Pyaar Ki Gustakhiyan (Naagin Season 1) Episode 3

Scene 1 : ( I.C.U )
Ritik is unconscious and Shivanya is beside him . She looks at him and then checks him . She goes out of the I.C.U and again comes back with a injection.  She injects him and stands looking at him . Ritik slowly opens his eyes .

Ritik : Where am I ?

Shivanya : You’re in the hospital,Ritik .

Ritik : You ? Are you….. (A nurse interrupts )

Nurse : Doctor, the Patient’s relative has come

Shivanya : Ok ! call inside

Nurse : Ok Doctor!  (Goes)

Shivanya : So… are you feeling better now ?

Ritik: Much more ! (Gives a smile )

Shivanya (smiles back )

Then Yamini comes in .

Yamini : Beta ! Are you Ok ?

Ritik : Maa, I am ok !

Yamini : Doctor!  Can he go home ?

Shivanya : Well, not now , it will take a week

Yamini : But …

Ritik : Any problem?

Yamini : Beta, My friend recently had divorce and I need to go to her .

Ritik : Ok maa you can go . It will be Ok

Yamini : Thank you Beta ! (Leaves)

Shivanya : Well ! If you wish you can live in my ….. a…. my house until she comes .

Ritik : But ..

Shivanya : As you wish

Ritik : I need to know your name .

Shivanya : Dr. Shivanya

Ritik : Me too Dr. Ritik

Shivanya : So… will you ….

Ritik : I would love to . (Smiles )

Scene 2 : ( Shivanya’s home )
Shesha : Maa, a patient is coming to our house due to some problem  , so prepare Shivanya’s  room

Ramya : But why Shivanya’s room ? Guest room . Right ?

Shesha :  No,  maa she told that he is very special for her , so ready her room .

Ramya thinks:  Special ? Wish that’s her life partner

Scene 3 : ( Hospital )
Shivanya : C’mon fast

Ritik : Thanks

Scene 4 :  ( Shivanya’s home )
Shivanya and Ritik entered.  Ritik was welcomed greatly and he was overwhelmed for all the love,care and affection . He was taken to Shivanya’s room by Shivanya.

Precap :  Sweet and cute moments between Rivanya


  1. sarvesh

    loved it and please update your Mohabbatein story please and please bring new hero opposite shesha also it’s a humble request

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