pyaar ki ek kahaani (avneil) Part 9

So hlw guys I m back
Sorry for late update …I had my exams then science exhibition so I can’t…….

Today’s topic-karvachauth special

At morning
At Mehta house

Neela and avni are sitting at Mandir…neela is making flowers bouquet…
Avni is thinking about yesterday
Flashback starts
Neil sit on his knee and give her a rose
Neil- will u be my girlfriend?
Flashback ends
She then smiles
Avni-(thinking)what happened to me?…why I m thinking about him?….



Neela-what happened to u why r u smiling?

Avni-hmm..nothing maa……nothing……

Neela- okay

Avni-maa tell me one thing…..why u all celebrate karvachauth?

Neela-in karvachauth all women do Puja for their husband’s longer age …

Avni-but maa…papa is not here …soooo…why u?

Neela-avni I know ashish (avni’s father) is not here ….So what I can do Puja with his photo

Neela-BTW avni go and take your breakfast.are not u late for college?

Avni-okay maa …bye

Avni goes ….dayawanti is standing behind the pillar and listening everything

Daya-kab tak neela….kab tak …

Neela-what maa?what happen?

Daya- after that incident i don’t think he will come

Neela- but maa I believe that he will come one day..and then our family get Unite….

Daya-i hope so neela……I hope so

At dining table
Avni is just going to drink the juice….rhea shouts

Rhea-avni yaar let’s go we are late

Avni-ya ya let me eat something
Then ali calls her ..
Ali-avni yaar come to college quick
Avni-hmm but why?
Ali-a big problem…
Avni- what?
Ali-just come quick…
Avni goes to college without eating

At college
Avni rhea and amol comes
Avni-what happened ali?
Ali-woh actually..our exams registration forms comes out…So I call u
Avni-seriously ali…it is a problem that u call me
Ali-no no actually the problem is the registration forms are going to be end ….So let’s go n take urs..I have already got mine

Rhea avni n amol goes

After some times

They comes out
Avni-i m feeling hungry …I have not yet eat something till morning..I m going to cantine to eat something

The bell rangs
Avni-ohh no ..

Rhea-let’s go to class…after .then u will eat something


They goes to class
After sometimes the class overs
Avni goes to cantine to eat something

She goes and order samosa…the cantine boy gives her…

Avni-(thinking)avni yaar this is too oily..if u eat it then u will become moti…. wait avni what happens if u eat only two samosa?nothing just chill
She is going to eat
Neil comes behind her
Neil-oh yaar avni….what are u doing?have u seen u on mirror??if u eat samosa then what happen just imagine?

Avni-u mean I m moti

Neil-when did I tell u that?

Avni-what do u mean?

Neil-i mean oily food is not right for ur health

Avni-hmm u r right…leave it I will eat at my home

Neil-ok byee

Avni-ya ya

At avni home
There is much decoration for karvachauth
Avni rhea and amol comes
Neela-Children go n change then help us in decoration

Avni-but maa

Neela-what no excuses …go

Avni-i m hungry

Neela-no first decoration then eat something

Avni-hmm okay …fine

They all goes to their rooms….

Precap- khanna family arrives in mehtas house

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