Pyaar Ki Intehaan (tanshi-tanu and rishi, yuvani-yuvraj and suhani) episode 3


Hello guys I am jenny with the 3rd episode of my ff Pyaar ki intehaan tanshi(tanu and rishi) and yuvani(yuvraj and suhani).guys I am really happy with your comments..and this is just a beginning and lot more will be there .i also will add ishveer as well as swasaan arshi in upcoming episodes in some episodes.and pls do comment and support me.

Yuvi and tannu are in the hospital .rishi and suhani are in the icu …both tannu and yuvi r expressing there terror of losing there love. They also talk about their childhood .of how they hated suhani and rishi..suddenly doctor comes and inform that suhani needs blood and tannu is ready to donate..they both are seen in the same room tanu falls asleep….

Tanshi and yuvani childhood.
Tanu slowly falls asleep…..
Yuvani and tanshi childhood……………………………………………………………………….
It is the first day at school .the beginning of the 6th standard .a boy is standing at the gate of the school looking at the school happily the boy is none other than rishi malhotra……
Rishi(to god):god pls today onwards I am going to start a new life pls help me first to score good marks then to save me from that idiots who have left the house early before we leave pls pls I know that there is some thing in his mind planning against me pls help me

A girl who have tied two plates in either sides come to place where rishi was standing …..her eyes was so beautifull that always show truth guys can u guess who is that yess its none other than suhani…
Suhani: abe oh rish u are just studying in 6th standard and not in 10th or 12th that you have to pray to god like this and one more thing god has sent me to protect you from those 2 idiots ..
Rishi: I know but I was just telling like that ..leave u go to the class I will come now I have to meet teacher I will come u go
Suhani leaves and rishi goes to talk to teacher. After talking he was going through the stairs to his class.a boy keeps his leg in front to make rishi fall and his plan worked rishi fell….and that is the first biggest enemy of rishi ..yuvi
Yuvi(to his friends):look guys how rishi fell wht a looser rishi
Yuvi: rishi ye kal ke liye…for ur best friend suhani and tell her not to tease tannu anymore…..if she tease I will not leave you dar pokk..

Tannu comes over there seeing rishi fall down she smiles giving hifi to yuvi
Tanu :looser
Rishi was about to tears….
In suhanis class a girl inform suhani about this incident suhani runs to help rishi …when suhani came rishi was crying…
Suhani: rish why r u crying
Rishi: suhani yuvi ne mujhe gira diya aur mere uniform gharab ho gayi
Suhani gets angry and she goes to yuvi.. yuvi seeing her was a bit scared…
Yuvi :I did this because yesterday you teased tannu in front of the family and she was crying..
Suhani unexpectedly slaps yuvi on his face everyone gets horrified seeing this
Suhani: yuvraj I teaseed her in front of the family not in front of the public and how dare u make rish cry I wont leave u…
Yuvi gets really angry
Yuvi: suhani I wont leave u now….
Yuvi holds suhanis neck and suhani got hold of yuvis hair they both started fighting like world war 3 is happening ..they rolled on the ground and was going on screeming on each other and hitting each other ……tanu and rishi tried to free them but couldn’t suddenly 4 of them notices there principal sushmita standing there and watching there reckless behavior……the screen frezes.

Principal tells both suhani and yuvraj to call there parents then only they will be allowded to sit in the class.hearing this suhani and yuvi looks at each other and tanu and rishi getting tensed…

Guys if u want me to add any other couples in this ff I will add if u suggest me….and pls do comment

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Very nice as well funny episode luv ur ff jenny….

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  3. it is very nice jenny

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    it is super cool …intresting waiting for the next episode…..

  5. tanshi rocks

    but i have some doubts…maybe it will be cleared afterwards but it is good

    1. Thank u soo much for ur support guys

  6. sach mein mein aise do logo ki prem kahani ek saath dekhna pasand nahi when i read i really feel funny.its good.keep writing for me.

  7. Really soo nyc… Bt frm nxt tym a little lengthy ff pls!!

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  9. lovely scene by yuvani plzz update soon if u want to add couples u can but u concentrate on tanshi and yuvanii

  10. Amazing it..and i have a one rqst pls dont add much couples in one gets khichdi..and each couple dont get much story space..its just a rqst afterall its ur ff…post next part soon..eagerly waiting

  11. ya i will ad couples in a drammatic way and giving equal focus on every couple…….

  12. ya i will try to make it lenghty

  13. Yaar it is superb superb and superb….i loved it jenny

  14. Loved it jenny not only that it is really funny too….

  15. Thank u mia

  16. thank u isha

  17. Humorously good. Next one soon plz??

  18. Thank u gia

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