Hi guys this is Shruti… I am writing the ff Pyaar ke rang ho to aise ho and I wrote some One shots too. I am going to end my ff soon. So just had another idea in mind. I won’t be able to post this regularly but I will try my best. So just thought of writing an introduction. Please tell me your views.

Dev Dixit – Youngest business tycoon and the most eligible bachelor. Loves his family a lot. Stays in Delhi. A workaholic . Is in search of such a person who could take care of the most important person of his life, his mother . Had faced a lot in the past .

Sonakshi Bose – She is the best nutritionist of Delhi. Has a lot of respect and fame in the society. She loves her family a lot. Runs a happy home for children who are alone or have been left alone in this world. Also takes care of old people who are ill treated by their family. Is an admirer of Dev Dixit. Takes Dev to be her inspiration. Had a collection of Dev’s photos and his interviews . She is waiting for her love. Doesn’t realise she had started falling for Dev without even meeting him.

Elena Bose – cousin of Sona. Feels that life is only about enjoyment and boyfriend’s. Loves Sona a lot. Always gets herself into trouble.

Vicky – a spoiled brat. Feels that Dev is the cause of his unhappiness. Just acts before everyone that he loves Dev a lot. He always gets into trouble.

Asha Bose – A Writer. She is the peace maker of Bose family. Loves her children a lot. Supports Sona in all her decisions. Argues with Bejoy for Saurabh.

Bejoy Bose – A stern man . Is proud of Sona and Saurabh. He loves her more than anyone else. Cannot see tears from her eyes. Kind hearted. But loves to tease Saurabh.

Saurabh – owner of Bose group of companies. Is teased a lot by Bejoy. Is in love with Ronitha but is unable to confess due to fear.

Ishwari Dixit – Dev’s mother. Cares about Dev more than any of her children. Wants Dev to enjoy his life like others.Plays a positive role in this ff

Jatin – Sona’s best friend. Sona could rely upon him anytime.

GKB- Dev’s mami. Calls herself Garib ki Beti. Has entered Dixit house for enjoying the luxuries. Her mind constantly keeps on plotting against others. Loves her only son Vicky a lot.

Guys I gave a brief intro . The rest of the characters will be the same as serial. Please share your views so that I can continue further.

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  1. Priya12

    Yaar di…..
    Damn interesting
    I m sad and happy di…
    I m happy that u started a new interesting ff but I m also sad that ur goona end that ff.. pls post asap…I m eagerly waiting

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Priya…Even I am feeling sad to end that ff… ???
      I will try to post the next one soon…

  2. Manya

    Sona Dev Ko stalk karti hai and main Ranbir Ko???
    Post soon
    Love u??

    1. ShrutiP

      Haan Manya Sona bhi tumhari tarah hi hain…
      Thanks yaar …I will try to post it soon…
      Love you too???

  3. Muthash

    It seems interesting….
    Is the story going to be more like the serial itself?

  4. ShrutiP

    No dear it will be different from the serial one…

    1. Muthash

      Oh…ok… Waiting for the new FF…
      Btw, going to miss the current one….?

  5. Akshita

    Nice post soon❤

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Akshitha…???

  6. Aarti32

    Ishwari aur positive..It’s hell difficult..N unbelievable too??
    But anywaysss I’m gonna read it

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Aarti…
      Actually I was bored with the Negative Ishwari do made her positive in my ff…
      Do read it..??

  7. Nice

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks princess…??

  8. Richa144

    Sounds interesting.. Please don’t let Dev hurt Sona..Mr. obodro

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Richa…???
      Please post your ff soon…

  9. Nikkita0194

    Are wah boht acha hua apne ek ff start kiya hai but us wale KO nipta lo
    N its a great ff I mean I would be
    N Di luv u
    Thanks 4 inspiring me
    Post asap

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Nikki….
      Uss wale ko bhi khatam jaldi kardungi….
      Love you too dear…

  10. Riti1107

    Haven’t read your previous ff …
    But will read this one

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Riti….
      Do read it…???

  11. Darshana

    Omg..sona has already fallen in love with dev…admires him..intresting..
    do continue and post soon???
    loads of love???

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Darshana…
      I will post soon..
      Love you too…???

  12. V.V.harshita

    Nice start post soon

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Harshitha…???

  13. Amazing

  14. ShrutiP

    Thanks Dear….
    Keep reading…????

  15. Aamu

    Hey….lovely gurl…!!??
    Sorry for cmntng very late…
    But ur new ffs intro is amazing..
    Ekdm nice plot…
    I just loved it..
    Hope u hav posted next…i m reading all ffs i was out..
    Sorry again…
    Love yaa??

    1. ShrutiP

      Hey Ammu…Missed you…
      It’s better commenting late then not commenting at all…
      Thank you so much …
      Ya I have posted the next one today…
      Do read it and tell me how it is
      Love you loads

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