Let’s begin…

San:u need something
Urvashi nod in no: no your room is so beautiful
San smiles: thankyou…
He then excuses himself…
And goes from there

Urv:meri beti ki kismath khul gayi….

Here ayush:ab mein chala jaunga
Lak himself: par mujhe tho tumhari behen se milna hai
Lak:no i vl come with u

Sw angrily turns towards rajath
Raj:uff yeh…aankhein…tumhari adhaa
Sw:hmm…bt you don’t know how my palms are… When it finds that someone could made by straight it never listens to me… Directly it will attack

Ayulak reach there and listens swara’s words
Lak smiles
Ayu:this is rajath bhaiyya…yeh hamesha shona di aur laado di ko pareshaan karta hai…he is a bad boy

Raj gets angry:wat do u want to proive r a servant and be in your limit
Sw: don’t teach me my limits..first learn yourself wat’s limit? Then teach me
He angrily: soon you will know my limit
He goes from there angrily

Sw turns and sees ayush with laksh
Sw angrily:tum
Lak:ha mein
Sw: wat r u doing here?
Lak: am question wat ru doing here?
Sw:chal ayush…
Lak:arey.. Let me introduce
Sw: i don’t want your introduction

She turns to go dragging ayush
Lak: of you don’t want too … Still i vl introduce myself….m LAKSH U CAN CALL ME LUCKY
Sw was shocked she murmurs:devil

Lak:did u say something
She faces him shocked…
Lak sees sanskar:bhaai….
San:haan lucky…
He comes to laksh
Sw sees him… She felt happy seeing her both frnds by she cant react.. She wanted to hug them and tell them how much they missed them….

Lak:this is sanskar my brthr..the groom
San looks at confused as swara was looking at them weird …(he felt)

San smiles:hai..
Sw smiles back.. She turns to go
Lak:hey miss..would u bother to tell ur name atleast
Sw herself:yeh kabhi nahi sudrega
Lak:wr u lost?aur tumhari bolti kyun bandh hogayi
Sw turns:m siya
Lak:and we can call you shona
Ayush gets confused:shona didi…
Sw:chal ayush…
She drags him in

San:is she the same
San: them i think..meriwali bhi yahi hogi
Lak rolled his eyes; meri wali?kaun dipali babhi
San remembers girl (rag) whom he didn’t see… Only her voice and eyes he heard And saw
San:no…. Nthng
Lak smiles himself: finally he is moving. Atleast this girl dipali will take him out from ragini

Here ragini goes to the kitchen
She sees ap and suji
Rag: aunty can i help you
Ap:no beta
Rag: tell me aunty of you hv any work
They smiles
Suji: its ok beta…
Rag:r u making tea…? Them i vl make it
Rag:u go aunty..u both look tired i vl make….
They smiles and nods

Ayush comes there
He sees ap and suji
Ayu:sorry aunty…i break that vase
Ap:its ok beta

They goes

Rag:ayu.. Go and count for how many ppl r there?
Ayush nods and runs
And comes back and tells her 11 ppl except 3 of us

Rag: wr is shona?
Sw:m here
She comes
Rag makes the tea

Ayu:di why did u lie
Urvashi who was paying by listens
Ayu:why u told bhaiyya that your name is siya
Rag confused: who bhaiyya?
Ayus:sanskar bhaiyya and laksh bhaiyya

Urvashi herself: so everything is moving according to my plan..

She goes

Sw looks at rag
Rag looks at her

Sw to ayu:look if anybody asks you abt us na..u hv to tell my name as siya and ragini’s name as raina
Ayu:but why?
Rag: we hv to go from here ryte…so we hv to chng our name
Ayu happily:ok di….

He goes

Rag:u met them
Sw nods

Sw: they won’t identify… i felt of they could identify…
Rag: sw
Sw: it was their misunderstandings papa didn’t do anything u know ryte
Rag:yes…bt leave that… It has been yrs now take this and go
She handovers tray to her

Sw goes…

Rag cries…:Raj…lucky… i want to see you both….

After the dinner

San:wr is that girl…ayush’s other sister.. i didn’t get to meet her…. i don’t know why.. By my heart wants to know her talk to her.. i want to know her pain.. He gets the flash of her tearful eyes

Here ayush has already slept

Sw sees rag sitting lost
Sw: wat hpnd?
Rag: nthng swara…
Sw: i know you are sad
Rag: its not like that..
Sw: ok let’s move to terrace…may it change your mood
They both goes to terrace

Lak was already sitting in terrace….

Swarag comes there they didn’t see him….

They both sit in the railing of the terrace

It was big terrace

Laksh was in the other side

Sw: its strange na… That they r infront of us and we can’t tell them who we r?

Lak heard the talk by he couldn’t get wat? And who was talking so he got and and saw 2 girls were sitting in the railing their back were faced to him…

Rag: and we shouldn’t talk abt that.. Right now feel the air…. Close your eyes

Swarag closes their eyes…
Even laksh smiles and does the same

Here sanskar was desperate to meet her so he wine finding her reach their room and sees ayush sleeping…
He looks around the room…

San:wr r they?
He went out

Rag: leave all it thought and keep it mind blank and now feel the coolness of the air….
After a min
Rag:did u feel fresh… Forget those emotional thoughts
Sw:wn u r with me…m always cool
Swarag laughs
Rag: tum bhi na shona
Lak admires their bonding

Lak: i don’t know abt her it worked on me
Swarag turns and finds lak
He smiles

Rag stands.. Sw was abt to fall
Rag holds her and another side laksh
Sw frees her hand from him
Rag: dhyanse shona
Lak:yeh tumhari behen hai na…hi m …
Rag smiles: laksh…
Lak smiles confused: how you got to know?
Rag:ah…woh..s..siya was talking abt you….
Sw looks at her shocked
Lak widens his eyes: this girl was talking abt me… Wow…
Sw:so wat..i was telling her that here is person who ran from zoo…beware of him funny…
Lak forwards his hand to rag: let’s be friends?
Rag looks at swara…..
Sw: she vl not
Lak: who asked you…m asking her
Sw: she vl listen to me.. And i know she wont be friends with you
Lak: why so?

San listens talks in terrace so he goes

He see swara and ragini’s eyes were only viable to him as laksh was standing infront of her don’t fight…
Lak:u tell me.. That vl u be my friend?
Lak: wat’s the problem?
Here sanskar tries to see her face…. He forwards his steps

Note she was fully visible to him… His heart starts to beat fast… Her smile was bringing smile on her lips.. Bt still her eyes has some unknown pain.. Which he can see….

Lak: you are acting as m asking your hand for marriage
Rag laughs
Sw: wat? No ways
Rag: now stop
She shakes her hand with him
Rag: friends and m Raina
Sw: no
Lak:jealous..jealous.. jealous
Rag: oh ho shona now stop…

Lak: shona now she is my friend

San: will u be my friend too?
All looks at him….

Heart beat stops for rag…..
Lak: this is my brother sanskar
Sw held ragini’s hand.. San smiles
He forwards his hand … To ragini

To be continued…

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