Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi yuvani) episode 12


Hello guys this s me jenny with the 12th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan…guys I really think I am boring u guys I am sorry…..thank u sooo much for supporting me if the track is boring I am planning to end it soon……guys I am really doing a hardwork soo pls pls pls do comment….
10yrs later yuvi s a rockstar is yuvis bday ….
Yuvis stage performance…….

Yuvi and tanu reach the college
Every girls surround yuvi
Natasha:hey yuvi u r looking soo handsome do u know…hottie
Tanu laughs
Yuvi:thank u
Natasha:today ur performance is der r u ready???
Yuvi:Natasha I don’t think that u have to ask me this question because yuvraj birla is always ready
Natasha:for wht
Yuvi:nothing else gana gane keli
Natasha:yuvi u r the only boy who does not flirt with me
Yuvi:mujhe flirt karne ki aadat bhi nahi hain aur intrest bhi nahi hain…so its better every girl understands that
Natash:vaise happy bday yuvi
Yuvi(serious):thank u
Tanu:yuvi when is ur programme
Yuvi:between 5 and 12
Tanu: 7 hrs
Yuvi:woh some programmes are there dances vagera vagera
Tanu:when we have to leave
Tanu:yaar nic programmes will be der dance we will see na
Yuvi:tu janthi hain I don’t want to see any other programmes aaj..i just want this day to complete fast ..
Tanu:yuvi tere bday he yaar u wont cut ur cake hmmm…just leave everything else lets celebrate today pls na yuvi…. Why cant we go early
Yuvi:because yuvraj birla is d star of the show yaar star always comes late (smiling)
Tanu:hahaha very funny
Suddenly yuvis phone rings
Yuvi:india se call se
Tanu:idiot take it
Yuvi takes the call
The family in india in chorus:happy bday yuvi
Yuvi:thank u soooo much chachas chachis and my der cousins
Tanu:chacha where is rishi and suhani

Raj:suhani and rishi went to Mumbai
Yuvi:for wht chacha?
Raj:for suhanis one competition
Yuvi:hmm she didn’t call me (sad)
Raj:vo…..vo..vo suhani asked me to give her bday wishes to u….yuvi aur kya kya he USA par???
Yuvi:chacha everything is going good
Pankaj:beta u got my gift??
Yuvi:haan me and tanu came to college in the car
Pankaj:oh did u like it
Yuvi:job hi dilse derahoon toh sab kuch iss yuvraj birla ko pasand hoga
Pankaj:fine fine fine…mr yuvraj birla(laughing
yuvi:just joking chacha I luved the car thank u soooooo much chacha..
pankaj:u r welcome beta ..i know u really want to know for which competition suhani and rishi ….
Yuvi:voh chacha ahhh
Pankaj:yuvi they went for suhanis badminton competition….
Yuvi:so she studied to play badminton…bachpaan meinusse bat pakkadna thak nahi athatha
Pankaj:hmmmmm u used to teach her…beta usne apni saari kamzoriyon ko apni takhath banaya hein…..kher u have ur performance right???all the best beta
Yuvi:par aapko kisne bataya
Pankaj:tumhari papa ne
Lata:all the best beta

Yuvi:thank u soooo much chachi
Rano:yuvi all the best darrro math u r a Punjabi munda…
Yuvi:thank u chachi Panjabi mundon ka naak nahi katvayeki
Rano:teek hainputhar
Raj:happy bday and all the best beta…
Yuvi:thanku sooooo much chacha
Pankaj:ok yuvi I am keeping the phone
Yuvi:chacha suhani se best of luck kehdena
Pankaj:haan beta rakthi hoon bye
Tanu:chalo yuvi chodo we will go to class
After about 4 hours
Tanu:yuvi tu ready haina..
Yuvi:haan I am not actually wanting to go…
Tanu:yuvi wht r u telling ….
Yuvi:this time I will perfume and this will be my last performance…..
Tanu:yuvi tu pagal hein
Yuvi:nahi but its over I cant sing anymore
Tanu:yuvi tell me the truth u saw suhanis fb status iss liye tujhe bura lagraha hena
Yuvi:I am trying to forget her
Yuvi reminces suhanis words about asking him to get out from her house….
Yuvi:so understand tanu its not because of her thag chukka hoon mein I want a normal life…
Tanu:fine but iss bar u will perform the best teek hain
Yuvi:(smiling) gi madam….
Tanu:fine we have to reach the venue tujhe ready hona haina rockstar.
Tanu and yuvi leave
Jubileeee hall
Yuvi is getting ready
Yuvi:tannu which dress willi wear red shirt ya black??
Yuvi wears red shirt
Tanu:yuvi I asked u to wear black aur tumne red colour shirt pehne…hmmmm
Yuvi:kisika fav colour red tha
Tanu:ohh aise
Yuvi and tannu hear an announce calling yuvi..
Tanu:I will go and will be there in the front row itself u come fast..
Yuvi wears a black jacket ..and goes he was looking a perfect rockstar
Yuvi goes to stage
Crowd:yuvi yuvi yuvi yuvi yuvi yuvi yuvi
Yuvi:hi friends I just want to tell u one thing
He takes his guitar
Yuvi:yeh mera akri performance hoga my last performance
Crowd:no yuvi no
Yuvi:I know this decision may hurt u very badly..but I have to take this decision…toh aaj I will sing my fav song…and todays song is actually dedicated for the person (he looks at his S locket chain)who is very near to my heart…
Yuvi starts to sing crowd becomes silent
Aa ha.. aa.. ha..
Aa ha.. aa…

Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla..

Aa.. Aa.. ha.. aa.. ha..
Aa.. ha.. aa…
Yuvi reminces yuvani moments..tears fall down from yuvis eyes…
Jiske aane se muqammal ho gayi thi zindagi
Dastakein khushiyon ne di thi,
Mit gayi thi har kami
Kyun bewajah di yeh saza
Kyun khwaab de ke woh le gayaa
Jiyein jo hum lage sitam
Azaab aise woh de gayaa (Azaab: pain)
Main dhoondne ko uske dil me jo Khuda nikla
Main dhoondne ko uske dil me jo Khuda nikla
Pataa chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
Pataa chala ke galat leke main pata nikla
Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla aa…

Aa ha.. aa.. aaha..
Aaha.. aa…
Yuvi kneels down on the stage and sings with full of tears in his eye..tanu looks on with tears..
Dhoondta tha ek pal me dil jise ye sau dafaa
Hai subah naraz us bin roothi shaame din khafa
Woh aayein na, le jaayein na
Haan uski yaadein jo yahaan
Na raasta, na kuchh pataa
Main usko dhoondhunga ab kahaan
Main dhoondne jo kabhi jeene ki wajah nikla
Main dhoondne jo kabhi jeene ki wajah nikla
Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
Main dhoondne ko zamane mein jab wafa nikla
Main dhoondne ko zamane mein jab wafa nikla aa..

aa… o… aa….
Woah….. hey aye ayee ye…
Finally the song ends….tanu runs to the stage…and hugs yuvi
Yuvi removes his guitar and mike and wipes his tears
Yuvi:I cant control it aany more
Tanu:yuvi calm down we will go home…..come
Yuvi was almost broken tanu and yuvi leaves from there and go home…
Yuvi took alcohol from his cupboard and started drinking…..
Tanu:yuvi pls tu pina bandh kar pls..u will die..
Yuvi:so wht u feel now huh that I am alive I am a living dead body…
Tanu:yuvi pls
Yuvi:taanu u go I need some privacy pls pls tanu
Tanu leaves….
Yuvi takes the childhood photo of yuvani and tanshi and cries seeing it..
The episode freezes
Rajesh informs tanu that marriage is gonna happen in kalhaar house and they have to go to india..
Suhani and rishis entry…..

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Firstly jenny stop telling dat ur ff is u hv any idea how eagerly i was waiting for ur ff update..from tmrrw i was checking every hour for ur ff update..nd u r saying u vl end it soon..dont dare to do that…and plss keep is mindblowing..u r a amazing writer..and pls give a time slot in btwn which u vl post ur ff..

    1. Thank u gunj….I am not going to end my ff..keep commenting

  2. Hi Jenny I m a silent reader. I love ur ff very much and also I like only the Jodi of tanu and rishi. Plz don’t end it so soon. Its a request.

    1. Thank u sooooo much louella…..

  3. Thanks jenny for adding suhani as a sportswoman and fantastic ff jenny its simply superb we loved it totally

    1. Thank u aparna as well u r welcome…..

  4. I agree with u gunj…. I jus love ua ff jenny… I hav xams evn though ill check for ua ff for every…. 3 hrs…. N todaus episode was ultimately awsm… Loved it

    1. Thank u nithu…….for ur comment keep commenting

  5. thoda fast update karo.mujhe ssel se bhi zyada intrest hai plz jaldi update karo.i love today episode.plz jaldi update.pkz.

    1. I will try to update fastly…and thank u for ur comment….

  6. Awesome ff & plz don’t say that ur ff is boring its really good & plz post next part soon cuz I m eagerly waiting for suhani & rishi entry?????

    1. thank u bahashta yes i will upload the next part soon…

  7. Boring? & Ending? don’t dare to use such words Jenny. I’m serious. U don’t know how it affected me when I saw that. I’ve lost words to appreciate ur work. The song u used is it a your creation?

    1. I am sorry I won’t use those words again and thank u sooooo much for loving my ff….no the song wasn’t my creation actually it was my favorite song…..once again thank u sashi…..

  8. u don’t know how much u r goid.not funny but its realplz update nxt episode.qm eagerly waiting for nxt epi.kash jo yuvi ke bare mein thum batathi ho serial mein aisa hota tho acha tha.

    1. Thank u CI….I will update it as soon as possible

  9. Yes Jenny don’t say your fanfiction is boring. I’m always waiting for you to update your fanfiction. You have no idea how much I love your fanfiction. I really love your fanfiction and today again you were superb. I’m just waiting for the moment when you will add my suggests idea to your fanfiction. I want suhani to tell yuvraj she loves him first and I want suhani to go after yuvraj. In the serial it’s always yuvraj who ran after suhani and she showed nakhra but in this fanfiction I really want suhani to realize she loves yuvraj and go after him. I hope you will add this to your fanfiction. I loved how in today’s episode natasha said yuvraj never flirts with her I loved it but please show suhani going after yuvraj and suhani feeling jealous please but you rocked it today again like you always do:))))

    1. I will surely try to add ur track but with a bit of difference…..and thank u sana…

  10. Y u think that ur ff is boring Jenny??? It is nt at all boring yrr… Infact its really very good…. Today’s episode was really very emotional & heart-touching… Please don’t feel dis-heartened… Ur ff is really nice… It’s nt at all boring dear…

    1. Thank u sooooo much paru …for ur comment and keep commenting

  11. plz write am waiting for ur epi.

    1. Yep CI I will upload it fast….

  12. no jenny suhani yuvraj ke peeche janewalne jaise nahi chahiye.aisa hi chahiye.plz.

    1. Ya I will add both of ur track together…….and thank u sooooo much for your suggestion….

  13. Plss jenny post next part today’s evening..i cnt wait to read nxt part..its dmn gud…plss its a rqst

    1. OK I will upload it…..

  14. Dude im a silent reader…… And i cant wait to read your next update… Pls update fast…….

    1. Yes Saraj thank u for commenting I have will be posted soon

    1. Thank u akshita…

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