Pyaar ki intehaan episode 2


Hello guys i am jenny with the first episode of pyaar Ki intehaan tanshi and yuvani .Guys pls do comment and support me
it is almost half past eleven at night in the hospital .doctors and nurses are running to the icu .2 people are sitting near the icu .there eyes were partly filled with shock about the incident which happened just before their eyes a few mins before and partly filled with tears which they couldn’t control seeing the 2 whom they love the most fighting for life in the icu. It is true that being a friend is a choice but falling in love is beyond anyone’s control…2 sitting outside the ICU has left their souls with the 2 inside the icu …yuvi and tannu are none other than the 2 waiting for rishi and suhani who are just being taken inside the ICU .
Tannu: everything was going good yuvi but wht happened suddenly that changed our lives.
Yuvi: jaise ki hamme kissika nazar lagaya hamare pyaar ko hummari dosti ko nazar lagaya.
Tannu: what will we do everything is lost our soul our love our friendship I can’t bear this yuvi anymore (crying)

Yuvi: tannu if u break who will console their parents… if we r this much sad then what will be there condition …u have to remember that tannu
Tannu: but did u inform them?
Yuvi: no I didn’t actually I don’t have d strength to inform them about this
Tannu: but we have to inform them before anything crucial happens …
Yuvi: what will I inform them tannu that their children are fighting for life in the icu or we couldn’t do anything seeing them in this condition (crying)
Tannu : this all is happening because of me if one time I trusted suhani like things would have never happened yuvi never happened ….everyone have to blame me for wht is happening with rishi and suhani ….im a pannothi yuvi a pannothi.(crying)
Yuvi: no tannu it’s not your mistake its none of our mistake no u wont cry tannu no …
Yuvi hugs tannu and they cry .
Tannu: yuvi do u remember how we bot hated rishi and suhani in our childhood always u and suhani used to fight ..The main reason will be rishi if u hurt rishi she used to hurt u that much was there friendship.

Yuvi: whenever we used to make teams suhani and rishi was one team and we both the other …when we became big that hatred towards them turned into love…
Tannu: everyone tells that in our life we can only choose between our friend and love but suhani chose both..And she is even ready to give her life for us…I wish we could live with them till the end of our life…
Suddenly doctor comes out of the icu .he is really tensed yuvi and tannu notices the doctor coming out and goes towards him
Yuvi : doctor how are they???

Doctor : they are still in a critical condition ..and the girl have lost her blood and so blood is needed and we don’t have o +ve blood in our blood bank ..
Tannu : doctor I will give the blood my blood group is o+ve
Doctor : good
Doctor to a nurse
Doctor : take this girl inside to take blood
Tannu leaves with the nurse ..tannu lie down near suhani in order to directly provide the blood ..the syring is injected and blood is taken slowly slowly tannu falls asleep while thinking about there childhood..and the screen freezes on tannus face…

Tanshi and yuvani childhood ….
Guys pls support me with ur comments….

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Sorry guys this is actually d first episode of pyaar ki intehaan

  2. Oh it’s OK bt I think it’s nt twinj ff nt anyways osm epi dear loved it

  3. Its cool year plzz update their childhood part

  4. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    is it not twinj ff???

  5. No its not twinj but i am planning to add them in some episodes

  6. Nice one..waiting for nxt one

  7. Wow its very nice ….waiting for the next episode…pls update fast

  8. wow its nice well done jenny……

  9. I can’t wait for the next episode!! And I forget are you going to add ishveer because I would like that because the two couples are very alike and I think that ishani and tanu can be good friends while rishi and rv would also be very good friends!! You are doing a great job tho!

  10. reena i know that ishveer is one of the most loveliest couples and also many like ishveer to be added in this so i will add ishveer in some episodes ..full of ishveer scenes

  11. rookey rookers

    thax u jenny for adding ishveer in it … we will support u . dont worry…

  12. thank u so much for your comment rookey rookers……

  13. thanks sooo much jenny!!

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