Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 14


Hello guys this s me jenny with the 14th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan..thank u sooo much guys for ur support and love…..keep commenting
Rishi and suhani s entry tanu fight with yuvi as he does not want to go to india even after knowing ishanis marriage is fixed…….
Yuvi decides to go to india suhani and rishi get into troble and some masti….

Suhani and rishi sit…suddenly rishis phone rings
Suhani:abe gadhe ur phone is ringing take the cal

Rishi takes the call..
Rishi:haan hello chacha wht(shocked unhappy)ok I will tell it to suhani..
Suhani seeing rishis shocked gets scare…rishi burst into laughter….
Rishi:don’t be scared ishani dis marriage is fixed
Suhani jumps with happiness and hugs rishi.rishi hugs her back..
Suhani:wow di ki shaadi haaaaa..she keeps on jumping..
Rishi:ahhh ammu(suhani) u have badminton competition tomorrow don’t break ur leg…….
Suhani:even if it breaks I don’t care but I am so happy finally lovers are united…
Tanu is sitting in her room …she is crying yuvi comes to her room he taps in her shoulder and then hides she doesn’t see anyone..again he taps at that time she sees….
Yuvi :tanu u really want to go to india???

Tanu:haan yuvi pls this time we will come back…pls
Yuvi:fine we will go…
Tanu hugs yuvi..
Yuvi:(thinking) I don’t know wht will happen…but I am going for tanu….
At Mumbai
Suhani turns thinking wht did she say
Rishi:suhani turn…wht did u tell???
Suhani:voh voh voh ….rish
Rishi:love birds?tell me d truth wht r u hiding??
Suhani:di told me not to tell anyone else I am sorry…ishani di aur ranveer jiju 3 saal se ek dusare ko pyaar karta tha…she told me that I have to help have…as rv jeejus family was looking marriage for him….so I told papa about vagela family…
Rish:so it was ur plan for fixing this marriage ???

Rishi:but u kept this secret as a secreat u hid it from me suhani..i wont talk to u ..till now we didn’t keep any secrets and now u have changed…just go I don’t want to talk to u…….
Rishi goes….
Suhani:sunn toh rish …I am sorry pls

After sometime…………………….
Some goons get hold of suhani
Suhani:rish help me rish pls
Rishi turns back and sees some goons holding suhanis hands..rishi goes to suhani
Rish:bhai saab leave her hand..
Suhani:rishi u r talking to this kamino ver ysweetly???maro rish unne maro
Gubday:tum mujhe maroge??
Rish:nahi bhai saab never ..why shoul I beat u aap kitni sheriff ho
Suhani:rishi u don’t have a bit of shame..u wont beat them na I will kill them
Rish:no ammu
Suhani bites the gundays hand and she freese her hand she takes a wooden piece and breaks all the 3 gundays head
Gunday:I wont leave u
Rishi takes suhanis hand and runs…they run and run and run finally they reach a beach….
Suhani:wow bohot mazaa aagaya really it was nice…..
Rish:u feel this as really nice ahh I am really scared ..
Suhani: u r a dar pokk I am not…hmm and I am sorry
Rish:fine maaf kiya vaise by seeing ur saad face everyone will forgive u
Suhani:very funny vaise I want to beat u but I don’t have the stamina to run behind u
Rishi:u r feeling hungry??

Rishi goes from there and after sometime comes back
Suhani:abe making me alone where did u go ??
Rishi gives a plate of samoosaas to suhani..suhani jumps over the samosas with happiness…bolna song plays…….rishi feeds samosas to suhani she feeds him back they go on walking eats kulfis ice cream ……and they sit on the beach and play cards where suhani was about to loose she throws away her and rishis cards rishi runs behind her in and catches her by her waist..they fall down they play with water they have lot of masti…

Tanu and yuvi packs there bag yuvis room his father comes
Rajesh:yuvi I cant believe that u r ready to go to india..
Yuvi:papa do u really think I am soo selfish…mujhse kissine kaha hain ki kuch cheese agar hum karna nahi nahi chahthe hon toh bhi karna hoga vo insan jo hamari dil ki sabse karib ho vo baat chaah thi ho..toh..
Rajesh:suhani kehthethi haina??
Yuvi:jisne bhi kaha ho…papa tanu wants to go to india akela nahi mere saath..she always did whtever I wished atlest I have to do this wht she wishes
Rajesh hugs yuvi with happiness…tanu outside hears this and feels happy…


Yuvi and tanu reach india..suhanis badminton match….

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Great part jenny..too excited for nxt episode finally yuvani vl meet…plss nxt part thoda lengthy likhna..

    1. Thank u soooo much gunj yes i upload next part lengthier….

  2. Jenny unite yuvani as fast as possible….. Loved suhani and rishi part ……. Im in love with your ff……

    1. Thank u saraj….ya yuvani and tanshi will meat very soon

  3. Wow!!!!! As usual too good episode… There friendship is soooooo beautiful yrr…. :-* 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-*

    1. Thank u paru sooooo….much…for ur comment….

  4. Really good & plz post next part soon cuz I m sooooo excited for next part…..

    1. Thank u bahashta….yes i will upload next part soon…

  5. At 11.30 pm in Sri Lanka I was checking whether u have updated it. Do u want any other proof to show u how much i like it Jenny?

    1. No sashi…and thank u soooo much…….for luving my fff this much…

  6. I’m a silent reader but today I had to comment I really love your fan fic jenny x ❤️?? just a little request can your write it all in English because I don’t understand x thanks x keep up the amazing work ??

    1. Thank u sooo much for commenting i will try to write in english but there are some lines if we have to tell the correct meaning we have surely write in hindi….but for u i will surely try to do something….

  7. Wow Jenny this is so amazing. I’m waiting for yuvani and tanshi to re-unite!! Keep writing I loved it.

    1. Thank u sooooo much sana..soon that will happen…

  8. kal se mein kitni baqr dekha update je thoda jaldi.u r becoming hero day by day.

    1. Thank u …and i will try to update it soon..

  9. Plzz unite them as soon as possible jenny this ff is an awesome one plzz update soon and keep doing well this will help u in future

    1. Thank u soooo much……yes that is going to happen soon dear….

  10. Jenny awsm…. Luvd it…. Pls…. Update nxt ff fast

    1. Thank u nithu…yep i will update it fast….

  11. It was nice and i known they will meet sooon

    1. Thank u akshitha…….

  12. hi Jenny i am a silent reader. I really love your story please dont stop writing

    1. Thank u sooo much ruby dr…..i wont stop…..u dont have to be scared about it….

  13. ok Jenny and by the way u r very nice,intelligent;good,caring and hmmmmm U r the best hahahaha

    1. Thank u soooooooooo much ruby dr…..thank u for ur support……

  14. you are always welcome. By the way when will you update your next episode. I am eager to read the next track in the story.

    1. i will upload soon ruby….

  15. Its ………… all good word for the ffff jaldi se next episode post karo as soon as possible

    1. ok i will upload it komal….and thank u soo much for commenting…

  16. Jenny waiting for ua nxt ff

    1. i have uploaded it will be publisged soon dr……

  17. Oh… Really… So nyc.. Ill be waiting for it

    1. Fine…

  18. eagerly waiting for the next track… How many hours according to you jenny we will have to wait…hmm for many hours does it takes approximately for the episode to be publish?????

    1. Even i hav the same question… ?

  19. Waiting waiting..when it vl be publised…

  20. Awesome,you are v.talented yaar. But how do upload a ff pic am not able to…either i don’t or my mobile doesn’t ??

    1. Thank u gia …about d question which u asked…save the ff pic in computer and then there will be a choose file…on the tellyupdates settings click that and choose d image

  21. It was nice . I am too late but loved it

    1. Thank u sooooo much akshitha……

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