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Hey guys..!!thank u for everyone for liking my ff but I m getting less comments.Please tell if u all want me to continue this ff or not bcoz I m getting very less comments so
Recap:kunj is drunk and he is brought back to home by twinkle.He says his feelings to twinkle

Episode 17
Kunj’s room
Kunj is walking from here to there in his with full tensed face
Kunj:I m not remembering anything that what happened yesterday.Why twinkle was behaving like weird with me this morning. Did I do anything to her??ha wait..!!I will ask karan that what happened yesterday with me.He calls karan
Karan:hey bro.hw r u feeling now?
Kunj:I m fyn.I wanted to ask u something can we meet at the office?
Karan :ya

Both left for office. Karan came to kunj’s cabin and saw his tensed face
Karan:are u all right?why are u so much tensed?
Kunj:actually…and he tells everything.
Karan:oh this is the problem. No you did not do anything with her
Kunj felt relaxed but again he had que in his mind

Kunj:then why did she behaved wierdly with me today morning?
Karan:you have drunk so much and on that you pushed arnav and started to dance with her so she was upset. By the way y did you drink so much alcohol?
Kunj(not in sense):bcoz I can’t see twinkle so close with that saw them yesterday how much closely they were dancing….he saw karan’s facial expression and understood what he said just now
Kunj:I mean…tttwwwii..

Karan:now don’t change the topic kunj.It is confirmed that you are in love with twinkle
Karan:kunj u first loved Alisha but did u feel the same feelings for her now u r feeling for twinkle?don’t ask your mind..ask your heart
Kunj thought for sometimes and said
Kunj:ya you are right I never felt so much happiness with Alisha but now I feel very happy when twinkle is with me.I feel like I have got completed I feel sad when she is sad..when she is crying I feel like to go and hug her and share her emotions with me.I never felt such things with Alisha.I think it was just infatuation

Karan:ya u never loved her but u were attracted to her.But u know what u r in love with twinkle
Kunj:love with twinkle?how can you say that?
Karan:whatever you just told me these things will happen only when u r in love with that person.You close your eyes and see whose thoughts and moments you can see then u will be confirmed
And he left his cabin
Kunj closed his eyes.Now only twinkle’s face was coming in front of his eyes.Her smile,herlaugh,her childish wala face everything. He opens his eyes and recalls karan’s words.He went near window and says

Kunj:I m in love with twinkle?oh yeah I m inlove with twinkle.I love u twinkle.I love you.but does she has the same ffeelings for me?I have to find it out
He goes near twinkle and see that arnav and twinkle are working together
Kunj:arnav I want to talk to you
A:ya say
K:tum twinkle se itna close kyu rehta hai.I mean hamesha tum uske aage peeche kyu ghoomta rehta hair?
A:she is my friend so and what’s your problem?
K:becoz she is my wife!!did u get it!!!stay away from her

Twinkle was shocked to see this new kunj.She went behind him to his cabin and said
T:kunj what was that? Y u talked so much rudely with arnav.
K:I don’t like to see u both together
T:what’s your problem kunj?
Kunj held her arms and pinned her to wall
Kunj:you are my problem.Why can’t see my feelings and pain for u…
He left her and went out of the cabin.Twinkle was happy that at last her plan was successful.Now she was waiting for that day when they will express their feelings to eo.

Precap:at last love confession and twin romance

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  1. R.S.H.H.P

    Nice episode dear don’t be upset as u r getting less comments n don’t think to end this ff I love ur ff ☺?

  2. Hi soumyad
    epic was nice
    and pls don’t end it
    i love you story.

  3. Finally kunj realised his feelings for twinkle superb episode waiting for the next episode post asap

  4. pls dnt end it its so interesting.I’m a silent reader

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…lovely episode….Saumya…

  6. Chiku

    I am waiting for next episode. It’s amazing ❤️❤️?????
    Plz dont end ur ff.
    I really like it

  7. Sameera

    Wow awesome????

  8. SidMin

    Loved the episode Especially the part where Kunj tells Arnav to stay away from Twinkle 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  9. Ayu

    Hey! Why r u getting disheartened? I love this ff a lot n i want u to continue it!! N as far as the epi is concerned…it is mind blowing…finally…i cant wait…unite them soon plss!! Love u?

  10. Pls continue
    N fabulous episode

  11. Sidhants_asifa

    Suprb yaar mind blowing post next eagerly waiting

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi…loved it…

  13. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode…… awesome….
    Ur ff is really so good …don’t think to end it …..

    loved the episode to the core….

  14. Wow…. amazing….
    Precap is awesome

  15. Amazing epi.. finally kunj realised his feelings for twinkle.. and plz don’t end ur ff.. do cont soon ?

  16. Heyy somu it’s awesome why r want u end it.. Plz do continue..

  17. Baby

    soumya di wow
    soo cute finally kunj nos dat he luvs twinkle luvd it soooooooo mch
    post nxt soon di n we r luving it pls dont end itp plssss
    amazing fabulous episode………

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