Let’s begin….

Sw held rags hand tightly…. Rag was taking weak whom she didn’t wanted to meet…. Is now in front of her…. If he is the same sanskar then he would definitely find that she is….. Bt at the moment she is blank…. She has been froze for the moment of the situation was different then she would hv hugged him tightly and told him that i am your RAGINI… Bt she was unlucky for this… She has to do this.. Now wn he is front of her she has to stay away from him anyhow……

Here sanlak gets confused by her behaviour…..
Sw: ra… Raina chale….
San: i think i m not that bad.. That your sister will reject my friendship..

At the time urvashi comes there and she was shocked to see swarag with sanlak…
Urv herself: does this sanlak got to know abt the truth…. Mera saara plan ek hi pal toot jayega…kya kya nahi kiya..
Urv: wat u both r doing here?
Sw:woh maami….
Urv extra sweet:u both go.. Its already night and you both should sleep
Swarag goes from there….

San:lucky let’s go…
Lak nods
They goes…

Urv:in dono ladkiyon kr parr kaatne padenge….
She goes…

Next day
Dipali’s face was cured by ragini’s homely medicines…
Divya: di.. You should thank ragini.. She is so nice afterall…
Dipali: wat…? i should ask thanks from that behen ji.. No ways…
Div:ha theek hai…. Ragini should learn something… We should not help devils
Div bites her toungue: chalo… Don’t you want to meet jiju….
Dipali:ha wohi tho.. Let’s go fast…

They goes…

Urvashi makes her to meet all the family
Dipali became extra sanskari to all the family…

After few mins

Dipali and Divya were in search of sanskar
Dipali: this house is that big that.. We ourself vl be lost
Dipali sees laksh…
He was doing something in mobile she dashes to him intentionally
He looks at her:sorry
Dipali blushes
Lak gets confused by her behaviour
Dipali blushing: it’s it’s ok…
Lak feeling weird: thankyou…
He was abt to go
Lak points to himself: me

Dipali blushingly nods
Lak:ji kahiye
She looks at him seductively.. Lak was feeling weird
Dipali:aap bohoth acche hai…
She runs blushing
Lak was confused

Bt someone here is hell confused and she is Divya
Divya herself: what hpnd to di?
Lak: wat i did that… She told me …i m good person
Divya: arey mein bhi tho wohi soch rahi hoon

Lak: is she dipali?
Divya: ha…
Lak: oh god save my bhai from her
Divya: art mein bhi wohi soch rahi thi
Lak: arey wah.. Koi tho hai hi mere jaise soch thi hai…
He goes….

Here swragini were making breakfast for all and servants were helping them
Ap and suji were seeing them working
They smiles….

After that they serves the food in dining

All comes….
Dipali sits next to laksh….
He was not feeling good with her intentions….
Sanskar comes there… He always does with lucky…..
Laksh sees him
Lak: this is my brthrs seat
Dipali sees sanskar herself: oh tho yeh laksh hai.. Even he is handsome… An tho choice Karna bhi bohoth tough ho Gaya hai…
San: its ok let her sit lucky…

Ayush comes there: wow… These many dishes
All Maheshwari’s smile
While urvashi signs swarag to take ayush from there

He was abt to sit…rag held him
Sw:ayush….v vl go in… Come come
Ayu: no..i want to sit here and eat
Urvashi glares ayush.. He gets scared
Rag was abt to take him….

San: ayush… Come up u sit with me…
Rag: no it’s ok….
Dp: beta.. Let him sit.. Infact u all sit… Its the best option…
Ap: yes…
Urv:ha ha..sit sit.. Infact we all are family
Bt inside she was angry

Ayush looks at rag…
San: don’t worry.. Come..
Ayush goes to him and sanskar makes him sit in the chair and he too sits

Lak felt dipali’s gaze…
He sees her.. And she was looking at him seductively
(Kahan phas gaya bechaara?)

Rajath comes there he sits..
Swarag was serving them

Rag serves rajath….
He held hand undertable
She was feeling disgusted…..

Sw understands
She goes to them…
She pinches his hand very hard
He screams

All looks at him…

Sw: oh rajath..u hv to sit while checking na.. See an insect bite you…
He glares her…
Rag then serves ayush and then sanskar
San audible to ragini: you didn’t reply…
She looks at him…
San: m waiting….

Lak couldn’t eat a single morsel…
Bcs of dipali…
She touches his hand…

Sw sees there were only 2 seats
One is next to sanskar and the other is next to laksh
(Total filmy… Writers wink ?)
Sw was abt to come and sit next to sanskar… Sanskar sees this…
San: Raina… Sit.. Dont hesitate
Ap:ha beta sit..hame apna hi samjho

While urvashi was burning inside.. She had made a plan inside to do something of these 2 girls…
Rag with no other option sits next to him

Sw to sits next to laksh..
Sw sees laksh food untouched….

She serves herself and starts to eat

Sw to laksh: don’t worry.. We make good food
Lak to sw: not be of food.. It looks so delicious… My mouth is watering
Sw: then why r u not having
Lak: look at her
Sw: who..?
Lak: arey…
Sw bends back a lil and sees dipali who was moving her finger on laksh’s hand and was looking at him seductively

Sw: don’t worry.. iska ilaaj hai mere paas
She fills juice and gives to him
He understands he smirks…..??
He puts the juice on dipali
She stands immediately
Lak: m.. Really sorry…. Actually……
Dipali: its ok… She goes

Ap:laksh.. Can’t u hold it properly
Suji: it hpns jiji…
Lak to swara: thankyou partner
Sw: partner???

Lak: i thought there is only one girl in the world who vl hv these type of ideas bt u too hv…
Sw smiles…: and who is the other girl
Lak: al…hai koi…..
Sw: leave it… Now eat…nahi tho..again i cant..
Lak:ok ok…
He starts to eat
Sw smiles

Here san to Rag:arey yaar don’t make me wait till this much
Rag was abt to stand
He held her hand… Both were feeling a new sensation

San: its ok..u don’t want to be My friend… Bt don’t leave food bcs of me
Rag looks at him
He leaves her hand
Then eats….

San: waise.. Did you feel the same… Wn i hold your hand
He gets no reply
San: its ok.. If you didn’t felt…

San:maa…yeh khadi kisne banayi
Suji:raina ne

San:oh it tastes awesome….
Rp: even i agree

Urv murmurs: these 2 girls…. i hv to look after them later

San audible to Rag:hmm… Wat and all qualities you hv…?u know singing u know dance u know cooking..u respect elders..u love to share happiness..a perfect life partner
She looks at him
San:i mean..u hv all the qualities of a perfect life partner…. ur husband would be lucky…
San: one more quality.. i left…. That u know how to hide your pain
Rag was shocked…..
She looks at him…
He gets up and goes with ayush

Rag: is he just guessed or….??

Precap: dipsan engagement…

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