Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 12


In the morning

Yamini :  I’ve to call Shesha.  Shesha, Shesha

Shesha comes there in snake form.

Shesha :  What happened?  Overacting ki dukaan

Yamini :  Kali Naagin!  How to kill your sister.
That Shivanya.

Shesha : You can’t kill her so can’t I . There is only one person in the world who can kill her half.

Yamini :  Who is that ? Why only half?

Shesha : Donkey minded! Its ritik and half because Ritik saves her all the times. If we’ll expose her then you can kill her .

Yamini :  That’s a good idea!  But how will we do this?

Shesha : You think that, Bye . Okd I mean Overacting ki dukaan. .

In the evening

Yamini gathered everyone in the hall and handed Shivanya a belpatra. She was exposed . 

Ritik : Shivanyaaaa you’re a Naagin.  I hate you . Go out of the house

Shivanya :  Ritik please listen to me .

Shivanya and Ritik parted. Yamini goes to the jungle and sees Shivanya infront od Shiv idol. She goes and stabs her from her back. She stabs her repeatedly.  Then she gets unconscious but does not dies. Yamini thinks she died and goes away from there.

Yamini calls Ritik and tells him to bring the Naagmani.  Ritik brings the Naagmani . Yamini thinks of killing Ritik and stabbed him repeatedly . Ritik falls down the river thinking of Shivanya.

Here Shiv ji changes his flow of Ganga on Shivanya’s wound. When the sacred ganga water fell on Shivanya’s wound it healed and Shivanya got consious.  She saw a image of Ritik and went to save him. She pulled him and made him drink Gangaa water. Ritik got consious and hugged Shivanya.

Ritik : The person who loved me the most , the person who saved my life several times without caring without for her life, How can I hate her. Now I understand why you always got away from me?

Shivanya and Ritik had moments together. They decided to take revenge from Yamini.

Precap : Angad, Divya and Amrita to know about Yamini

Credit to: RS

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