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It’s morning … Dev is already missing his wife. He gets ready and goes to Bose house to meet Sona. Asha asks him to sit and have breakfast. Sona comes down but was busy on her phone that she doesn’t even realise that Dev had come.
Dev- Ma dekho na apni beti ko…isse toh apne pathi ki padhi hi nahi hain…
(Maa look at your daughter she doesn’t care about her husband only )
Sona – kaun pathi ? Kaun Dev?
Dev – chee yaar Sona tum mujhe bhool gayi
(You forgot me)
Sona – JI… Aap yaha kyu time pass kar rahe ho aur humme bhi karva rahe ho….Mere pas in sab chizo ke liye time nahi…Mujhe apne hone wale pathi se Milne Jana hain…
(Why are you doing time pass and wasting my time….I don’t have time for all this…I should go and meet my would be husband)
Asha smiles seeing Dev and Sona’s fight.

Dev – acha OK toh mein aapka time waste kar raha hoon ab…teekhe toh mein chala jatah hoon…
(Now I am wasting your time…OK then I will go away)
He starts to leave. Asha asks Sona to stop him. Sona was shocked with Dev’s action.
Sona – acha baba sorry mujhe kya patah tha ki tum itna gussa ho jauge.. tum na badal rahe ho Dev Dixit…(OK I am sorry I didn’t know you will get angry….But you are changing Mr Dixit)
Dev – arey mein nahi tum badal gayi ho…Tumhe kya laghta Paris Jane ke baad tumhara sense of humour bohut acha ho gaya hain… You are mistaken Kharghosh…waha jake ek chiz zaroor hua tumhara dimaag kharab ho gaya…
(You changed not me…What do you think after going to Paris you are sense of humour has improved…You are mistaken Kharghosh…After going there one thing has surely happened you have lost your mind)

Sona- how dare you…
Asha tries to interfere but before she could do anything Sona storms out of the house and Dev follows her.
Sona doesn’t go with Dev today . She was really upset. She goes in her car. Dev also acts as if he doesn’t care. It had been 2hrs since they didn’t talk to each other. Both were feeling bad. Sona goes out of her cabin to get some files. And Dev follows her in order to talk to her. But to his luck Sona slips and someone holds her. It wasn’t Dev it was Rithwik. Dev sees Sona and Rithwik’s arms and is really jealous. Sona thanks Rithwik for helping her and asks him to follow her so that she could explain work to him. Dev looks at Rithwik . Rithwik was lost in Sona so he doesn’t notice him. After explanation Sona asks Rithwik to go and work. Sona calls someone. Dev had gone out and when he returns he sees that his cabin was covered with bouquets. Their was a box placed on his table. He opened it and found his favorite besan ka halwa. Their was also a letter..
Tumhe toh patah chal gaya hoga ki yeh halwa meine banayi hain… I know thoda sa bekar hain but I tried it for first time… You should give me a gift OK because it’s my pehli rasoi yaar…And I want you to forgive me….
Sona comes into the cabin and holds her ears…

Sona – halwa Kaise bhi bana ho mujhe please maaf kardo..Mujhe laga mein tumse baath kiye bina aaram se reh sakthi hoon…Par mujhe bilkul acha nahi lag raha hain…Please Dev …Aur agar tum nahi mane na toh mein apne pathi ko tumhare baare mein batah doongi…With tumhe teekh kar dega…
Dev had tears in his eyes seeing Sona’s love for him. He hugs her and then kisses her forehead . He was about to go for her lips when Rithwik enters.
Dev- aagaya kabab mein haddi…
Kya hain Bhai koi kaam nahi hain kya tumhe…
(What is it don’t you have any work)

Rithwik – kaam waise toh kuch khaas kaam nahi hain mein bas tumhe uss din ke liye sorry bolne aaya tha…
(There is no such work I just came to sorry for that day)
Dev takes a bouquet from his table and throws it on Rithwik.???
Rithwik – OK I guess Sona mam aapke pathi bohut gusse mein hain…Please take care…
(I guess your husband is really angry. … Please take care…)
Dev lifts another one Rithwik closes the door and goes.
Dev hugs Sona….

Precap.- Asha and Ishwari in danger…
Sona gets admitted in hospital…


So guys this was it . Please tell your views… And I am sorry for the late and short update …I am in college so I am busy in my studies…I will end this ff maybe after two more parts… Thanks to Everyone…
Love you all…

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  1. Akshita

    Nice episode plzzz post soon❤❤

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks akshitha.
      I will post soon..???

  2. Manya

    Awesome episode❤️❤️❤️
    But Precap is dangerous??
    Post soon?
    Love u❤️

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks Manya…
      I just posted it…
      Love you too ???

  3. V.V.harshita

    sona……hospital god…..

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks harshitha…Also read the intro of my new ff PYAAR KE RAANG MEIN AISE RAANGO : KRPKAB (INTRODUCTION)

  4. Awesome episode

  5. Nikkita0194

    Kya aap sachi me khatam kr doge ??????????????
    N vo v itne jaldi Ku Di apko mujh bachi PR taras Nhi aya abhi toh dono itne close hue the
    But again comes the boring hospital Ke scenes plz ad sum very funny lines Jo hospital KO fun banade but rithwik sach me kuch feel kr raha hi sona Ke liye?
    But sorry 4 replying late n plz isko band mat Karo Di anyay mat Karo
    Luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u
    Try to post asap kl chuti hogi na college KO ???????????
    Muuuaaaaahh n big hug 2 u

    1. ShrutiP

      I am sorry Nikki…But that storyline was getting too boring…I am sorry to disappoint you dear…But I will start a new one ….I have an idea…And I also posted the intro dear…
      Teekhe mein zaroor post karungi jaldi…Mein ek sacch baath batao toh mein bohut zyada Kush hoti hoon jab tumhara comment padhti hoon…Air mein hospital wale scenes zyada boring nahi banaugi…Don’t worry…
      Love you a lot ….And a hug from my side too…?????

  6. Muthash

    Nice episode…..
    Oh…. the precap….?
    I think there is going to be a major twist…. keep writing….?

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks dear…Yes the next one might be exciting…

  7. Priya12

    Amazing epi….
    Mind blowing du…
    Rithwik got nice from dev…
    Di, It is not boring di…I luv ur ff a lot…
    I enjoyed it..,
    Pls don’t end this…and ur new storyline too was interesting…
    Luv u a lot…
    Pls post asap…

    1. ShrutiP

      Yes Priya I was also am thinking not to end this…I don’t know…If I get a story then maybe I will continue…Thank you so much for the lovely comment dear…
      Love you???

  8. OMG precap is like….well I m gonna miss this FF a lot and so sorry for commenting late and please start a new one

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks kriti…You needn’t tell sorry …I posted the intro of my new ff do read it..PYAAR KE RAANG MEIN AISE RAANGO : KRPKAB (INTRODUCTION)

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