pyaar ki ek kahaani:twinj episode 18

Hello everyone…how are you? Happy Valentine’s day….so after a long time I m going to continue my ff…so let’s start

Twinj got married to eo but kunj loved Alisha…twinj got seperated but missed eo…after that kunj got to know Alisha’s truth so he broke up with her…twinkle met her old friend arnav.they both were very close eo by seeing this kunj became jealous and he realized his love for twinkle..he again saw twinkle and arnav very close to eo so kunj went and scolded arnav but twinkle was confused by kunj’s behaviour…

Episode 18
Twinj,arnav and karan returned from office and went to their room to change their clothes…Priya called everyone for dinner..
P:so how was your day..?
K&ka:stressful day
A&T:it was wonderful
Arnav and twinkle looked at eo and smiled…this was observed by kunj and he hurt himself by banging his hand against table and his hand got little cut…arnav saw that went to help him but kunj jerked his hand

A:kunj your hand is hurt let me look at it
K(rudely):no need I can manage it by myself…
He left the place and went to his room…
T:you all have your food I will go and check him…
She went to his room and saw him standing near the window with red shot eyes…she went near him..he sensed that someone is behind him and he turned to find twinkle standing behind him…he started to leave but twinkle held his wrist and went near him

T:kunj sit on the bed…I will apply ointment to your wound
K:no need I will manage it by myself

T(loudly): just shut up and sit don’t show your attitude here…
Kunj got scared and like good child he went and sat on the bed.twinkle brought first aid box and sat beside him…she took his hand and started to apply the ointment.. He wincked in pain…so she started to blow air on his wound…he was staring at her loving..
T:why you always hurt yourself?
K:it doesn’t matter to you…
T:from morning I m watching you….u are behaving weirdly and even you talked to arnav rudely…what happened to you ha?
K:because I can’t see you with that arnav…
Twinkle got up to keep the first aid box in the cupboard… She kept it and turned towards kunj..
T:so Mr.sarna is jealous ha?
Kunj got up and moved closer to her and she was moving back but she was stopped by the wall..he blocked her way by keeping his both hands towards wall…
K:yes I m jealous…he whispered in her ears..
Twinkle felt spark due to his closeness
T:why you are jealous?

K(reducing the proximity btw them):because you are only mine…
He kissed her forehead… Twinkle tried to escape but kunj held her wrist and pulled her towards him..her hand rested on his chest and he held her waist tightly and brought her closer to him…kunj was staring at her loving and was blushing…
K:don’t you want to say anything..?
K:about me…?

T:no nothing…she pushed him and ran towards her room…kunj smiled at her cute antics and said
K:my god I love her…I love you twinkle…and he ran his hands in his hair while smiling…
At twinkle’s room
Twinkle was blushing badly after the act which happened in kunj’s room..
T:I love him…I love you kunj….

Next day @ office
Twinj were stealing eo glances and were smiling at eo..
Karan called all the staff members for meeting and everyone gathered in conference hall…kunj sat beside twinkle and smiles at her…meeting started and they were discussing about new project… Kunj held twinkle’s hand under the table…and twinkle was shocked.She signed him to leave but he didn’t…
T:kunj leave my hand (slowly)

T(slowly):kunj plz…if someone sees us then we are gone
K:ok but you have to give me something
T:what u want?
K:(whispered in her ear)kiss
Twinkle widened her eyes while kunj smirked
T:are u mad? No u won’t get it
K:ok then I won’t leave your hand
Twinkle struggled a lot at last she failed
T:ok u will get your gift..
Kunj got happy and said
K:thank u jaan
Twinkle made “awww” face and said

K:haan u r my Jaan…
Twinkle blushed while he winked at her..

Precap:twinj love confession

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