Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 11


Ritik went to the shop with Angad.

Ritik : What I will take for Shivanya?

Angad : Take this jewellery or that saree

Ritik :  Shivanya doesn’t has any interests in Saree and jewellery . Oh God ,why have you given me this type of wife. She doesn’t likes jewellery.

Angad :  Yes now what can you gift her?Remember Bhaiya if bhabhi likes something special or..

Ritik : No , let’s try by giving her sorry card.

Angad : Ok let’s see

When they reached the counter Ritik saw a Mangtika and was
impressed by its beauty and thought gifting it to Shivanya.He told
 Angad and bought the Mangtika along with the sorry card.

In their room Ritik kept the gift wrapped and the Sorry card  and hid behind the curtains. Shivanya came into the room and saw the gift and card in which her name was written. She opens the card and reads it and keeps it . Then she opens the box having the Mangtika and Ritik comes from behind and pushes her towards the mirror and makes her wear the Mangtika. Shivanya was looking Gorgeous.  But kept the Mangtika and went away .

Ritik came to Angad and told him whatever happened.  Angad told that ‘you are the one who is most valuable to her and if you want proof then listen to me . Today we were looking at bhabhi’s mobile and your photos in her mobile only and when maa told to clean the drawers. In bhabhi’s drawer there were the gifts given by to Bhabhi even that rose you have gave her she kept it till now . You can only convince her ‘. Ritik thanks Angad and goes to hos room.

Shivanya came to the room and Ritik made Shivanya to lie in the bed but Shivanya forcibly pulls him but Ritik doesn’t let her go and says sorry to her and says him

Ritik : Shivanya,  I’m very sorry that I’ve told you like that but I’m very sorry by heart. Shivanya, if I’m important for you then you will stay here with me abd if you’re still angry on me then you can go.

Shivanya became emotional and decided to stay. Ritik was happy that Shivanya pardoned him and kissed her lips. He lays Shivanya, opened her saree . (Shivanya was wearing a blouse and a saree inskirt )She covered Ritik’s eyes with a handkerchief.  Shivanya unbuttoned his shirt and removes it.

He kissed  on her neck and shoulder. Then slowly moved down touched her stomach and kissed her.  Ritik broke the kiss touched her navel . Shivanya lifted Ritik up and kissed his bare chest .They had deep sleep. Shivanya was on Ritik in blouse and inskirt and Ritik was in bare body. Both slept .

In Yamini’s room

Shesha : Today Shivanya will die of my poison 

Yamini : Yess, take this milk and go to her .

Shesha changes into Ritik and goes to Shivanya.

In Shivanya’s room

Shesha  : Shivanya, drink this milk

Shivanya: I’m not feeling hungry. I will drink it later

Shesha : For me drink this .

Shivanya drinks that but nothing happens . Shesha was surprised and changed into her real avatar.

Shivanya : Shesha you

Shesha : Yes me and I’ve given you this poisonous milk. But why

Shivanya : Because in childhood you’ve bitten me and that poison was in my body.

Shesha goes from there.

Precap : Shivanya to confess her love to Ritik.  Shivanya’s naagin avatar to be revealed in front of Ritik.  Shivanya to get killed by Yamini.

Guys can you suggest what can i do next ?

Credit to: RS

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  1. Very good episode and add more rivanya romance.

    1. Please update naagin season 2 next episode

  2. Add some more romance between shiva ya and ritik. This is not enough. You said in the previous precap that they will consummate but nothing like that happened.. by even then the episode was a 5 star

  3. Update next episode of tere sang pyaar mein plzzzz

  4. Shreyaa it was the consummation. I forgot to mention

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