Pyaar Ki Gustakhiyan (Naagin Season 1) Episode 5


Scene 1 : ( Shivanya’s room )
Shivanya comes home after a tiring day . Ritik was sitting on the sofa when she comes . She goes and keeps her bag in the cupboard.  The she just sits in the sofa and holds her head .

Ritik : Shivanya! Ummm… Are you ok ?

Shivanya : Yes, I am ok !

Ritik : Shivanya, I know you’re not ok , I am your friend, right ?

Shivanya : Ritik, please!  I am ok

Ritik looks at her and smiles . He gets up and goes behind her . He starts massaging her head .

Ritik : Now, tell me what happened?

Shivanya : Nothing, It was a tiring day and head is paining a lot .

Ritik : Ok you sit in the bed .

They both were sitting in the bed . Shivanya was speaking to Ritik when she felt sleepy and slept on his lap . 

Ritik : You’re very beautiful Shivanya.

Just then Shesha comes in .

Shesha : Shivanya!

Ritik : Sssssh! She is sleeping.

Shesha : Ok you come for dinner

Scene 2 🙁 Living Room )
Ritik, Shesha and Ramya were sitting when Angad, Angana and Divya came

Ritik : What a pleasant surprise guys ?

Angana : Bhaiya, come we’ll go home. Maa will come after some more time .

Ritik : Let me inform Shivanya

Angad : Bhaiya,  let’s go

Ramya : Beta , let him…

Divya : Leave it na aunty, Bhaiya let’s go(pulls him and they go )

Shesha : Maa,  I don’t know what Shivanya’s reaction will be

Ramya :  Beta, Ritik had become a good friend of her and he could only handle her now . I have seen her smile with him.  Wish that she’ll be ok.

Shesha : Maa, I have seen the love in Ritik’s eyes for Shivanya and Ritik’s really a good friend and Shivanya’s been so happy before meeting him. He’s the only man who could handle her

Scene 3 : ( Shivanya’s room )
Shivanya gets up .

Shivanya : Ritik! Ritik!  Where are you ?

Shesha : Shivanya,  sit down

Shivanya : Shesha, where is….

Shesha : Sit down, ok ,ok

Shivanya : Shesha,  tell me

Shesha : He has returned. his …… home

Shivanya : Without meeting me ? Ok let him go .Shesha can you bring me glass of water?

Shesha : ( goes)

Shivanya shuts the door and cries . She screams .

Shivanya: How can you go without meeting me ? I have trusted you .Why, Why Ritik?

Scene 4 : ( Kitchen)

Shesha : Maa, guess what ?

Ramya : What?

Shesha : She didn’t react .

Precap : Rivanya dance

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