Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 2


They reached the office

Ritik : There is the waiting room.Go and wait for your chance.
Shivanya : Thanks for the help.Bye See you later.If I got job.
Ritik : you will surely get!

Ritik went to his cabin and started interviewing.He was strongly determined that he will only approve Shivanya as his personal assistant.
He smiled and started doing interviews.He rejected all . He was eagerly waiting for Shivanya. He asked an employee who’s turn it is. The employee told Ms Shivanya sir.He smiled and told to call her. He turned his chair backwards and sat down.Shivanya entered his cabin.

Shivanya : Hello sir!
Ritik : Hello

Ritik turned .Shivanya shocked.She was shivering out fear when she saw Ritik as her boss

Shivanya : Sorry sir!
Ritik :why?
Shivanya : For the car incident
Ritik: Which one ? (Asks naughtily )
Shivanya : I told you stubborn
Ritik laughs:Its ok.Now show me your documents.
Shivanya : Here, sir.
Ritik: By the way don’t call me sir .Call me Ritik as you called me before.I’m your friend not your boss .
Shivanya smiles: Thanks
Ritik:You’re accepted. You can join from tommorow.

To be continued. . . . . . .

Credit to: RS

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