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Dev at Sonakshi’s house….

Sonakshi was showing Dev her house. She asks Dev to look around until she goes and brings coffee for them. While looking around he reaches someone’s room. It was beautiful. It had a king size bed in the middle. There were stairs at the corner leading to a mini library. Dev went upstairs. As he was looking at the books suddenly his eyes caught a folder. He wondered what was the folder doing amid all the books.
Kitna acha hain yeh kamre . Shayad yeh Ms Bose ka hain…Yeh kya mein hamesha Ms Bose Ms Bose karta rehta hoon…itna acha naam hain unka Sonakshi…Oh my god …Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain…

Just then he spots the folder
Yeh kya hain…itne sare kitabo ke beech yeh folder kyu hain…
He picks up the folder. On the folder it was written “Personal”. But Mr curious Dixit wanted to see what it was. When he opened it he was shocked….
Sona comes to her room with coffee. She sees Dev standing in her library. She goes to him. Dev doesn’t realize that Sona had come. He was still in a shock after what he saw. Sona places the coffee cups on the side table . She sees Dev holding something. She sees him holding her folder.
Sona – Dev how could you touch it when it is Personal???
Dev- go far…What are you planning to do with me…Tell me your motives
Sona – Dev are you going nuts? What are you talking about..And what do you mean by my motives???
Dev – I got to know everything…..If you don’t tell the truth Ms Bose I am going to call the police…
Sona- WHAT!!! Dev what has happened to you …Why will you call the police…And which truth are you talking about
Dev- Ms Bose I said go far…Don’t come near me …
Sona- Dev tell me what has happened to you …
Dev- Ms Bose don’t act as if you are innocent….You…You are planning…To..To..
Sona- To what Dev…Tell to what..
Dev – to kill …Kill me….

Sona-kill you??Are you serious…Why will I kill you?
Dev- Ms Bose I know karate … Black belt…You can’t kill me easily…
Sona – enough!Just enough… Mr Dev I am not saying anything that doesn’t mean you can accuse me..What makes you think that I will kill you…
Dev points out to the folder…
Dev- THIS…??? ???
Sona – How could you read it without my permission. It’s mentioned to be Personal right ..
Dev- it’s good that I read it…I at least got to know someone who acts to be innocent like you is plotting to kill me
Sona- what rubbish are you talking why would I kill you
Dev- this folder says it all…You have been stalking me…I don’t from when..You collected everything about me …My photos …My articles…And also you have written a line or 2 about me…I was reading it when you came…I guess you might have written the day, date,or place you want to kill me…
Sona starts laughing loudly.
Sona- You …You really think I collected all these to kill you.. Common Dev…I will die laughing today..Ouch.. My stomach hurts ?????
Dev-Why are you laughing?? Tell me the reason why you collected all these
Sona tries to take the folder from Dev but he doesn’t give it
Sona- Dev I already said this collection is no where related to trying to kill you..As I said I see you as my inspiration so I collected it..
Dev- Really I have been a fool then …I was wondering why a girl like you wants to kill me…I was trying hard to remember if I have done anything wrong with you….
Sona- Now you can give me back my folder…It’s mine…And dare you touch anything else even after being mentioned Personal….Give that back to me…
Dev doesn’t give it to her…

Dev- No I am not going to give it to you…I look so handsome in all these pictures …But I haven’t collected them as you have…So thanks for collecting these for me…
Sona- Dev I said it’s mine…Only mine…And I won’t give it to you…
Dev doesn’t give it to her. She starts running behind him . But Dev still doesn’t give her the folder back. Sona sees a black belt on her table. She takes it and walks towards Dev. He was scared. He thinks Sona would hit him with the belt. Sona comes closer he moves backward. Finally his back hits the wall. Now there was no chance of escaping. He gulps in fear. She was looking like a hunter who could kill him any moment. He closes his eyes.
Sona-Dev what has happened to you…You said you know karate…Black belt and all…So being a black belter you should not be scared of the black belt I am having… right… Now be a good boy and give my folder back…
Dev-I am not scared…You got it..I was just checking if you are strong enough or not…I know you won’t hit me with the belt…
Sona- No Dev I can show you I am strong enough …Do you want me to give you a demo…???
Dev- No …No..Yes you are strong I accept please leave me …Please..Don’t beat me..I will give you back your folder…
Dev is now on his knees folding his hands and begging sona not to hit him…????
Sona again bursts out into laughter…..

Sona- Dev…Dev…You want to kill me today…Look at you you are so scared …I got to know one more thing today..You are scared of me..
Dev- oh please … It’s nothing like that..Why will I be scared of you..Don’t underestimate …
But before he could complete..
Sona-I know a dont underestimate a coward again..
Dev- how dare you call me a coward
Sona- thats what you are a coward..Coward..
Dev- Stop it now..Where is the coffee you had gone to bring..
Sona-oh it might have got cold till now..Come down with me…We will have coffee there..
Sona leaves. Dev was about to go when he sees a passport size photo of Sona on her table.. he looks at the picture..Sona calls out to him. He quickly slips the picture into his wallet and goes down.

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