pyaar ki ek nayi rang (episode 5)

Haii guys sorry for the late update as i was busy with my studies and tq so much for u r support and comments on my ff and here comes the next episode

Ragini is sleeping peacefully in her bed and her beautiful sleep is disturbed by the sun rays which are passing through the windows and she woke up from her sleep and seen her parents pic which is inside her cup board and she stared at the pic a lone tear escaped from her eyes and she kept it back in the place and went to freshen up and came to her chinnamma and chinannana and sat at the dining table for the breakfast and at the time laksh entered and greeted them and sat beside raghu and started to eat and said “Aunty !! this is so delicious yummy tasty food “at that time swara along with radhika entered there and the scene was laksh is eating all the dosa prepared and raghu is staring at the laksh with cute smile and raghu’s uncle opened his mouth in O shape and this make swara and radhika laugh and swara said “Oiee!! fatso y r u eating that much see there is no dosa for uncle and even for raghu ” and he replied while eating ” Heyy!! churail u wont interfere see ragini is happy and uncle didnt said anything and aunty i can eat na ” he said with cute puppy face and aunty replied “Yaahh!! y not and uncle also wont say anything u carryon i will make 2 dosa more ” and he smiled at her and again started to eat .This made everyone shock as he ate 3 dosa and eating 4th one.All went to hall except ragini and laksh .
At this time sanskar and arjun entered the house of ragini as swara msged arjun address and they greeted chininanna and said hai to radhika and swara and arjun said ” shona !! where is laksh and ragini ??” and this made swara again laugh at that laksh came with plate in his hand and said “Arjun bhai !! i am here only i am eating dosa its so yummy ” and sat on sofa switched on the tv and started to watch while eating and swara said ” Laksh wts the num of dosa ” and uncle with a slight smile said “6 th dosa shonu ” and this made sanskar laugh and arjun opened his mouth in O shape and sat with a thud and said “Man u r great ” and sanky said “Lucky stop it u ate already 2 idlies ” and swara witha shocked expression “Fatso r u giving a correct justice to ur name ??” this was listened by ragini as she is coming with another dosa and said “Shona! y u r saying like that to lucky let him eat in peace and lucky mummy made another dosa have it do u want more call me ?” and kept that dosa in his plate and he said enough raghu its more to me come lets go aunty came out and said “Lucky i know u have a habit to eat the last piece with my hands ” started to feed him and ate like a small boy and all bid bye to them and went to the mall there destination .
In car lucky sat at middle in either side of radhu and swara and arjun sat beside radhu and swara and the girls took the window seat and sanskar is driving the car and ragini sat beside him and arjun stared at radhu through side mirror and at all of sudden radhika and ragini at time shouted “STOP!” and this made sanskar to put sudden break and without second thought ragini ran out of the car and went to the puppy who is bleeding as before 2 mins it met with a accident as a car hit it and ragini took the puppy in her hands and she tared her salwar chunni and tied in puppy head and leg as they were bleeding and in the mean time radhu searched for the first aid in the car and ragini placed it on her lap and radhika removed the chunni and cleaned the wound with detol and tied the bandage on them and ragini said “Guys let us drop it blue cross and then go to the shopping ” and all agreed with her and left the puppy in blue cross and left for mall.

At mall all were seeing ragini with confusion and some were making faces and raghu was confused and she started to check herself and she seen some blood stains and understood the situation when she make puppy sat on her lap at that time the some blood of puppy got on her dress and she said to others ” Guys i got blood stains becz of puppy so i will go and change by buying the dress ” and all accepted to her and she headed to the shop and sanskar accompany her as others went to other side as swara want to see some sarees for her mom and they went with her and ragini said she will come with in 15 mins and she was so confused to select any dress sanky from back “Can i help u in selection ” she turned back and smiled at him and said “SURE!! thanku i was so confused okay i will trail some selected one ” and he said kk and she started to show all dresses and then at last he said one beautiful pink anarakali kk perfect and she paid for that and went to change the dress and came back after wearing it and sanskar said “shall we go” and she said kk and at that time some one from back tapped her back and she turned back and at first shocked to see that person and then she gave a bright smile and hugged that person and sanskar was shocked to see it and was feeling some jealous .

Guys that’s it for today tmw i will update the next part think who is the person and ragini uncle and aunty are sachin tyagi and parul chauhan from yeh rishta kya kehlata hain

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