the way yuvi used to play with her supported her to play badminton the way he used to teach her badminton…she reminces all there childhood times and starts playing.suhani was not at all giving sneha a chance to hit .her score was going on increasing like 20 25 30 34…..only some more time was there suhani just took a smash and she gets 37 and wins the game…rishi jumps from the stadium and hugs suhani she too hugs him back….tears was there in suhanis eyes ……she won the state best badminton player award…..she sees small yuvi smiling at her when she was receiving her award….

In allahabad
Yuvi was about to enter the house…he sees small suhani standing in the front…..and smiling he looks at her but suddenly remembers how she asked him to go…he steps back tanu holds his hand..she smiles at him and they both together steps the house

In mumubai
Suhani smiles seeing yuvi…but then remembers how he used to tease. suddenly from her hand trophy was about to fall rishi gets hold of the trophy…and they together hold the trophy….
The screen frezes on yuvi tanu suhani and rishis faces……

Ishanis entry…….

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. I liked this episode.. I love how Suhani was thinking about Yuvi and she still ends up winning! I am also excited that you are putting Ishani into the ff for a little bit! Superb job!

    1. Thank u reena…thank u soooo much…dr

  2. Superb Jenny & plz meet yuvani in next episode cuz I can’t wait to see how they react when they see each other plz plz plz:):):)

    1. Thank u sooo…much bahashta…

  3. Awesome……. Will yuvani meet in the next epi????

    1. Saraj thank u…it is a suprise

  4. Superb Jenny I loved it. You’re a really good writer keep it up!!!

    1. Thank u soooo much sana

  5. pholir se yuvi suhani ko tease karega.use kaala eagey waiting.

    1. Ya i will upload fast…

  6. Jenny awsm…. As usual no word to praise u….

    1. Thank u nithu…sooooo much

  7. Awesome jenny..plss ab nxt post me yuvani aur tansi ki meeting kara do..i cnt wait to see their meeting..and plss post soon..

    1. Thank u sooooo much gunj….

  8. It was as usual very good dear. Eagerly waiting to see how u make these four meet each other. I m sure u vill give a big pleasant surprise to us during their meet. Keep up ur good work dear. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u sooooo much paru……

  9. U r a star Jenny. I’m dying to read thr reunion….

    1. Thank u sooooo much sashi…

  10. Jenny… In which standard r u in

    1. I am in 11th standard…..that is going to be in 11th

  11. Where’s the next epi jenny…. Pls update fast..

    1. I have updated it

  12. Update next part plz plz plz:(

    1. I have already updated idk y it has not yet published dear…

  13. eagerly waiting for the next….

    1. The episoon will be soon published..

  14. When it vl be publised jenny…waiting badly for ur post…do u hv any idea how much time telly updates takes to publish the ff??

    1. Before 24hrs they will publish dear…

  15. hmm i hope that they publish it soom.

    1. Me tooo ruby

  16. sorry its Soon… Well i was typing quickly so i just made a mistake.

    1. Fine well in which class r u in ruby???

  17. me in standard 10. I am a science student.

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    1. Nice intresting character….so where r u from?????

      1. Is ur real name ruby or something else???

    2. Hey ruby… Me too in 10 standard…. But iys just the opposite case… Ppl think im in 12 …. I hate it…. Its gud that u luk younger than ur age…

  19. Oh nyc ruby… N jenny…. I am damn sure dat ua gonna bcome a good writer in ua future

    1. Thank u nithu…even i wish…

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