Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 8

After the haldi ceremony

Divya : Bhabhi, you will have to get ready for the sangeet + Mehendi today .
Shivanya : Hmm lets go.

In Shivanya’s room shivanya hears Shesha calling

Shivanya : Divya can you get me a glass of milk .Maa told me to drink because i kept fast yesterday.
Divya : Bhabhi milk is not boiled. Ok I’ll boil it and come.
Shivanya : go…..Shesha come in .
Shesha : Shivanya, we know that three killer are Ankush ,Sailesh and Viren but who are the two killers
Shivanya : When time comes they will be get known..
Shesha : but
Divya : Bhabhi
Shivanya : Shesha go now

Shesha turns into a snake and goes away.
And the Sangeet evening comes

Yamini : Sailesh bhaishab ,Ramya ,Tanvi beta welcome
Tanvi :Where is Ritik
Ramya :Wait baby.
Sailesh :My friend Anky. How are you?
Ankush : Namaste bhabhi ji .Sailesh!
Ramya :Where is Ritik’s bride?
Yamini : There she is.
Tanvi:Ritik’s bride ?Ritik got married?
Yamini : No today is sangeet …

Tanvi thinks :Ritik is only mine.No body can take him.

In Ritik’s room

Tanvi :Hi !
Ritik :  Hi Tanvi
Tanvi : Getting married?
Ritik : Yaa!
Tanvi :What’s  her name?
Ritik : Shivanya
Tanvi : Shivanya that’s quite a good name . (Jealously )
Ritik : Have you met her?
Tanvi : No I was going to but I thought to meet you first .Well where is she ?
Ritik : Sorry Tanvi i can’t take there because there’s  a custom.
Tanvi : I understand. .

Tanvi goes to Shivanya 

Tanvi : Shivanya ,right?a
Shivanya : Yes! Who are you ?I can’t recognise you .
Tanvi : I’m Tanvi, Tanvi Mathur .Ritik’s best friend.
Shivanya : Ramya aunty’s daughter !Right?
Tanvi : Yes!
Shivanya : Nice to meet you Tanvi
Divya : Bhabhi
Tanvi : Hi
Shivanya : Yes
Divya : Come with me.. the mehendi artist have come..

In the hall

Yamini : Beta,  there is a custom that the darkness of mehendi of the bride defines the love of her husband.
Tanvi : So let’s see how much Ritik loves you.
Ramya : start songs and dances.
Angad : Maa Ritik bhaiya wants to come here
Yamini : No no chance of meeting Shivanya.
Angad : If he will come blindfolded
Yamini : haha bring him
Amrita : We have to also blindfold.
Yamini : Ok do quickly.
Divya : Bhabhi
Shivanya : Divya what are you doing ?
Divya: blindfolding you  because Bhaiya is coming blindfolded and you also have to be.

Angad pushes Ritik.Ritik bumps into Shivanya and gets on her.
They both do not what is happening around . Shivanya was thinking who is on her and Ritik was Who is he sleeping upon?

Shivanya : Get up from me please !
Ritik : Shivanya
Shivanya : Aap!
Yamini : Get up Ritik and sit down there.

The function was finished and the colour of the mehendi was very dark. ..

After three days it was the day of Shaadi..

To be continued. ….

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