Pyaar Ki Gustakhiyan ( Naagin Season 1 ) Episode 6

Scene 1 : ( Hospital ) 
Shivanya is sitting in her cabin when her phone beeps . She looks at her phone and she has a message . A slight smiles comes on her face . The message was of Ritik . The message was Ritik inviting Shivanya  to come to Empires hotel at 12am sharp.

Shivanya thought : At midnight , what he wants to do . Anyways I have to go and get ready.

Scene 2 🙁 Shivanya’s room )
Shivanya stood in front of the wadrobe confused.She was confused what to wear . Finally she ended with a red transparent saree with black and golden border . She set her hair free . She put kajal and red lipstick with diamond earrings

Scene 3 : ( Empires hotel; Terrace )
Shivanya enters terrace . She is surprised to see the terrace is dark and no one is there . Suddenly lights turn on and flowers  shower on her .

Ritik : Sorry Shivanya! I really did not meant to hurt you .

Shivanya :  (Gives a happy smile)

Ritik : May I have the chance to dance with my lady ?(puts his hand forward)

Shivanya : Sure (holds his hand )

They dance on Raat ka Nashaa

Ritik :  10 days , only 10 days and we are such good friends .

Shivanya : Yes and its already 3, I am going .

Ritik : Wait , not so early . I have something for you but first close your eyes.

Ritik takes out a box and hands it to Shivanya . She poens her eyes and unboxes the box . There was a beautiful sleeveless and backless white and golden lehenga .

Shivanya : Wow ! It’s really beautiful.

Scene 4: (Shivanya’s room )
Shivanya is seen removing her accessories . She was continuously looking at the box and smiling.  She soon went to the bed

Scene 5 : ( Dining room )
Shivanya  was eating when Ritik’s call approaches her .

Shivanya : Hello, Ritik

Ritik : Shivanya,  can you come to house because maa is coming .  You come today only ,Ok ?

Shivanya : Ok ! I will come soon . What are you doing now ?

Ritik:checking hospital files after such a long leave. 

Shivanya : By the which hospital you work in ?

Ritik : I was working in Capital Hospital but I have been transfered to City hospital

Shivanya : Oh really ?

Ritik : Yes and I will be joining tomorrow

Precap :Yamini to come with a big twist

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