Pyaar ki intehaan episode 1


Hello guys this s jenny with d first episode of pyaar ki intehaan guys pls support me through ur comments .

Its night in the hospital ..nurses and doctors r running towards icu.2 people r sitting outside the icu teary eyed and there clothes full of bood ….they r waiting for two who r fighting for life in d icu…
Tannu:wht is happening with us yuvi ….i cant bear all this anymore(crying)
Yuvi:tannu i know wht u must be feeling but u should not breakdown look im also feeling to cry .but if we breakdown then wht will happened to there parents
Tannu:did u tell them
Yuvi;no i dont have d strength to tell them tannu.. how i can i tell them…
Tannu:but u have to tell them …how will they come to know about this
Yuvi:wht will i tell them that the lados of the house rishi and suhani r fighting for there life in the icu do u know how they will feel tannu
Tannu:i know yuvi they cant handle it but we have to tell them still hope is not left yuvi .
Tannu and yuvi hug each other
Tannu:its all because of me if we trusted suhani all this wouldnt have happened .(tannu cries)..
Yuvi:a person in he or life can only choose either friend or love but suhani choose both friend and love..
Tannu:yuvi do u remember in our childhoot we hated them we alwsys used to fight with them ….even being in a same family being cousins we were enemies .always rishi and suhani used to team up and me and you and when we grew up we fell in love with them .
Yuvi: yes they were special very special i wish i could change wht happened
Doctor comes yuvi and tannu stood up and came near doctor
Yuvi:doc how r they
Doc:they r in a stable condition now the had lost her blood but now its alright
Tanu and yuvi becomes happy …
Doctor leaves
Yuvi:tannu u just sleep for sometime or u will get fever ok
Tannu:i will try
Yuvi leaves .tannu lies down episode freezes on tannus face

Yuvani and tanshi childhood

Guys i want to write my ff with lot of twists and turns so pls support me

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. wlcm jenny … i am here to read ur ff with lots of twist nd turn …bt i am a bit confused between d characters …bt i think in further epi my confusion will be clear

  2. Bt ff is about whom twinj or sme1 else

  3. Is this ff about twinj or smone else

  4. same que me too twinj or someone else

  5. Twinj or something else I didn’t get there other ways nice start and please clear out our confusion soon

  6. guys i am really sorry the episode was misplaced on tashan e ishq blog im really sorry……

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