Seema mishra as dipali
Charu ashopa as divya
Vansh sayani as ayush

Let’s begin

Urvashi comes to swaragini…… With a sad face??

Ayush has slept……

Urv:ragoo…shona baccha….
Swara was shocked
Sw turns around: u calling me
Urv:ha meri laadli….

Sw was confused by her behaviot
Urv:ragoo….plzz forgive me….beta
Rag:no maami..
Urv:beta…i hv hit u with this hand…now i m feeling to cut this hand…
Rag:maami y r u saying like this….
Urv:tum tho jaanti hona…wn u 3 were missing i got negative vibes….pata nahi kaise kaise khayal aa rahe the…tho meine tumko jaan bhooj kar nahi gussa kiya meri bacchi..tu maaf karegi na teri maami ko…agar meine tumlogon ko apnaya nahi tho kaun karta..u know ryte everyone whom u thought to be your own has betrayed you…i never did difference in my daughter’s and you 3 ….

Rag:its ok maami…i can understand…i made a mistake by not informing you…sorry i should tell you this…

Urv:shona…mujhe maaf karogi na?
Sw nods….afterall they hv looked after them after their parents death…

Urv:u both know na…dipali’s marriage is fixed..
Rag:ha maami
Urv:beta woh….
Rag:why r u hesitating maami…
Urv:her marriage is fixed with…..
Rag:wat hpnd maami any prblm
Urv: her marriage is fixed with sanskar

Swaragini were shocked…..

Urv:u know na dp ji and shekar bhaai saab always had fight..and the reason to live this place
Rag weakly nods remembering the fight btwn dp rp and shekar at their childhood
Sw too remembers shekar telling them that the reason to live this place was the rift btwn them….and they doesn’t wanted sanlak to meet them

Urv:they wanted dipali for their sanskar and we couldn’t deny…if you tell me now v vl reject
Rag:no maami…they are good family and dipali vl stay happy there…
Urv smiles and hugs both swarag..her smile turns to evil smirk

Urv:tmrw v all vl move there until the wedding takes place….
Urv:no buts and ifs..u r my daughter’s…
Rag:wat if they got to know
Urv: don’t worry i vl not let them know abt your identity
Urv herself:afterall we need maid’s

Rag:maami…can v do any job
Urv:ha…kyun nahi
Swarag gets happy
Urv herself:let me see who vl give u job

Urvashi kisses their forehead and leaves….

Rag:dekha much maami loves us
Sw:may be
Sw:one thing that maami was only there for us
Rag smiles:hope we get a job….
Sw nods

Next day

Dipali was dancing in her…with loud music
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye

Div:oh ho…di..wats this…u r not letting me sleep…and wat hpnd to you…u vl not wake until 10

Dip:tere jiju ke paas jo jaana dekhna paisa hi paisa hoga…

Kaisa Hai Kaun Hai Wo Jaane Kahan Hai
Ho Kaisa Hai Kaun Hai Woh Jaane Kahan Hai
Jiske Liye Mere Hoton Pe Aah Hai
Apna Hai Ya Begana Hai Wo
Sach Hai Ya Koi Afsana Hai Wo

Urvashi offs the music system
Urv:stop dreaming and prepare to meet them

She gives face pack to her…with first look itself sanskar should fall for you

Dip:he will….afterall i m hot…

Ayush was seeing this…
He runs to swara….
Ayu:shona didi….
He tells swara abt face pack

Sw:now u vl see dips urf chuhiya..humse panga lena kya hota hai….

Wn none were there in room swara sneaks into the room….

She adds something in the face pack
And silently moves out…

Here all packs their bags….

Rag was sitting lost..
Sw keeps her hand on her shoulder

Sw:i know ragini u were Waiting for them…and most importantly your raj
Rag:he is not mine swara…he is going to get married..and swaragini has died for everyone so to them too…so we are strangers….
She opens her fist which has half the part of locket
Rag:ab yeh mere kis kaam ka…she puts in one box…
Sw feels bad….she thinks to change the torpic
Sw:m sure devil look like monkey…monkey devil
Rag smiles: don’t call laksh like that he is my best friend……(after a pause) once

At the time they listen screaming sound of dipali……

Rag gets worried..while swara controlling her laugh

Here mm

Ap and suji were doing arrangements

Sanlak were seeing this helplessly

Whole night sanskar couldnt sleep bcs of the girl(ragini)…he just remembers her talks or tearful eyes…which hurting him..he don’t know why he wanted to search her and want to be her support…

Laksh:hope bhai gets love in this girl…may be he come out of ragini’s memories…..

Here all sees dipali worried as her full face has red spots…

Urv:dipu…yeh kaisa hua beta
Div:di…now wat vl u do..if sanskar jiju sees u like this m sure..he vl run away..she laughs at her own comments
Urvashi hits her head
Div:meine kya kiya

Rag comee with lep
Rag:dipali apply this….it vl help….
Dip:i dont want your help..why u want to be mahaan in front of me
Rag nods in no….
Div:di wn ragini di is telling why dont you apply it..waise bhi you r looking like joker…
Dips:mumma..she cries…

Dip:its dips…
Urv:dipu jst try beta..
Sw herself:why laado is helping her..watever today the spots will not go..

Dips applies the lep…

After an hr
The spots dulled bt it didnt cleared completely

Dip:mumma mein kya karoon
Urva thinks something…..

Later all leaves…..
Swarag were somewhat tensed after many yrs they r going to face sanlak with different identity…

They reach mm…

Ayush:kitna bada ghar hai di….hum rahenge…
Rag nods

All gets down

Dipal has covered her face with lengthy ghoongat…??

Dp rp ap suji welcomes them….

Ap:why ucovered your face beta
Urv:actually…priest said her that wn she vl meet u all first time she should cover her face for 24 hrs..
Suji:its ok beta… Kaka show them their room

Ap sees swarag ayush
Swarag smiles they remember their childhood memories with them..

Ap:who are they…..?
She smiles at them
Urv:they are our servants kids..wn their parents died nobody was there with them…
Swarag were shocked…
Ap suji feels sad and smiles at them

Ap: baatein baad mein bhi ho sakti hai..pehle andhar tho aiye….

They goes in…
Swaragyush were shown to the room

Ayu:we can fit our 5 rooms in this….
He running and playing in the room

Here sanlak meets urvashi and adesh

Rajath comes there(he went somewhere for many days..he is back and he came directly to mm)
Rajath;i m rajath.. dipali’s brthr
Sanlak introduces themselves
Sanlak excuses from there

He goes
Ayush comes out playing…he breaks the vase….by mistake
Ap suji urvashi sees this….
Ayush was scared:sorry…aunty
Ap:its ok beta…
Urvashi goes to him and:dont worry beta chalo…

She takes him

Suji:urvashi is such good hearted lady
Ap nods agreeing to her..

Ayu:maami sorry….
Urv:u vl get punishment….
He was scared he frees himself and runs to one room and hides behind the curtain

Sanlak enters the same room..
Here swarag were searching ayush

Lak:hmm..tmrw mrng v hv meeting bhai
San nods…
They listen sobs….

They sees a kid behind the curtain

Lak loudly:lagta hai yahaan koi hai

Ayush covers his mouth and stands

San:ha…may be some strong man
They goes to curtain….and opens it

Ayush closes his eyes bein scared…

Ayush:plzzz maami mujhe maaregi
Sanlak looks at eachother
San:no one vl beat you….
Ayush opens his eyes….he sees sanlak..he identifies laksh…

Ayush to laksh:bhaiyya aap…
Lak gets confused at first then he remembers
San:u know him
Lak:ha..he tells him abt ayush
Now sanskar gets…

Ayush:aap yahan kya Kar rahe ho
Lak:u tell me why r u here?
Ayush:maami brought us here..woh dupali didi is getting married na…
Lak:oh…your dipali di is getting married to him
Pointing to san
San smiles
Ayu:you r so nice why r u marrying the chuhiya(rat)
Sanlak widens their eyes
Ayush bites his toungue..
Ayu:plzz dont tell maami…
Sanlak smiles

Lak:is your chuhiya the same whom i met
Ayu:no…she is my shona didi and she is not my chuhiya…

San:u r so cute…
Ayu:u r a boy then y r u calling me cute..even shona didi and laado didi doesnt call me…
Sanlak smiles to his talks…
San:so wat should i call u…
Ayu:call me ayu…

Sanlak:ok ayu…

At the time urvashi comes there
Urv:ayush beta….maami ke paas aa jao..
He hide behind sanskar…

Lak:its ok…
Urv:arey ur laado didi is calling…

He held laksh’s hand

Lak:ok chalo….he takes him….

San waves his hand to ayu

Urv:hope he didnt disturb you…


She was looking at his beautiful room…with greedy eyes…

Here rajath was looking at swara with lust filled eyes…..

To be continued……

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