Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Intro


Ritik: A rich,wealthy and famous business tycoon .He is 24+ years.He is very handsome,passionate and hardworking. He’s a fun loving person.He doesn’t believe in God & Love.

Shivanya: An Ichadhari Naagin. She is very beautiful. She cares about others . She’s soft hearted. She loves everybody and for her qualities she’s one of the most powerful Naagins.She is in charge of saving Naagmani.

Shesha: She is Shivanya’s sister. She is very angry in nature and can do anything in anger.

Yamini: She is Ritik’s mother. She wants Ritik to marry soon so that she can handle the responsibilities of the house to her daughter in law.

Ankush: He is Ritik’s father and is very serious about fitness and excercise.

Angad: Ritik’s younger brother.

Divya: Ritik’s younger sister

Amrita: Ritik’s younger sister but elder than Angad and Divya.

Credit to: RS

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