Pyaar ki intehaan (intro)


Hello guys I m Jenny this is not my first fan fiction but I really love tanshi and yuvani thus I am writing a combined ff .

This is a love story having a lot of twists and turns this is not only about love but also about friendship what happens when one have to choose between friend and love ..
this mainly revolves around 4 individuals who falls into unrealised love..which changes there life in order to save there friendship they have to go through a lot of trauma which is accepted by 4 of them the main characters are
Yuvi:also known as yuvraj birla who is smart talented and handsome rich who wish to have a girl who is strong and not those kind of behengees he believes in beauty but more in heart

Tanu:,tanushree who is a sweet selfless loving person who believes in faith and has a feeling that one’s he will get a prince charming

Rishi:or ris called by his bestie he is a darpok but kind hearted person loving handsome a bit romantic person also very studious

Suhani:also known as Ann called by her bestie is beautiful but doesn’t like to show-off her beauty she is like a boy who is strong enough

Guys d next twist is that suhani and rishi r besties and tanu and yuvi r besties
The story starts from there childhood

I will be starting my ff from April
Guys pls support me through ur comments if u want I will add some more pairs for guest role ..

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Wow nice waiting for d first episode upload it fast pls

  2. It is nice waiting for the first episode

  3. its really interesting but pls update daily

  4. Jenny ur concept is gud bt pls dont start in april start b4 itself pls pls pls

  5. Ya I will really try

  6. Ok nice update..

  7. OK I will start as soon as possible when my exams are over

  8. Omg amazing

  9. Awesome!! Do you kind adding ishani and ranveer from matsh?

  10. Sure I will add in upcoming episodes

  11. Wow nice concept nice language

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