Pyaar Ki Dastan (Rivanya, Naagin) – Episode 1


Ritik is dressing up to go to office.
Yamini: Have your breakfast and go
Ritik : No, Maa there’s no time .I will eat in the office canteen.
Yamini: But..
Ritik : Maa, no buts. I’m going. I will eat in office canteen.
Angad: Maa give me juice.
Divya: butter….
Amrita: Toast..
Yamini: Giving wait.Ritik has not taken anything in breakfast. I’m not sure he’ll eat anything.
Divya: Don’t worry! Bhaiya will eat something.

On the way to ritik’s office, there was a traffic jam.However Ritik made a u turn and took another way. On the road he saw a girl standing to hire auto and it was none author than Shivanya.Ritik thought to give lift.

Ritik: Where you have to go ? I will give you a lift.
Shivanya: Raheja Industries, thanks anyway .I don’t want lift.
Ritik : It would be a pleasure to drop you. And by the way I’m also going there.
Shivanya : Ok then

Shivanya sits in the car and asks.

Shivanya : Well,do you work there?
Ritik:Yes , actually…

Ritik was about to say that he is the owner and boss of Raheja industries but Shivanya interrupts.

Shivanya : I have to go there for a job.
Ritik : Oh
Shivanya: I have heard that the boss is very strict and Stubborn.

Ritik smiles..and answers

Ritik:Yes I also think he is..By the way what’s your name?
Shivanya:Shivanya and yours?
Ritik: Ritik.

Ritik feels that his heart beats faster when he’s with shivanya.

(Actually he was falling for Shivanya but he has not realised it yet.)

They reach the office…..

To be continued…….

Credit to: RS

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  1. Good I loved it.

  2. Nice ff by RS

  3. So nice my heart is also beating fast 4 d next epi. “Pyaar Ki Dastan” superb Rivanya story

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