Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 7

Ritik made Shivanya wear the ring and also Shivanya did that.

Yamini : Beta, Now your engagement is done.Now you both are half married and Ritik there’s bad and good news for you. Shivanya you have a good news.
Angad : I will say the bad news for Bhaiya . Bhaiya you can’t meet and see bhabhi’s face till Shadi.
Amrita : Good news for you both is tomorrow is haldi ceremony .
Divya : Wow!
Ankush : Ritik you will sleep with Angad.
Divya : Bhabhi , you will sleep in Bhaiya’s room.
Amrita : Divya come we’ll take Bhabhi to her room.
Divya : Angad bhaiya take Bhaiya.

Shivanya and Ritik slept in their rooms respectively.Ritik reminiscences the moments with Shivanya near the window and Angad comes.

Angad : Bhaiya what are you thinking? Bhabhi
Ritik : Shut up.

In Shivanya’s room shivanya was going to sleep when Shesha in snake form comes.

Shesha : Shivanya, Gurudev and Yogiraj called you for blessings.
Shivanya : Let’s go.
Shesha : Come

They reach the temple
Gurudev : Sada Suhagan Raho
Yogiraj :Sada Suhagan Raho …..
Shesha : Lets go shivanya they’ll be searching for you.
Yogiraj,:Stop. Shiv ji had gave a boon to Shivanya.
Shivanya : What Yogiraj?
Yogiraj :Your powers will be back from Shesha and will be doubled.Whenever you will give up your powers they will be doubled.
Shivanya : what?
Shesha : Jay bholenath !Its very nice .Now we both can take care of Naagmani and take revenge of our parents..
Shivanya : I’m giving up my,aaa
Shesha : See they’re doubled..
Shivanya : Yes shesha now i can take revenge from that 5 killers and save Naagmani but ritik.
Shesha : are you talking about the murderer’s on . Shivanya I know you’ve fallen for him but this shouldn’t come in your way of revenge.
Shivanya : No it will not come Shesha.and I’ve not fallen for him.

Shivanya becomes snake and goes away to her room in RAHEJA HOUSE. In Angad room Ritik is standing near window with angad.

Ritik : Angad ,can you do favour to me?
Angad : What is it?
Ritik : Can you bring a photo of Shivanya?
Angad : What you will give me?
Ritik : How mean you are?
Angad : Ok going.

Angad wears a black suit and tie a black cloth and goes to Shivanya. When he reaches the room he sees Shivanya sleeping in the bed peacefully. And when he steps forward he sees Divya and Amrita sleeping on floor to guard Her from Ritik.

Divya : Bhaiya, What are you doing here?
Angad : Ritik bhaiya
Divya : Say slowly bhabhi is sleeping.
Angad : He wants to see bhabhi’s face. So I’m here for q photo graph
Divya : But
Angad : I know but he is not directly looking at her….
He clicks a photo and goes.

In Ritik’s room

Angad : Bhaiya bhabhi’s photo .
Ritik : Thanks my brother. ….

The next day
In Shivanya’s room

Yamini : Beta, Here are your clothes for haldi .Just get ready.
Shivanya : Ok maa

In Ritik’s room
Angad : Bhaiya get up.The whole night you didn’t slept looking bhabhi.Now get up. Sakhsat bhabhi is downstairs for haldi .
Ritik : Shivanya is there,
Angad : Go and get ready.Wear this yellow pathani and go .Today bhabhi is also wearing yellow salwar and kameez for haldi.

In the hall
Yamini : Ramu that flowers,Leela go and bring laddoos…
Shivanya : Maa,
Yamini : Haye meri bahu ,kisi ki najar na lage.
Divya : Bhabhi bhaiya aa rahe he
Yamini : Ritik ruko stop .Divya quickly tie the curtains.
Amrita : Bhabhi, sit this inside this curtain . Bhaiya will sit there.
Ritik : Maa, dad where is he?
Yamini : Beta, as usual in  the  gym Start Haldi Ceremony.

The haldi ceremony was done
Yamini : Shivanya you have to wait because there’s a custom that bride will bath with grooms haldi water.
Shivanya : Ok maa.
Angad : Bhabhi lets go
Shivanya : Where Angad?
Amrita : To fly kites
Shivanya : Ok lets go.

In the terrace

Divya : Bhaiya cut that kite . cut off cut….
Angad : Oh no !
Shivanya : Divya tum manjha pakdo mujhe patang do. Divya dhilo…..
Amrita : Wow bhabhi .you fly kites very well.
Angad : Wow all kites are cut…
Yamini : Shivanya come Ritik has bathed

To be continued. …………….

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