Pyaar ki Gustakhiyan (Naagin Season 1) Episode 1


Guys ! Shivlakshmi told that she is busy so I will further update these series . There are a little changes . Please read .I changed the title also.
Intro :

Shivanya : A sweet simple girl who is very passionate towards her work . She doesn’t believes in love . She is a doctor.

Ritik : A handsome boy who is smart and intelligent. He is alsi a doctor . He loves to hangout .

Shesha : Shivanya’s sister.  She is a bubbly girl. She flirts with boys and she’s also a doctor. She is called as the love guru l

Yamini : Ritik’s mother

Ramya : Shivanya’s mother .
Episode 1 :-
Scene 1 : (City Hospital Ward)

Shivanya : Such a speedy recovery uncle ! Continue these medicines and you will be fine .

Patient : No beta , its your work ! God bless you

Then a Shesha  comes hurrying and bumps into Shivanya.

Shivanya : Ouch !  Shesha, walk slowly.

Shesha : Sorry Di !

Shivanya : Tell me what happened?

Shesha : Maa is calling you for some reason. I don’t know why ?

Shivanya : You stay here ! I’m going .

Scene 2:(Ritik’s house)

Yamini : Beta , Can you go to the market and buy some flour . How can I make rotis without them ?

Ritik : Ok Maa ! I’ll get it .

Scene 3: (road)

Shivanya is walking on the footpath and Ritik is in the shop . Ritik takes the flour . When he came out of the shop , he bumps into Shivanya. The flour slips along with Shivanya.  Ritik holds Shivanya by her waist and it rains flour on them . They have an eyelock.  After sometime , they break the eyelock.

Ritik : Sorry ! I’ve not seen you .

Shivanya : It’s Ok !

Before she could go he pulled her back .

Ritik : Actually I’m sorry for your clothes. I’ll buy you new ones . Can you come with me ?

Shivanya : No need to apologise for my clothes.  I’ll wash them they’ll be aright . Thanks anyway .

She passed away in a hurried manner.

Scene 4: (Shivanya’s home)

Shivanya entered into the house . Ramya saw her and shouted .

Ramya : Ghost! Ghost !

Shivanya : Maa!  I’m Shivanya

Ramya : Thank God ! But why are you all white ?

Shivanya tells her the whole thing . She couldn’t stop laughing.

Scene 5 : (Ritik’s  room )

Ritik comes out of the bathroom getting freshened up . He was still thinking about the accident of flour .

Ritik : I’m guilty, I should find that girl and give her a new dress .

Precap :  Ritik and Shivanya in a godown

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    Lovely can you please update it daily and keep their life a normal life and unite rivanya and let them happy together and make shesha’s pair with someone

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