Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 3


At night in bed…..

Ritik : How beautiful Shivanya is! Whats happening in my heart for her?Why I can’t forget her? Oh! I just can’t wait for tomorrow. ..

At night near window:

Shivanya : Tomorrow I’ve to go to office. Its my first day.
Shesha:Don’t worry! It will be perfect. I’ve faith on you
Shivanya : I hope so….

The next day…
At Ritik’s Home

Yamini : Ritik
Ritik : Yes
Yamini : Come and have your breakfast. Its half past nine and you have to go to office at 10.
Ritik : Okay
Angad : Maa What’s in the breakfast?
Yamini : Toast, Butter,Juice and Boiled eggs
Divya:My mouth is watering.
Ritik : Maa I’m going to be ready for office.
Yamini : Ok

At Shivanya’s house

Shivanya:Shesha take care of yourself. I’m going
Shesha :I’m a naagin.Nothing can happen to me.Just take care of yourself because you’re going between the mean humans.
Shivanya : Humans are not so bad,Shesha.
Shesha : bye
Shivanya : bye

At the office
The office was slippery as it was not mopped properly by the sweeper

Employee:What have you done kaka?Its so sleepery.Sir will be angry with you.
Sweeper:I can’t do anything. Let him be
Employee: Hey you heard a girl is accepted as sir’s pa?
2nd Employee:Yes,but she’ll leave the work as our sir is very strict.

Shivanya : Hi
Employees: Hello! You’re new here,right?
Shivanya : Ya
Employees :I’m Sharika and she is Padma.
Shivanya : Oh I’m Shivanya
Sharika:That’s a good name
Padma: Don’t you think Our Sir is strict?
Shivanya : Do you mean Rithik? No he isn’t! He’s so kind and soft hearted.
Padma:What are you speaking?Don’t call him by his name.

Ritik came

Shivanya : Good morning Rithik!
Ritik: Good morning Shivanya!

Employees were astonished…

Ritik:Shivanya come with me.
Shivanya : ????
Ritik : You both do your work. (Strictly)

‘Ritik’s behaviour is only kind for Shivanya in his office’ Employees thought.As shivanya stepped forward she slipped and Ritik saved her from falling and the had an eyelock.

Ritik : Are you ok?
Shivanya : Yes, Thanks to you.
Ritik : let’s go.

To be continued. ……

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