pyaar ki ek nayi rang (episode 3)


Hii guys tq so much for giving support through u r comments and soon i will update about abhigya episodes here comes our episode

All the four members went to there respective buses and one pair of eyes watch them with happy and those eyes are of arjun’s he is senior in the college and also cousin of swara but she never introduced him 2 them as he always be in reserved way and wont talk to anyone more,but he always take care of her and swara to like him as his brother and they share a special bond as bro-sis . Swara came to her home and called her brother Arjun he picked her call” shona !!! how is u r day baby?? and ya i have seen u r njoying with ur buddies na in playground”.and swara replied excitedly “Bhayu!! my day was simple superb and yaa i was njoying with them and bhayu my friends are so funny and caring raghu treats me as her sister and radhu takes care of me as her baby and lucky he is a no 1 idiot fights with me but cares for me ” 🙂 🙂 arjun smiled by listening her ans and replied ” shonu baby is there any thing which i should know and yaa how is ur friend raghu and lucky ??” ” they are happy and cool bhayu”she replied and he asked ” and another girl in your gang!!”” Ohh!! u mean my radhu she is good and safe bhayu and y ur asking her specially bhayu whats the matter ??” he smiled and said “shona there is nothing like that just i forgeted her name and ok bie i have 2 study now and will talk 2 u later “and there fore both went to there work arjun went to his studyroom in his home and swara went to radhu house.
At radhu house ragini and lucky are already waiting for swara she came and said ” I am sryy guys bhayu has called me so talking with him and come lets start our work” and radhu said “shonu u always say about bhayu but never introduce us to him “.
shona- ” array yaar me to want that only 2 make u introduce to my bhayu but he never talks much to anyone more than his buddy and our family so when time comes i will definitely intro u guys ”
raghu-“OK OK!! guys come we have to write assignments for lucky se he is already in tension ” she said with concern .
and shona replied-“Raghu!! see the one who is eating jelabi without giving a piece 2 me is in tension he is not in tension u r in tension for his assignments and radhu is writing it give me some papers radhu 2 write”.raghu radhu and shona started 2 write and our lucky started 2 chat in his phone .after total 1 hr 3 completed his assignment and swara seen lucky who is busy in chatting so she taught naughty idea in her mind and snatched his phone and he 2 started to run for his phone
lucky-“Hey devil!!! give me my phone back devil give me!!! i wont leave u .U devil churail give me ” and started 2 run more
swara – ” Fatso !! wts secret is there in phone let me also see ” before she could open the phone lucky ran and snatched the phone from her hand and by sudden move she trembled and fall over him and they shared an intense eyelock .By the sudden sound due to they fall down and radhu raghu who were in kitchen to prepare snacks ran to them and by seeing them their eyelock got disturbed and raghu helped lucky to stand while radhu helped swara to stand
lucky”Ooch!! its paining ma this churail has fallen on me and its paining my back ” and by this swara eyes were welled as she make lucky in pain and tears started to fall lucky say this and said ” Shona yaar!! dont cry u r not in fault i said just to tease u i am fine see now please dont cry baby” and he rubbed her cheeks and she smiled at him
Shona- ” Really its not paining na” she asked with concern he nodded in positive and radhu to change atmosphere asked to eat bajji which she and raghu prepared “Hey wow bajji i am not going to give them to fatso all for me because ladoo has prepared ” and run from there . And lucky said -” Hey devil u ….. i am not going to leave u ” and run from there .Radhu and raghu laughed at there childishness and radhu said “Ladoo see them now only they were so concerned about each other now they are again in there tom and jerry form ” and both laughed at their acts and a loud sound came from hall and they went there only to see messy hall and swara on laksh pulling his hair.
raghu and radhu run to them and radhu pulled swara from him and asked lucky what happen and he said “Yaar!!! guys save me from this chudail she is ready to kill me ” lucky said with some fear.
raghu-“yaar wt happen say clearly ” lucky-“nothing yaar she was eating bujji and i took some from her plate and called her fatty as she is eating 10 th bajji and she started to fight with me ” shona said ” Hey fatso!! dont say lies i took book to beat him and a pic fallen from the book before i can see that he took it from me and to take back i ran behind him and started through things and he pushed me and i fell down and in range of anger i pushed him and started to pull his hair ,, radhu leave me yaar i gone show him wt i am how dare of him to call me churail” she said giving death glares to lucky .Lucky in fear went to raghu back and said “Yaar raghu save u r friend “.and raghu said ” Shona please stop it and forgive him and if he want to show that pic he will definitely show one day to us ” and shona said okay and went from there murmering something to her home and all went to there homes and slept lucky is seeing the pic and kept it a side and dosed off.

Next day in bus as usual they talked some random things and radhu lucky went to library as radhu want to submit her taken books and ragini was going to wards her class.At that same time a duke bike came to parking area and it stopped there and the person in the bike started to walk towards his block and all girls started to stare him as he is the college one of the handsome hunk and he is also rich but he never talks more to girls . Girls started to stare him and he ignored their looks and he got a phone call he picked the call and was explaining something and he didnt seen front and bumped into someone and he fall on her .Her duppata fall on her face so he removed it from her face and sawn a beautiful eyes watching him he was mesmerized by her eyes and she said”Hello please get up its paining to me “by that he came out of his world and got up , helped her to get up and swara who just came saw ragini and shouted “Ladoo !! come yaar y are u their ” and she run to them and the girl who bumped with him is our ragini and she turned back to him and said ” I am so srryy i without seeing u bumped into u i am sorry yaar ” she smiled and went off he also smiled by her act and his friends came to him and called “Sanskar where r u dreaming man ” he smiled at him and nodded in no and went with them to his class .Yaa the guy who bumped with our sweet raghu is sanskar.
This is for today and i will update next part soon hope u guys loved this episode 🙂 🙂

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