pyaar ki ek kahaani (avneil) Part 7

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So let’s get started

At college

Neil and avni enter the class room…they look at each other …ae dil hai mushkil plays

Ali sees them together and feels jealous

Ali- yeh phir aa gaya…

Neil- avni ….actually

Avni didn’t listen him n goes to ali n hug her….neil then feel jealous

Avni- hii Ali…whats up
Ali- nothing yaar….just waiting for u
Avni smiles

Neil- what happened to me …when I sees them together…

Sid comes
Sid- hii dude…whats up
Neil- nothing
Sid- so let’s go

Sid n Neil goes n sit in their bench
Ali goes n sit at Neil n Sid back bench
Avni sit at front of Neil

Avneil look at each other
Ae dil hai mushkil chorus plays…..

A girl comes n says everyone that Mr Sharma yet does not come ….so let enjoy

Sid- fine let’s play antakshari
Neil- good idea

Neil choose his team

Ali- avni let’s play
Avni- I have no mood ..
She goes

Neil- haarne ka darr!!

Avni stops…… look at Neil angrily
Avni- fine ..i will play ……let’s start

They plays

At amol class

Amol- kareena….i think we should execute our plan at college

Kareena- no amol…this plan is going to be we will execute it at mamaji n mamiji anniversary….just wait n watch

Amol- okay…..
They smile

At avneil class room

Neil team sing a song n ‘ a ‘ is the last word

Neil- ur turn

Avni team did not find any song

Ali- avni yaar …what we do now …we will loose this game

Neil song chorus to give a hint to avni

Avni looks at Neil…
She sang

Aise zaroori ho mujhko jaise hawayein saanson ko
Aise talaashun main tumko jaise ki per jameenon ko
Hansna ya rona ho mujhe
Paagal sa dhoondu main tumhe
Kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho
Kal mujhko ijazat ho na ho
Toote dil ke tukde lekar
Tere darr pe hi reh jaaungi
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi
Iss chahat mein marr jaaungi
Main phir bhi tumko chahungi

Neil looks at her …..avni also look at him
They have an eyelock moment

Everyone claps
A girls appreciate avni

Avni- thanks

At Mehta house
Avni n amol comes

Neela- avni amol let’s go n get ready …did u remember today we have to go khanna house
Avni- maa I have no mood ..i don’t want to go

Amol-(thinking)are if dii didn’t go then how we will execute our plan

Amol- dii …please yaar let’s go

Avni- noo amol…

Daya comes

Daya- what is this avni ?? If u didn’t go then they feel wierd about it ….so u r going..

Avni- par Dadi

Daya- avniii..

Avni- okay Dadi
Avni hug daya

Daya- yeh hui na dayawanti Mehta ki photo

At khanna house

Mehtas arrives

Bebe- Namaste daya ji
Daya- Namaste harleen ji

Avni is wearing a beautiful peach gown n looking gorgeous

Avni is entering khanna house …neil comes
…..they have an accident…
Ae dil hai mushkil plays…

Kareena and amol watching them

Ali- avni chalk.. .lets go

Amol- aa gaya rang mein bhang daalne ye ali

Kareena- I don’t like him …he always come as a wall between avni dii n Neil bhaiya

Amol- I know

Precap- avneil r dancing in Prakash n shweta anniversary …..avni cries n leaves him n go out of khanna house……neil follows her…..neil give her a rose

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