Pyaar Ki Gustakhiyan (Naagin Season 1) Episode 2


Episode 2 :-
Scene 1 : ( Shivanya’s home )

Shivanya : Now, tell me , why have you called me ?

Ramya : Beta, there was no vegetables left in the house . Can you go and bring some veggies?

Shivanya : You should have told Ramu kaka ! You know, its very important to stay in the hospital.

Ramya :  Please Shivanya!  Go please

Shivanya : Okay !

Ramya : Thanks (hugs her )

Scene 2 : (Ritik’s car)
Ritik (while driving ) : I have to find that girl, and give her clothes . Oh shit what have I done ?

Scene 3 : ( road )
Shivanya is walking in a lonely road when four boys surround her .

1st boy : Madam, can you come to us .

2nd boy : I have no child . We’ll make one . Come

3rd boy : Remove your palu madam

4th boy : Come to me, I will remove your palu come ,come (goes near her and walks around her and touches her back and holds her palu )

Shivanya : Please leave me alone.

Then a car comes there and Ritik  comes out of the car and beats the boys . But the boys again capture them and put in the van .

Scene 4 : ( Godown)
Ritik and Shivanya are lying unconscious tied with ropes .Ritik gains consciousness.  He opens his eyes and tries to sit but is unable to do so . He searches the whole room, and sees a glass lying there . He crawls and goes there and somehow manages to free himself . He then runs to Shivanya.

Ritik : Hey ! Please open your eyes, we have to get out of here , Please.

He unties her and runs to the barrel to bring some water , he sprinkles it on her.

Shivanya : Where are we ?

Then a boy comes

Boy :So, hero is back .  Don’t try to step a foot otherwise. (Fires a matchstick and puts it on the hay and the godown is now burning )

Shivanya : aaaa (shouts)

Ritik : Shhh! Come

Shivanya : (coughs hard )

Ritik :  (coughs and waves his hand to remove the smoke )

Shivanya :  (shouts )

Ritik : What happened? (Realizes that her palu is on fire)

He rushes to her and opens his coat and puts on the fire . Shivanya felt uncomfortable and she was unconscious then. Ritik held her .

Ritik : Her body is so warm and hot . She needs water.

He somehow drops her safely and goes to get the barrel of water. He pours half the water on the fire .

Ritik : Oh god ! Forgive me

He removes Shivanya’s palu and pours the water on the chest and belly . She feels relieved but is still unconscious.  Ritik throws the barrel and kneels down to Shivanya touching her wet belly and proceeding towards her lips . He pumped air into her by kissing her . She gains consciousness and feels uncomfortable.  She pushes him .

Ritik : I am sorry ! But you were in such …

Shivanya : No need to say sorry . Its ok ( adjusting her wet saree and putting her palu .

Ritik : come lets go. (Picks up his coat and puts on her )

Boy : not so early ( shoots Ritik and runs away as he hears the police jeep )

Shivanya rushes to Ritik .

Scene 5 : ( City Hospital )

Shivanya : Emergy case ! OT ready fast ! (Wears apron and gloves and goes inside OT)

Scene 6 : ( Reception )

Ritik’s phone rings and the receptionist lifts it .

Receptionist : Mrs Yamini please control yourself and come here soon.

Scene 7 : (Operation threatre)

Shivanya : The patient’s running out of blood . Go and check the blood bank

Nurse :Doctor, I have already checked . There are no blood samples of B+

Shivanya : B+ ?

Nurse : Yes doctor

Shivanya :  Call Dr.Shesha.

Shesha comes inside the OT .

Shivanya : Doctor Shesha , stay here I am going to give blood .

Finally the operation goes successful. 

Precap : Ritik and Shivanya to know each other .
Guys please comment, I did not get any comments in epi 1 still I am updating this

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