Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 10


Like this days spent peacefully and day by day Shivanya and Shesha killed all the killers except Yamini . Shesha became negative. The love grew more and more between Ritik and Shivanya.  Yamini was known to Shivanya’s truth.

Ritik : Shivanya,  live the life now . Live your life as you want. Say what’s in your heart . Because that Naagin will kill all of us.

Shivanya : But, Ritik that naagin would be killing your unwillingly.  It can be the reason also .

Ritik : Why you always do the judgement of that Naagin?  Stop it. Don’t ever talk to me(Irritatingly and Angrily)

Ritik went away and Shivanya thinks

Shivanya : Ritik because I am that Naagin and you love me, please don’t leave me.  Everyone is  leaving me first Shesha,   Gurudev killed by Shesha and now you I can’t leave without you because I love you .But if you don’t want to talk to me then I will grant your wish . But I’ve to take my revenge for my parents.

In the hall Ritik was thinking about Shivanya

Ritik : Oh no!  I’ve said Shivanya so many wrong things which I should not say her. I should go and apologise her……

In their room Shivanya was folding clothes and making the room tidy when Ritik came but Shivanya had no reaction .

Ritik : Shivanya

Shivanya did not listen

Ritik : Shivanya, please give me some water

Shivanya gave him water and was about to go when Ritik stops her but Shivanya forcibly pulls her hand and goes away

Ritik calls Shivanya but she goes away.

In the dining table

Angad : Bhabhi, can you pass me the salt ?

Shivanya : Sure

Angad, Divya and Amrita whisper together.

Divya : Angad bhaiya, Bhaiya and bhabhi are looking. What would have happened?

Amrita:  yes, I’ve seen them sad several times but not this sad. It looks really serious.

Angad : I’ve a plan and lets put it into action

Angad asks Shivanya to give him curry . Shivanya serves him but Angad knowingly poured the hot curry in Shivanya’s hand and Shivanya’s hand burnt

Shivanya : Aaah!

Ritik : Shivanya,  are you Ok ? Show me

Angad :Bhabhi,  Sorry. ..Sorry

Ritik : Divya bring cold water and ice

Divya :  Take bhaiya

Ritik applied ice on her hand

Shivanya : sssh

Ritik : Is it paining a lot?

Shivanya looked at how Ritik cared but she dishearteningly snatched her hand and went to her bed room.

In her room Shivanya was talking the blanket, bedsheet and pillow to sleep on the floor when Ritik came in

Ritik : Shivanya, why are yoy sleeping here? Shivanya ,…

Ritik holded his hand but she pulled it .

Ritik : Shivanya, please come and sleep there. Please Shivanya,  please don’t sleep here.

Ritik told Shivanya many but she unwillingly denies to go .Like this Shivanya slept. Ritik was watching him sleeping and thought

Ritik thought : Shivanya,  I know you are angry but I will convince you.

In the night Ritik got up and saw Shivanya coughing . He checked her forehead and concluded that she had fever. He asked her to come to the bed as she had Fever but she denied.  He told that if she’s angry on him then why she is giving herself the pain . He told that for him she has to come and sleep in the bed. Please. 

Ritik lifted up Shivanya and made her sleep in the bed . He gave her medicine and checks the fever and thinks of doing sponging. Ritik sponged Shivanya and when she slept he checked her fever and went to bed.

In the morning Shivanya woke up to work in the kitchen but Ritik was sleeping in the bed and thinking

Ritik : How to convince her ? I think I should ask Angad . He can help.
Ritik called Angad.

Angad : Bhaiya what happened?

Ritik : Angad my friend’s wife is angry on him , what can he do?

Angad : Bhaiya, please don’t lie because we have seen you and Bhabhi last night.  Well to convince her you’ve to give her a gift .
And if this plan doesn’t works then we’ll try next.

Precap : Ritik and Shivanya to consummate their marriage. Ritik will know Shivanya’s truth and accept her .Shivanya’s powers will be taken. Shesha will give poisoned milk to Shivanya  in Ritik’s avatar

Credit to: RS

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