Let’s begin….


Music starts
Sw: wat are you trying to prove?
Lak: nthng
Sw: sometimes i can’t get wars your problem?
Lak: let’s dance!


ishq mubarak, dard mubarak

congratulations for the love, congratulations for this pain.
[or, may this love be auspicious for you, may this pain of love be auspicious for you.]

Rag was shocked….
Rag:i..i m….
Sanskar pulls her for the dance.
He held her waist…
Rag Shivers sure to his touch


teri baarishein bhigaayein mujhe
teri hawaaein bahaayein mujhe
paaon tale mere zameenein chal paRin
aisa to kabhee hua hi nahi…

your rains drench me,
your winds make me flow with them.
the earth under my feet has moved,
this has never happened…

San: you were saying something
Rag: you… you hv misunderstood…i m not Ragini
Rag was confused by his behaviour
ae mere dil mubaarak ho
yahi to pyaar hai…

O my heart, congratulations,
this only is love…

Lak:waise…you know i m single
Lak:so i said don’t try on me!
Sw: oh.. Thanks for informing
ishq mubaarak, dard mubaarak
ishq mubaarak, dard mubaarak

Here nutsutayush were happy seeing Ragsan
Nuts: wat do you think…?
Ut:i think the same!
Ayu:bt let’s confirm.. If there is some feeelings between them so that it will make our mission easy!
They looks at the dance floor.. Everyone are present except Ragsan!

Trio: huh? Where they went?

They goes in search of Ragsan…


Lak:i thought…you vl thank me!
Sw: thank you?? Why so?
Lak: bcs you hv danced with the most handsome bachelor
Sw: should i cry for this or should i laugh
Lak: why will you do that?
Sw: should i laugh thinking to be a joke! Or should i cry that u make very bad joke!
Lak: wat???
He sees swara leaving
Lak:iski tho mein…

He follows her!

Here in the terrace
Rag: why you brought me here!
San:now tell me one truth!
Rag gets worried
Rag:wat truth?
San:truth!that are you hiding something big from me!
Rag gets a fear!bcs of her foolishness she had a slip of toungue!
San smack his fingers in front of her
San: wr r u lost?
Rag: woh… No…why vl i hide..even we hv met few days back
She somehow managed her facial expressions

San:are you sure!
Rag nods..
She was abt to turn

San:i want to talk to you..
Rag just wanted to go from there…
Rag turns: bt…
San:only 10 mins..plz
Rag nods


Here the trio were searching Ragsan
Nuts moves towards the terrace

Here laksh sees ayush
Lak looks at him determined!

He smiles:ayu…
Ayu: yes bhaiyya

Lak held his hand and took him outside
Ayu:bhaiyya..why we hv come here
Lak: do you want chocolate
He takes out a chocolate box and video game
Lak:u don’t want this too!
Ayu unwillingly nods in no
Lak: why?
Ayu:woh..di will scold me..if i take anything from others
Lak: don’t worry.. Your di will not scold..i vl tell to your di
Lak gives him: don’t worry…i m giving you na!

Ayu takes he opens the video game and plays
Ayu:this is very nice…this hv 800 games

Lak:ayu…wat is your sister’s names?
Ayu looks at him.. He smiles
Ayu: you still don’t know…
Lak: actually na..i didn’t got time to ask!


Here san:u know wat…i and laksh had 2 friends in is swara and other one is Ragini…

Rag was somewhat scared… She don’t know why! She is feeling that something is going to hpn!


San:in the childhood itself i had a crush on Ragini
Rag looks at him..who was smiling looking at moon
San: then we were separated… We stayed in Canada… We couldn’t meet swaragini.. These yrs passed like ages for me and i guess even laksh too

Rag:wh..why r u telling me..this?
San:then.. I didn’t know how my crush on Ragini turned into LOVE… Possessiveness.. i thought that i vl Propose Ragini….

Ragini’s legs hv been rooted there…she doesn’t know how to react…

San:after coming here…we got to know that…Swaragini are no more! Then mom forced me to marry Ragini’s cousin!

San:i feel that if Ragini would be alive she would be exactly like you!

Ragini’s heartbeat raises

San: did you see Ragini
He looks at Rag
Rag nods in no

Nuts comes to terrace and sees Ragsan
She hides….

Here swara was moving towards room her eyes falls on window wr..she sees yugh and the oldman
Talking with urvashi

She couldn’t listen bt she can sense that something is wrong…
She sees the oldman is giving a briefcase to urvashi.. She gets confused….

They comes out she hides…

Urvashi:u don’t worry everything is set!

They nods and goes

Sw goes in search of Rag

Here ayush:raina and siya
Lak: they doesn’t hv any other name
Ayush smiles: no!

Ayush remembers swaragini telling him that if anyone asks their name he should lie..

Lak: is there no other name!
Lak: bt there should be something! Ok tell me you said maami beats you all
Ayush sees swara there


Sw nods in no
Lak:bt you were saying!
Ayush looks at swara
Lak turns at the direction and sees swara!
Sw:ayush chalo..come hv dinner!

Sw takes ayush with her

Lak:lucky…kuch tho kichdi pak rahi hai!

Here sanskar:u don’t need to see her.. She would be same as you!
Rag: Actually..i need to go!

Nuts crosses her finger:kuch tho hint mil jaye bass

San:i m not yet finshed..i always feel that you r Ragini…now of you r not too…i need to tell you..that may be I..MAY BE I…I LOVE…….



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