Pyaar Ki Gustakhiyan ( Naagin Season 1 ) Episode 7

Scene 1 : (Ritik’s home)
It was early morning . Everyone was sitting in the dining room. A knock was on the door.

Shivanya : Wait ! I will open the door (goes and opens the door ) Aunty ,you ?

Yamini : Yes beta

Ritik : Maa,you came so early

Yamini : Yes and bought a good news for you

Angad : What Maa?

Yamini :ย  Maya come in

A girl wearing sleeveless and backless short dress comes in

Yamini : Beta, she is Maya ;my friend’s daughter and she is your bride to be

Ritik : Hi Maya !

Shivanya stands shocked and controlled herself . She slowly went upstairs . Ritik knew what was Shivanya going to do.

Scene 2 ๐Ÿ™ Shivanyaโ€™s room )
Shivanya shuts the door and cries . Yaminiโ€™s words echoed in her mind . She did not know what was happening with her. Why is she crying?ย 

Shivanya : Why am I crying out?ย  Ritik is just a casual friend .

Then Shivanya hears Ritik’s voice outside the door . He was urging Shivanya to opened the door . She quickly rushes to the bathroom and washes her face and opens the door.ย  Ritik enters and looks around the room

Ritik : Shivanya, are you ok ?

Shivanya : What will happen to me ? I am all ok (with a fake smile)Congratulations for your marriage.

Ritik :ย  Thank youย  (angry )

Scene 3 : ( Kitchen )
It was night . Shivanyaย  was in the kitchen.ย  She was making turmeric milk for Ritik as he drinks it before sleep when Maya enters .

Maya :What are you making, Shivanya?

Shivanya : I was making milk for Ritik

Maya : Give me, I will give him . After marriage, I have to do all these na .

Shivanya : Take

Scene 4 : ( Ritik’s room )
Ritik was sitting on the bed when Maya comes in .

Maya : Ritik, take this milk

Ritik : Who has sent it ?

Maya :I have made it

Ritik :ย  lie ! Shivanya has made it .

Maya smirks and Ritik drinks the milk and goes .

Scene 5 : ( Yaminiโ€™s room)
Yamini was cleaning her face when Ritik enters .

Ritik : Maa, I want to sleep in your laps .

Yamini : Ok

Ritik : You came after a week know ?

Yamini : Beta, tomorrow isย  your Haldi .

Ritik : Ok maa

Precap : Ritik’s Haldi

Guys ! If you think they are in love then you are wrong . They treat each other as a best friend so they become little possessive

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