Let’s begin….

Nuts:bhabhi! This was a joke ryte!
Rag was standing still… She can feel the two gaze… And she know who it is sanlak!

Ayush: that’s not possible… He sees dipali who busy staring laksh!

Sw: yes she is ryte.. dipali is the bride… Raina!we should move now.. Actually there’s a work!
Sw held Ragini’s hand.. She wanted to takes her sister before she falls weak!
Sw drags.. before they could move… Sanskar held Ragini’s wrist…

San:u called me Raj!

Lak:i heard it!only one person used to call bhaai as Raj!
Sw:wat u both r talking?
Dipali was unaware any ways hpng there!
Lak smiles: why didn’t i had a thought u both also can be swaragini

Ayush:arey! Who is swaragini now??
Rag looks at swara
Sw:wat?swaragini? Who? It was just a slip of toungue… She just called him Raj as he addressed senorita.. Anybody will hv those slipping…

Rag tries to free her hand from sanskar
Bt he was tighting his grip…

At the time urvashi comes and sees the scene she was shocked.. She frees ragini’s hand from sanskar’s grip…

She looks at dipali who was looking at laksh

Urv:u both… Go there’s work in the kitchen
Swarag goes..

After sometime it was engagement

Sanlak were standing confused!
Ayunut were standing sad…. They gets angry seeing dipali

Nut:i was so happy that…
Ayu:i can understand nuts..
Ut: did you see.. How that dipali sees lucky bhaiyya…
Nut: dipali nahi chipkali(lizard)
Ayu: she is behaving like buy one get one free! Like she had buyed sanskar and lucky got in free…u know na ppl more love the item wch got in free!nai nai i can’t tolerate this!

Nuts:i m feeling to kill that chipkali

Here sanskar was lost..he was not let to move!
Urv brings dipali…

Laksh’s eyes were searching for swaragini…

Here in kitchen
Sw: wat if they had got to know?
Rag: i..i m sorry swara
Sw held her hands:ragini… Why r u saying sorry! It was a mistake.. We should be more careful from now on and m sure both will be confused! If we hv to keep dad’s promise then we hv to do this!

Rag nods…

Suji gives ring to Sanskar!
He takes….

Urvashi gives ring to dipali
She takes…

Lak comes and stands next to sanlak

Nuts: bhaiyya engagement!
Ayu:nuts… We can’t do anything
Ut:yes bhaai… Really don’t want this engagement!

Swarag comes…

Nuts sees rag:i want her as my bhabhi
Ayu and uttara too sees rag
Ayu:u know na nuts…i m expert in making plans
Nuts:ab kis kaam ki… She pouts
She sees sanskar

Dipali forwards her hand to laksh
Laksh looks at her confused
Div:abhi bhi time hai bhaag jao

Ayu: its still the engagement..
Ut:you don’t know! Marriage is in one week!
Ayu: marriage will happen…bt….
Both looks at him… Who was smirking
Nut smiles
Ayunut:ha ha
Ut:nai nai
Ayunut:arey..ha ha
Ut:wat if bhaiyya like dipali!

San slides the ring on dipali’s finger
Now the reality stucks to dipali the laksh isnt sanskar bt laksh..sanskar isnt laksh bt sanskar?

Dipali too slide the ring on sanskar’s finger…

Sanskar sees Ragini…..

All claps…

Rag avoids the eye contact…

Sw:i vl be back….

She goes to drink water..
She was abt to drink water laksh held her hand
Lak: now tell me the truth.. Enough of your drama!
Sw gets shocked
Sw:wh..wat truth??
Lak: don’t act innocent!you r not siya..
Sw: wat r u speaking laksh?
Lak:u and me both know wat i m speaking?spill…the truth now
Sw:i think you hv gone mad… And why vl i hide my identity!
Lak: now u will say that we are not childhood friends..!
Sw: wat? Childhood friends?i hv m you for the first time! And u know that we r living here for maama maami.. Who hv took care of us after our parents death.. And it’s not nice if i behave rude with maami’s daughter leave my hand
He leaves…
Sw felt it was convincing
Sw: and laksh!
He looks at her
She drinks the water

She turns to go
She turns
Lak:i m sorry
Sw: its ok!
She goes

Ayush:u ppl remember ryte!
Ut: and we vl understand wat bhaai’s feeling is!
Nut: and also this will be our first step towards our plan

Trio goes in different ways

Ayush:ladies and gentlemen! After the boring rituals… Let’s hv fun..we hv arranged a dance floor!wait wait! there’s a twist…twist is..u will be provided masks and it will hv a number wch leads to your partner i mean..with whom your number matches they vl be your partner!

Nuts moves towards san dip and forwards the main for sanskar!
San:no nuts i m not interested!
Nuts:plzz!bhai plz! For me! Plz
San:no means no!
Dip:give me nathasha!

Nuts murmurs:even chipkali want to dance!
Dip: wat you said!
Nuts:no i said u r so beautiful
Dip:i know
Nuts smiles sarcastically
Nuts:uttara vl give you
She goes

Ut goes to Rag.. She sees nuts… Nuts makes a sad face!
Ut:bh..i mean raina di..
Rag:if you r asking to join this..then i m not interested…
Ut:plzz di!plzzz

Urv sees this
Urv extra sweet:beta..take..u should take for me beta..and sw u too
Sw:no maami i m fine!
Urv takes the mask from ut and gives to ragini
Ut smiles
Ut gives to swara!

Ut and yrv goes

Rag sees her number was 15
Swara’s number was 9
They ties the mask on their eyes

Ayush:so everyone hv got their mask…

So number one….
He calls the numbers one by one

Ayush:number 9
Swara was shocked to see laksh was her dance partner…

Ayush continues with numbers
Dipali gets a dance partner she smiles seeing him bcs he was so handsome ? and was looking like rich guy!

Ayush winks at nutut:now the final number…its 15!

Nutut were standing in either sides of sanskar
Nut:15 is with me..oh how can i forget to give!
Ut:look its raina di!
San sees…

Nutut crosses their finger! To see sanskar likes ragini or not?

Ayush:i guess there’s no 15 in men’s side

Nut:i vl give..even raina should get a handsome partner…

Nut gets sad she was abt to go
Ayush comes:nuts..give it to me!afterall now she’s single!i can…

Trio smiles..bcs was standing their behind
They turns
San: give it to me u wanted your bhaai to dance ryte..he was saying looking at rag..who was smiling at swalak bcs they are not ready to dance with eachother

Ayush: no it’s.. Ok
San goes to them
Nuts: its….
Sam grabs the mask from her glancing rag and goes
Trio hifies and they see swalak who hv faced opposite side
Trio: let’s be a cupid to one more couple
Trio looks at eachother ncs they said the same line..
They laughs

Rag was abt to go from there..and she was removing the mask
Someone held her hand…
Obviously it’s sanskar

She turns
San:i m ur partner
Rag was scared:no..i dont want to dance
San:u don’t want to dance just bcs i m ur partner!
Rag: no..i…
San forwards his hand
Nutut were seeing this
Ut:hmm let’s see in the dance!
Nut: yes

Rag: no..
San held her and took her to the dance floor…

Rag: i.. can’t…i don’t know dance
San: much u vl lie?i saw u dancing on ayu’s birthday
Rag looks at him Shocked
Rag:Ragini…i m not….
San:is it???
He looks at her eyes

Ayush: ok laksh give me your mask let me hv a opportunity to dance with a beautiful lady
Lak felt burning: no!i won’t give
Ayu: ok i guess i can dance with her without mask too

Lak:no..i only will dance with siya
Lak:u vl come or not..i know my ways to take you
Sw opens her mouth in shock

Lak drags her to dance floor!


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