Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 13

Hello guys this is me jenny with the 13th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan….thank u soo much guys for ur support ..i am scared that may I cant upload episodes everyday… I have lot of things to do…but I will surely try to do….and I will not end this ff so soon u don’t have to worry about it…guys pls keep commenting….
Yuvis stage performance
Rajesh informs tanu that marriage is gonna happen in kalhaar house and they have to go to india..
Suhani and rishis entry…..

Yuvi takes the childhood photo..and looks at it tears fall from his eyes..
Yuvi:suhani I am sorry I am really no one knows the reason behind my pain everyone thinks whtever happened before 10yrs is the reason behind ur hatred…..but no one knows that it wasn’t the reason….
Yuvi cries..he breaks the whisky bottle…he looks at the photo
Yuvi:kyun kyun kyun apne gusse ko control nahi karpatha mein why…all this happened because of my anger…I lost u because of my anger my ego my complex……I am sorry suhani…I miss u a lot
He places the photo near his chest and slowly closes his eyes he remincs their childhood memories slwly he falls asleep
Next day morning
Yuvi gets up…he opens his eyes and sees tanu standing in front of him..
Tanu:gud mrng yuvi…
Tanu:aaj tera mood hain college jane ki
Yuvi:hmmm my head is aching very badly..mood tho nahi hain….tu manegi nahi I will get ready fast
Tanu:no yuvi if u r not having the mood then we will not go to the college today
Yuvi:u r telling this I cant believe it…tanu the miss perfect…ask me not to go to college wow…
Tanu:I don’t really think that ur mood is gud and I don’t want u to get disturbed again…isliye
Yuvi:gud mere khayal bhi rakte ho tum sunke achcha laga…vaise tanu u became fat..?motti
Tanu:haaa yuvi I wont leave u I am gonna cease u…u r gone..
Yuvi runs down..tanu runs back of him ..yuvi was about to hit virendar…he was talking to someone but somehow yuvi stopped himself from hitting virender…
Virender:(in the phone )teek hai teek hai I will tell them this a very happy news we all will come as early
Call ends.yuvi takes water to drink
Tannu:papa whose call was it
Vir:pankaj his daughter marriage fixed
Yuvi suddenly spits water he was drinking .he gets shocked
Vir gets shocked seeing this as well as tanu..
Tanu:which daughter
Vir:abe ishani ki..
Yuvi:hoo ishani di ki
Yuvi sighs
Yuvi:par itni jaldi
Vir:abe khothe she is 23yrs…at this it is late actually
Tanu:23yrs is early papa..papa grow up..
Vir:teek hain …yesterday itself pankaj told me the boy and his family came to see ishani they said yes to this marriage…
Yuvi:wow it’s a very happy news chacha..who is the groom??
Vir:voh ranveer vagela…a business man
Yuvi:I wish di would be happy
Vir:today both of pack ur bags I will book ur both tickets today itself I will call ur principal ask for one month leave..
Yuvi:kyun chacha where r we both going?
Vir:tum dono ko india bechraha hein ishani ke shaadi hein jaldi nahi jaana
Tanu:wow india
Yuvi gets stunned and looks at tanu angrily
Tanu:we will pack our bags
Yuvi:I am not….
Tanu takes yuvi before he denies
Yuvi and tanu goes to yuvis room
Tanu:iss bar wht ever I tell u will hear it we r going to india.
Yuvi:u go I wont come
Tanu:yuvi u cant understand wht I told we will go..di ki shaadi hein how can u be so heartless.
Yuvi:haan I am heartless I wont come that’s final..did u understand
Tanu:(crying)u r heartless one time for me u cant do this right get lost I don’t want to talk to u …
Tanu leaves from yuvis room angrily

At Mumbai
A girl is walking towards a temple her face is not shown . a famous temple in Mumbai she sits prey…her eyes always tells truth her face shows beauty…her smile shows happiness…she slowly closes her eyes to pray…
Near the temple there …there was a small stage which is believed to be that the place where the stage is made was the place where goddess kaali ma danced..thus it is believed to be a holy dance stage..she sees some students dancing .there she first noticed a girl dancing differently than others may be she wasn’t dancing good for others ..other students started laughing seeing her dance…the girl goes to the stage and asked the small girl to dance seeing her cry..
The small girl started to dance ..the girl noticed her dance and started dancing with that small girl everyone gets stunned seeing her awesome dance ..a boy who looks so handsome goes on looking at her….with clicking her pics….he had a truthfulness honesty in his face…and finally the girl stopped dance ..and she asked other students to support the girl who doesn’t know dance…everyone clapped for both the dancers and others also asked sorry to the small girl the girl becomes happy…
Small girl:wht is ur name???
The girl turns and says:suhani
Everyone clap for her as she was going…she sees the boy standing and watching her
The boy turns ..and come to her
Rishi:super I luv ur dance the way I luv u
Suhani smiles ..
Rishi:Jhansi ki rani…smiles suit u…
Suhani:rishi I wont leave u
Suhai runs back of rishi….rishi seeing her loosing her stamina running behind him .he slow down so that she can catch him..finally she caught him..they both sit …suddenly rishis phone rings…the episode freezes……

Yuvi decides to go to india suhani and rishi get into troble and some masti….

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  1. I like the way you introduced suhani !!!! Jenny ur ff is awesome yaar i have no words to describe it…. And pls make yuvraj and suhani meet each other as soon as possible…… I want yuvi to rally gall for suhani… He shud be mesmerized seeing her

    1. Thank u sarajjj.i try to add ur track….

  2. Oh my god u r a very gud writer suhani and rishi’s entrance so nicee ur imagination is gud and plzz joint them and don’t stop it

    1. Thank u sòooo much dear for ur comment…

  3. Thanku jenny for fullfilling my wish…ur ff is just mindblowing..ab plss jaldi se yuvani aur tansi ki meeting kra do..dying to see them together..and plss post next part soon…plllsss

    1. Ur welcome as well as thank u sooo much gunj…

  4. Nyceee…. Jenny…..

    1. Thank u nithu….soo much…

  5. Oh my god I just love it u r awesome Jenny & plz post next part soon……

    1. Thank u sooo much bahashta…..i will post next part soon…

  6. How do u do this Jenny? U don’t know hw much I lov ur ff…. Mark my word “This is the best ever ff I have ever read”. Pls try to update it regulaly pls pls pls……

    1. Thank u sooooooo much sashi…..i will really try to upload it earlier…..

  7. Superb. I love it. Especially suhani’s intro. I’m waiting to see how yuvani and tanshi will react seeing each other after 10 years…??

    1. Thank u soooo much sana……

  8. mein tenu kya batau thu tho bada kamal ki ho.i just love the way u introduce suhani.superb.never see such an intro of any herione neither in cinema or serial.what a soch.jaldi update nxt episode plz.kal off hein na.plz one maha epi yuvi suhani meeting.

    1. Thank u sooo much…ci

  9. It was nice. When they four will meat

    1. thank u sooo much akshita…they will soon meet….

  10. Wooooowwwwwwww yrr!!!!!!!! It ws really soooo good… Love your ff dear…. Keep up ur good work… 🙂

    1. Thank u sooooo much paru…

  11. Nice story jenny……?

    1. Thank u rasmeena

  12. Jenny waiting… For ua nxt… Episode

    1. Yep nitgu i will upload it fast…

  13. Dude upload next epi fast!!!!!!

    1. ya i will upload it saraj…..

  14. Jenny plss post next episode…cnt wait to read it..plsss do it fast..

    1. Dr gunj i have posted it will be uploaded soon

      1. Ok ..thnxx jenny

  15. its ohk

  16. Ur ff is not yet uploaded jennnyyy!!!!

  17. By the way jenny… Y arent u updating BEINTHEHAA MOHABBATH KI SHURUVAT

    1. Actually when i am writing this ff i seriously forgot about that….

      1. Kk….. But now i have become the fan of both ur ffs.. Try to continue dat also….

  18. Ok saraj…..

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