Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 4


Ritik : This is your cabin.
Shivanya : Its quite nice.
Ritik : We have to go to a meeting.Shall we go?
Shivanya : Yes

In the conference room
Ritik was busy giving presentation and after the presentation

Ritik : We got a great contract
Shivanya : Ya!Its all for your hardwork and dedication.
Ritik : Tomorrow I’m going to party in my house.but for now lets go to the restaurant and have lunch .

Shivanya smiled

At the restaurant

Ritik : Waiter!Two fresh lime sodas please
Shivanya : One fresh lime soda and one cold coffee
Ritik : Then two cold coffees.
Waiter : Ok sir
Shivanya : No you drink soda.I’ll drink coffee. Don’t drink cold coffee without your will.
Ritik: I actually love cofee and some other beverages.and fortunately you also like coffee.
Shivanya :oh
Waiter:Two cold cofee sir.Main course?
Ritik : Shivanya Order.
Shivanya: No you order.I don’t know your taste.
Ritik:Your and Mine choices are same Do order
Shivanya : our order is Roti,Matar panneer,Dahi with salt and for dessert Nalen gurb (Jagery)Ice cream
Waiter : ok
Ritik : My favourites
Waiter : Here are your orders mam

They started eating.While eating ritik got a call .As the food was inside his mouth he got chocked.Shivanya mde him drink water.

Shivanya : Drink water
Ritik : Thanks for saving my life.Let’s go home. Can you give your ph no.?you are my pa so give.
Shivanya: its 7504473015
Ritik : I’m calling you’ll also get my number.
Shivanya : Ok then.

Shivanya and Ritik slowly started becoming best friends .Ritik was falling for Shivanya but he was unknown.

To be continued. ….

Credit to: RS

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