Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 13


In the Raheja House

Yamini : Angad,your bhaiya is dead now and do you know who killed him?

Angad : What?

Divya : Who killed him?

Amrita : Is it that Naagin?

Yamini : Yes , that Naagin killed my Ritik.

Amrita : Noo

Divya : Bhaiya can’t die, 

Angad : I’m going to kill that Naagin

Yamini : I’ve killed her. You stay with me.

Yamini thought

Yamini : Now , there is no one to stop me from getting the Naagmani. Only Shesha and these three and I’m going to kill these three now.

Yamini sets her revolver with silencer and shoots the three and says

Yamini : Sorry, children. Naagmani is more precious.

In the temple

Shivanya was crying when Ritik came and kissed her .

Shivanya : Stay away from don’t come here. Stay away

Ritik : Shivanya

Shivanya : Stay away . Forget me forever (cries desperately )

Ritik comes and hugs Shivanya and kisses her lips .Then Yogiraj appear

Yogiraj : Shivanya, you were forbidden to love a human. How can you love him?

Shivanya : But

Yogiraj : No Shivanya,  I know what you want to way . Never utter this words otherwise what will happen no one knows

Shivanya : No Yogiraj, today I will see what happens. 

Yogiraj : No Shivanya

Shivanya : yes , I love a human. I want to live with him and die with him we want to be one.

Suddenly the earth shook, trees fell down and the whole world freezed except Shivanya. That was because Shiv ji appeared

Shiv ji :No, Shivanya

Shivanya : Hey , Bholenath Swayambhu please

Shiv ji : No,  its time to take Ritik

Shivanya : If you’ve to take him then take me also

Shiv ji : Shivanya, your revenge awaits you

Shivanya : Then please leave him . After the revenge you can take both of us

Shiv ji : No Shivanya it cannot be possible But I can grant one wish of you

Shivanya : OK my wish is you shall grant me 2 wishes.

Shiv ji : Ok tell me your two wishes

Shivanya :  My first wish is that Yamini should die and my second wish is I want to live with Ritik whether in land or heaven or hell.

Shiv ji : Your wish is granted.  But you’ve to lose your powers to live with him

Shivanya :  Okay

Shiv ji was amazed by Shivanya.  He blessed them both and they happily lived ever after .


Credit to: RS

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