Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 6

At night in Shivanya’s house

Shesha:Shivanya there’s a proposal for you .Would like to meet the boy and discuss about your marriage?
Shivanya : No,I know you will not choose a wrong guy for me.By the way I’m feeling sleepy.

Shesha turns into a snake and goes. Shivanya thinks about the blood on her head that she washed away..

The next day Shivanya called Ritik and told that she is going to marry .

Shivanya : I’m going to get married also
Ritik : Wow (Unwillingly tells )

Finally the days comes for Ritik’s proposal . fortunately Yamini rejected all of them.Ritik was happy .But

Yamini : Beta, Now there is one proposal only .but that girl has no parents.(It was of Shivanya)
Ritik : Okay i will see her.
Yamini : See her photograph.

Ritik got a call and started talking.After the call he thought he would say yes as Shivanya is getting married. He was sigh about that he can’t marry his love.Yamini told Amrita to show the photo and went away.Amrita showed wrong photo and Ritik unwantedly said yes i will marry her but he didn’t knew that his marriage is going to be with Shivanya ans shivanya was also unknown it was ritik whom she is going to marry

The next day

Ritik : Shivanya, you’re also getting married. So would you like buy engagement ring as I’m also going to buy?
Shivanya : Sure
In the shop

Shivanya : Please wear this so that i can know which will look good .
Ritik : Ok! But You also have to  wear rings .
Shivanya : This one for my husband.
Ritik : Wear this Mangalsutra
Shivanya : Sure.
Ritik : pack this Mangalsutra and that two rings.
Shivanya : Happy Married life in Advance.
Ritik : Same to you..

The ceremonies started.Finally it was the engagement ceremony.Ritik was thinking of Shivanya.Suddenly he saw Shivanya in front of him.He can’t believe. Then Shivanya held his hand and asked:

Shivanya : Ritik,what are you doing here?
Ritik : Shivanya, I should ask that .I’m here for my engagement.
Shivanya : What do you mean? I’m also.
Yamini : Beta,why are you acting as if you don’t know that you are going to marry this girl? How do you know her name?
Ritik : No ,Maa I really don’t know that I’m going to Marry Shivanya. She is my pa.

Ritik was happy internally.Shivanya was wearing a white and gold lehenga and was looking extremely Beautiful.

Ritik : Let it be.
Yamini : You’re happy so I’m also…
Ankush : Beta, you’re going to jail after marriage
Ankush : Wife’s are like this…
Angad : Shut up dad. My brother is going to ride horse
Amrita :yes!
Divya : Dhol ,Song and dance begin

All get busy dancing and singing and there was sweet conversation between the lovebirds

Shivanya : A while ago your face was like a pumpkin ,why are you smiling now?
Ritik : because I’m happy to marry you because we were good friends.
Shivanya : Not good friends best friends.
Ritik : Lets enjoy…

Angad : Divya, see bhaiya and bhabhi…
Divya : Oh how cute…
Amrita : Let’s go to them .
Angad : Bhabhi ,What bhaiya was telling you?
Amrita :its there secret angad
Shivanya : No nothing like that ….
Angad : Bhaiya if you give me permission, can i take bhabhi to dance?

Ritik smiles and nods his head.Shivanya goes when duppata gets stuck in Ritik’s sherwani button.She is pulled by her duppata.Ritik unlocks it.

Angad : Bhaiya, you just search excuses to get close to Bhabhi..
Ritik: Shut up.
Divya : Bhaiya,  can we bhabhi-devar-nanand go now?
Ritik : Sure

They took Shivanya and made her dance.They also forced Ritik to dance with her.Shivanya slipped and Ritik catches her and they had an eyelock.

To be continued. . . . . . . . .

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