Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 5


When Ritik reached home

Ankush:Ritik, Get fresh and come.
Ritik : Okay Commander.
Ankush : Go naughty

In his room
Ritik : I’m in love with Shivanya. I’m falling for Shivanya but what does she feels for me?but how can I ask her? I want to marry her only.By the way dad was calling..

In the dining table

Ankush :Beta,your mother has seen some proposals for your marriage. Tomorrow there are coming
Ritik : Not again dad
Ankush :Ritik for your mother
Ritik : Ok but postponed it for 5 days
Ankush : ok

In Shivanya’s house

Shivanya : Shesha, I want to be a human .I’ll sacrifice my powers and give it to you.
Shesha : Shivanya, No you’re a Naagin. You’re in charge of Naagmani.You can’t sacrifice
Shivanya : You’re in charge now
Shesha:No Shivanya no
Shivanya : aaaa,aaaa

Shivanya turned into a human .The next day

Ritik:Shivanya I’m getting married
Shivanya: Thats a good news (unwillingly tells)
Ritik : After 4 days they are addressed to come here.
Shivanya : That’s good

Suddenly two boys start to tease her. Ritik gets angry and starts beating them hard as if shivanya is his wife . Ritik’s hand was bleeding badly

Shivanya : Ritik stop your hand is bleeding. .

Ritik pushed shivanya by his hand on her head.The blood from ritik’s thumb gets on Shivanya’s scalp.Shivanya touches the blood and thanks shivji.She stops Ritik and bandages his hand.Ritik gets happy by seeing her care for her.

To be continued. …

Credit to: RS

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  1. It’s nice but please write your ff little long.

  2. Get shivanya and ritik married soon and show us some sizzling romance on suhaagraat

    1. Hi Shreya why din’t you commented on my ff’s 7th episode?

  3. very good. rittik anda hai kya use di khai nahi deta ki uska khun shivanniya ki mang me lag geya hai????

    1. Meher please read my ff also Naagin-Love forever and please comment and tell which ff is better RITIK or mine.pls it’s a humble request.I.

  4. RS pls update soon and write long.

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