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Sona’s Home

Dev: Ms Bose I want you to be my mom’s personal nutritionist…
Sona-i know Mr Dixit.. Dr Sinha already informed me…
Dev- Ms Bose I really need your help…My mom is not keeping well
Sona- you needn’t tell anymore Mr Dixit..I will be your mom’s personal nutritionist…
Dev-Thank you so much Ms Bose…Well is it okay for you to start from tomorrow..
Sona nods in agreement.
Next day Sona reaches Ishwari Niwas. She is amazed by the beauty of the house. She comes inside the house. She was busy looking around. Dev who was in kitchen spots her . He was mesmerized by her beauty .Sona waves at him. He comes back to his senses.
Dev- Thanks for coming. Par mujhe maaf kijiye maa mandir gayi hain..Par jaldi wapas aajayegi…ghar ke bakhi log bhi kisi Na kisi kaam se bahar gaye hain
(I am sorry …My mom has gone to temple…And even the others have gone out for some or the other work..)
Sona- it’s OK Mr Dixit. I will wait.
Dev- thank you so much Ms Bose. Aap baitiye mein abhi aapke liye kuch latha hoon…
(You sit down ..I will get something for you)
Sona- Mr Dixit mind if I come with you..Mein yaha akeli baitkar bore hojaungi..Please

(If I sit alone here I will get bored)
Dev- ji Ms Bose chaliye kitchen iss taraf hain..waise aap bohut lucky hain..kyuki aap mujhe kitchen mein kaam karte huye Dekh sakhti hain..
(The kitchen is this way…By the way you are very lucky …Because you can see me work in kitchen)
Sona- Really Mr Dixit…Mein kudko lucky samju ya unlucky…shayad lucky hi ..itne bade business man Dev Dixit ko kaam karte huye Dekh pa rahi hoon…Na Jane meine pichle janam mein konse ache kaam kiye honge…???
Dev- aap kitni intelligent hain Ms Bose…acha mein aap ke liye coffee aur sandwiches banata hoon…
(You are really intelligent Ms Bose. .I will make coffee and sandwiches for you)
Dev starts making coffee . He was engrossed in talking with Sona that he didn’t realize he put in salt instead of sugar. The salt and sugar boxes were placed next to each other. Sona saw him putting salt instead of sugar. Before she could tell that to Dev he started appreciating himself.
Dev – Ms Bose aapko coffee banani aathi hain…Aathi hi hogi..Par kya aapko patah hain meine coffee banana 5 years ke age mein hi seekh liya ..Isn’t that great…
(Ms Bose do you know how to make coffee..Of course you must be knowing ..but do you know I learned it at the age of 5…Isn’t that great)
Sona- Mr Dixit now you are bragging too much about yourself..
Dev smiles. Now he was busy preparing sandwich. This time he puts sugar instead of salt. Poor Sonakshi now she has to drink the salted coffee and eat the sugar sandwich. They Sat at the dining table. Dev asked her to taste it first. Even though it was terrible Sona ate it with a smile on her face. She appreciated him on being a great cook. Dev blushes. He didn’t know that he was a great cook and had a hidden talent . Sona receives a call and she exercuses herself . Dev tastes the coffee and sandwich and spits it out. Sona comes back just then.
Dev- Ms Bose how could you eat this…Chee..Chee..
Sona- Mr Dixit…Trust me it was really tasty…Why are you seeing the taste…Aap ne yeh kitne pyaar se banaya hain..
Dev was touched. Sonakshi was not only beautiful from outside but was also from inside. Just then Ishwari arrives.
Dev introduces Sonakshi.
Ishwari- arey Sona beta tu …kaisi hain…Mein tujhe yaha Dekh kar bohut Kush hoon…
(Sona dear you…How are you…I am really happy to see you)
Dev- Ma tu inhe janti hain..
(Mom do you know her)
Ishwari- haan Dev… yeh wahi hain jisne mujhe mandir mein bachaya tha jab mujhe chakar aagaya tha…
(She is the same one who had saved me in temple a few days ago)
Dev- Ms Bose thank you so much
Sona- Mr Dixit aap ne mujhe subah se kitni baar thank you bola hain…Aapko thanks bolne ko koi zarurat nahi..

Few days pass by . Dev and Sona got busy in their work. Dev shared all his problems with Sona. Sometimes when it use to get late Dev dropped her home too. One day Ishwari’s distant relative comes home with a girl. Actually she wanted the girl to get married with Dev. Both Ishwari and Dev were against it . But had no idea about what to do. So they both make a plan.
Dev-Ma tu jake Sonakshi ko convince karna..Please..warna Teri yeh door ki ristedaar mujhe dulha bana ke hi chodegi..sirf Sonakshi ab iss musibath se bacha sakhti hain…
(Ma go and convince Sonakshi…Or else your distant relative will make me a groom for sure…Now only Sonakshi can save me from this..)
Ishwari- Tu teekh bol raha hain Dev
..Mujhe Sona se baath karni chahiye…
Ishwari goes to Sona.
Ishwari- Nutrition…mera ek kaam karegi…Please karde…warna …Warna mein khana nahi khayungi
(Nutrition please do my work or else I won’t have my food)
Sona- auntyji mein zaroor karungi..kahiye kya kaam hain…
( I will surely do tell me what it is)
Ishwari- waha Dekh .. woh meri door ki ristedaar hain..Aur woh ladki Dekh rahi hain…usse meri Dev ki shadhi karwana chathi hain..Par Dev ko nahi karni..Agar mein mana karungi toh woh manegi nahi isliye mein unhe yeh bolungi ki Dev ko koi aur pasand hain..

(Look there she is my distant relative…You see the girl beside her…She wants Dev to get married to her…But Dev doesn’t want to..I cannot tell no to her so I am going to tell Dev likes some other girl)
Sona- Bohut acha plan hain auntyji…All the Best
Ishwari- kudko bol all the best…Kyuki mein unhe yeh batane wali hoon ki Dev tujhe pasand karta hain…
Sona- what!!!
Ishwari- Haan…Tujhe meri help karni hogi…Unhe iss baath ka vishwas tab tak nahi hoga jab tak woh tujhse mil nahi leti.. Isliye..
(Yes…You should help me..She will believe me when she sees you only..)
Dev also comes there and pleads her to be his Fake girlfriend.
Sona- OK fine..Mein banugi aapki Fake girlfriend.
Dev- thank you Ms Bose..???
Ishwari- Sonakshi bula usse..Yah koi aur naam dedhe…yaad rakh woh Teri Fake girlfriend hain..
(Call her Sonakshi…Or else call her something else… Remember she is your Fake girlfriend)
Ishwari takes Sona to her relative. Ishwari calls her didi and Dev calls her kaki. Sona touches her feet. She gets impressed.
Relative- acha tu hain mere Dev ki pasand…sundar hain …Par kya gunwan hain..Khana banana aatha hain ki nahi..
(So you are my Devs choice..You are beautiful..But do you know how to cook)
Ishwari and Dev knew she couldn’t cook .
Ishwari- Haan …Bohut acha khana bana thi hain didi..
(Yes she makes really tasty food)
Relative- itna samay nahi hain…Warna khana ka ke jathi..
Ishwari, Dev and Sonakshi are happy.
Relative-par itna toh Jan sakhti hoon ki Tujhe banana aatha hain ki nahi…
(But I can at least know whether you know to make it or not)
Dev – aapka kya Matlab hain kaki…
(What do you mean kaki)
Relative- chal mujhe yeh batah ki paneer butter masala kaise banta hain…
(OK tell me how do you prepare paneer butter masala)
Before Sona could answer Dev answers.
Dev- kya kaki…Yeh toh mein bhi janta hoon..Bahar se paneer Lao…Usse cubes mein kato..Tawa par butter dalo…usme paneer dalo…Aur phir masala dalo…
(What kaki this even I can make…Get paneer..Cut it into cubes..Put butter in Tawa..Put the paneer and add masala)
Everyone giggle.
Kaki- acha kaun sa masala dalega…
Dev- kuch bhi ..Everest masala dikha te hain Na TV par…garam masala..Chat masala..pav bhajhi masala..sabzi masala ..Kuch bhi dal do…Bohut tasty banega..
Everyone burst out laughing. Dev doesn’t understand.

Kaki- chal chal ave…Kya bol raha hain..Tera paneer butter masala gali ke kutte bhi nahi kayenge..Ab Sona tu batah..
Sona tells the recipe with ease. Ishwari and Dev look on shocked.
Kaki is impressed with her.
Kaki- bohut acha…Ab yeh batah tu Bengali hain Na..Toh rasgulla kaise banate hain..
(Very good…Now tell me how will you make rasgulla)
Dev knew Sona could answer this as she had told him it was her favorite sweet and she did answer. Everyone were quite impressed.
Kaki- Tujhe kuch toh aatha hain… Rasgulla toh tu kaise bhi bana leti…gulab jamun kaise bana the hain..
(You know something…You will surely know how to make rasgulla…Tell me the recipe of gulab jamun)
Sona starts thinking . So to help her Dev starts telling the recipe.
Dev- kaki yeh to ek sentence ka answer hain…Aap ne meri gunwan girlfriend se aisa sawal pucha…iska jawab mein deta hoon… Hamare pas rasgulla hain ..Bas usse deep fry kardo gulab jamun ban jayega..Hum jante hain ki rasgulla safed hota hain aur gulab jamun brown…Iska Matlab yehi hain Na ki usse Deep fry kiya gaya hain..
(Kaki this answer can be given in a single sentence..You should not ask such a simple question to my intelligent girlfriend…See now we have rasgulla …We have to deep fry it then we will get gulab jamun…Rasgulla is white in colour and gulab jamun is brown in colour then it means it’s deep fried)
Everybody laugh so much that tears start coming from their eyes.

Sona later tells the recipe. Dev realises how stupid has he been.
Kaki was leaving . She blesses Sona and Dev. She asks Ishwari, Sona and Dev to drop her to station. They go along with her. On the way kaki spots a dairy farm and thinks to take some milk along with her in the train. She tells this to Dev.
Kaki- Dev beta tu jake mere liye waha se Dairy milk lekhe aayega..
(Dev son could you go and get some Dairy milk)
She wanted to impress them . So she says Dairy milk instead of saying cow milk. She says this pointing towards the Dairy farm. There was also a general store beside it. Dev gets down and comes back empty handed.
Kaki- kya hua Dev Mila nahi kya..
Dev takes out Dairy milk chocolates from his pocket and gives it to her.
Kaki- yeh kya hain ..Meine toh Tujhe doodh lane ke liye kaha aur tu yeh kya lekhe aaye hain..
(I told you to bring milk and what have you got)
So this was the misunderstanding created. After a hearty laugh and goodbyes Dev, Sona and Ishwari were returning home. They asked Sona how did she know the recipes. She said she saw her mother making these so she just knows the recipe but doesn’t know how to cook .
Dev and Ishwari drop Sona home and thank her for the help.
Dev and Sona secretly felt happy that they were Fake girlfriend and boyfriend. Their heart knows how they really wanted it to happen.


So guys this was it . I tried to make it funny but I don’t know up to what extent I could do it. Please ignore the mistakes.Silent readers do comment and tell me your views . Love you guys???

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